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Switzerland Point Middle School Reviews

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The Principals are great, but the Deans could be better. They're really strict, and harsh to most people.
SPMS is an amazing place to grow up at, and I would recommend it for anyone.
It's a great learning experience.
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Spirit's not that big, but people support the teams.
Pleasant, but some students are harsh towards others.
It's a pleasant experience depending what you like.
They do a great job in health. Kudos to Ms. Beccard.
While the school is progressive, it needs work.
Most teachers are great, while there are a few bads.
While the food offered is supposedly healthy, it doesn't taste very good, and I would not recommend it unless necessary.
This school is very in tune to the academics that the students will need to attend high school and college. The curriculum could be very hard or just enough. The scheduling process was very easy and minimal.
This school had a no bullying policy in effect and fun days to exploit this. They took the personal safety of our children very serious. Would have liked to have seen more before you could get to the office though. The health programs were important to them. Each child had to go through fitness program.
This school paid attention to fitness and health. Would have liked for the lunches to be healthier. The athletic facilities were very nice and the teams performance was very competitive in the area. The softball and football won state championships.
This school was impressive through and through. Their focus on grades and helping each child. They had very impressive plays and cultural events. They paid attention to things that were happening to children in the community and helped.
The principal often sang and played his guitar in the lunchroom and for other activities for the children. He and his staff was always very helpful and kind. The office staff was always very busy and was very cogent of safety of our children. They did not tolerate bullying of any kind and had many events pertaining to bullying for the children. The dress code was in line with other middle schools. The only policy I did not like was when they had field trips. They would let 4-5 children group together and go around a park like Disney together without a teacher with them. I did not think this was safe for my child.
Unfortunately, there are not a lot of different children of race in this school. The school is very involved in showing the children the culture of the rest of the world though. The children are very involved in sports and school spirit activities along with community service. The peer pressure seemed to be minimal and most children seemed to be accepted.
I feel Switzerland Point well prepared my child for Bartram Trail High School. She always took AP courses and the staff was very helpful with her progress. The teachers and staff there were very personable and helpful.
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