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The majority of the teachers are great at there jobs and are amazing people. They always help us students and most of them I have grown up with. The teachers are always there to help because they are apart of our community. Often times though, whenever someone would get caught smoking weed, or doing drugs they don't get punished and these same people make being in a class room, for a full period, miserable. One thing I always enjoy in are school is open campus lunch. Everyone gets to go out to wherever they want and eat, this is great because people don't feel trapped in the school all day. If you ever don't feel like going out for fast food though you can always eat at the school cafeteria. The food at the school is good, and some days its bland, but most days it taste like a lunch you would make for yourself.
I like the teachers. They have a wide range of teachers with varying backgrounds in education and lifestyles. Many grew up in poor neighborhoods themselves and understand what these kids are dealing with on a daily basis. They are all very willing to lend a helping hand to a student in need. I enjoyed the many assemblies they, as many would involve interaction with the students and would keep us posted on upcoming things.
My favorite part of Sweet Home High School is the close knit community. Students and teachers get along well and participate in school events, sports, clubs, and community activities to make the experience more fun. I would like for my school to get better at preparing seniors for life after high school, whether that be college or going straight into the work force. Classes to help students apply for colleges/jobs, fill out scholarships, and learning basic adult skills would be extremely helpful to many students.
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Nice small town environment. Many improvements have been made since I attended such as an on-site community college mini campus.
There were few things I didn't like about the high school, but those things had a strong impact. For example, my junior year they hired 13 new teachers and only a few stayed. This shows that there was a staff problem when it came to using discretion, as of most of the teachers who left were fired. One thing I did like, however, was when we switched back to 5-day school weeks my senior year. The days were shorter and I had more time in class to work on homework.
I’d like to see more academic classes offered here- more of a variety of courses including advanced, honors, and AP. More clubs and sports would also be nice. This school is pretty average and has nothing that makes it stand out, pretty boring.
I like the environment at SSHS. The teachers are pretty good and the food is great! The first year I went to SSHS, I made my first all As report card. I even had an A in math- something I'd never been able to do before! You can tell that many of the teachers really care. They're not just doing their jobs- they're treating us like the individuals we are! While there isn't a whole bunch of one-on-one time with teachers and their students, for the most part the learning curve isn't too steep for most students. Overall, the experience at Sweet Home High School is very satisfactory.
Overall Sweet Home High School has improved dramatically over the past semester. There is more involvement throughout the administration and more organization. However I think there needs to be more arts programs for example bringing back drama class. I also think the lunches need serious improvement if they're really going to charge people $1.25 for food that tastes terrible. Lastly I think the school needs to put in way more effort to avoid students having conflicts on schedules and needing to pick a class a drop the other. The school acts as though it's an easy decision but it's not. Students shouldn't have to pick between their favorite classes because the "grand" schedule says so. This was not a problem three years ago and should no longer be a problem if enough work and thought is put into it.
If your student is advanced in anyway, whether it is academically or in sports, the school will not provide what you need. For myself personally, I had to outsource in terms of my education, because my high school classes were simple and I was only offered 5 applicable AP course. Despite being promised scholarship funding for my college course, the school failed to help me enroll, pay for my courses, and allot me sufficient time to take these said course. I personally worked and paid for 24 credits of classes as a high school senior and junior, while playing sports, working, volunteering, and graduating as valedictorian of my class.
Electives are few and far between and the sports programs are highly focused on the male oriented sports. With that being said, there is only major funding for football, softball, baseball, track, and volleyball with the other sports lacking proper equipment, trained coaches, or equality in terms of sex, ability, and favoritism.
This school is a very generic public school. Most of the teachers are amazing though the way curriculum is taught often times isn’t meeting each students needs
I enjoy Sweet Home High School, the teachers and campus is very nice. The only issue I can find is that some teachers go a bit too fast with teaching their material.
What I do love about Sweet Home High School is how small and connected it seems to be. I've lived in Sweet Home all of my life so most of these people I have grown up with and they all feel like a different part of my family. There are a lot of opportunities here and it is just up to each individual to try and find them. I have also had a great experience with the majority of the teachers I have gotten which I count as a huge blessing. They have each touched my heart in a different way and all provide something unique to offer to a student. I would say the teachers do care about the students as long as they are committed and willing to put in the time it takes to create a good future for themselves. I would like to see more students being involved more though instead of ditching school or leaving the campus for a while and then returning when they would like. I think if that problem was fixed or at least made better then Sweet Home High School would be much better.
Its a great school filled with amazing and caring teachers, the only bad thing would be how most of the school was built in the 50's and needs to be updated.
Best high school ever! If you're looking for a school were the students are encouraged and pushed to be the best, academically, socially, and athletically, this is where you want to be ! Mr. Roberts and Mrs. Reinholz are the best!
We are mostly all the same race, and it is pretty easy to get into the school's social side of things.
I feel that the academics are average. I feel that we could have a few more options for foreign language, and a few more electives.
We do have a school nrese that is there most of the time, however when she is not the attendance office lady does her job.
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We could have more options for free activities for students to participate in.
There is always some New event being created and there are always new ideas being tossed back and forth in the board and i enjoy all the activities.
My teachers are fun and exciting. I love learning from all of them. I can't believe I'm going to be leaving them behind next year
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