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I liked how the academics in my classes challenged me to do better and prepare me for college. I would love to see more diversity, as an African-American I go through things students and staff don’t go through and don’t feel connected to the people I see everyday. The counseled needs to be more interested in their job and help students with their problems. I believe mental health comes first more than school and the counselor didn’t help me at all with my situation which is still ongoing.
great teachers and nice use of integrated technology, wish they had a bigger variety of classes offered.
Love the arts programs and science teachers are amazingly prepared and so educated, but the iPads are slow, people get charged $300+ for stolen iPads that are worth around $150, illegal searches, intimidation, teachers and people in power bully more than students. The office staff are unprofessional and talk badly about the students, in front of the students. The dress code is horrid and they make up different rules so it benefits them, they sexualize the girls specifically. And on top of all that, THEY TEACH ABSTINENCE RATHER THAN SAFE SEX. I’m begging you, do not enroll your kids here. Freeland and heritage have a much better school system, staff, and diversity.
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Rigorous school that will undoubtedly prepare you for the next level. The teachers are fantastic, the sports programs are top notch, and students always feel safe.
Swan valley is a school where teachers are very helpful and try to improve your skills and prepare you for the workplace
I have been in the Swan Valley School District since young fives and have loved every year. I have never had any problems with teachers or administrators.
Swan valley gave me lots of Independence to create my own high school experience. Everything is an option. I've played sports, clubs, and even accomplished a lot of community service hours. All of this while taking AP classes.
Swan Valley High School has been great to me over the course of the last 4 years. I don't know where I would be without the great teaching and guidance. Swan Valley is a very safe and fun place to learn.
There is a ridiculous amount of drama and the teachers are part of it. The teachers do nothing to stop bullying, and obviously favor some students over others.
I have gone to swan valley high school ever since I was a freshman. and now as a senior I'm kind of sad its coming to an end. swan valley schools have given me an amazing learning experience and the school system is fantastic. definitely going to miss it here.
Swan Valley High School, like many other schools, puts a great deal of emphasis on sports. However, the arts teachers are knowledgeable and supportive despite the district not really caring about them. Most teachers are friendly and helpful; rarely does one encounter a teacher that one feels they cannot approach.
I love the size of my school, its big enough to have a lot of differ but people but small enough to know almost everyone. Another great part of Swan Valley is the athletic programs we have. I've excelled greatly at this school and the teachers have taught me a lot.
Great school to be at. Teacher help you a lot with homework when you do not understand. The students are super friendly with everyone even with those they do not know.
Teachers are really great- some better than others, but the really good ones are REALLY good. Mrs. Mazany is an amazing teacher and helps you no matter what, is very understanding and kind, reasonable, generous, and funny:) Food is ok- could definitely be healthier.
Swan Valley High School is a great school full of opportunities and encouragement. Our school puts forth a lot of activities to keep our students involved such as our Friday Night Lights on the football field, where we play a movie for the student body. Our school is engaged and dedicated to encourage each other and enjoy the days we have with our classmates. We also are a very well educated school and have put forth a lot of opportunity and learning developments. We have been associated with an IPad grants since i was a freshman. I have to say that the technology during school did have its disadvantages at first, such as distractions and cheating in class, but our school board has put a handle on the situations at hand quite well. The IPads have kept our students intact with the newest technology developments in the world and has found a way to encourage learning through a more efficient and creative process.
An average school, with below average diversity. Has great resources and potential for better things.
I've been at Swan Valley for 4 years. I can honestly say that I wouldn't have wanted to graduate from any other school. The environment is very welcoming. When you first walk into those school doors, it feels like home. The teachers are very understanding of their students. They not only obtain educational relationship, but also a personal relationship. The teachers will try to help you in any way possible. The desire of Swan Valley High School staff and administrators is that you have the necessary tools to succeed, and have a successful life after high school. Swan Valley is nationally recognized school for its academics and athletics. It's a once in a lifetime school, and I encourage anyone and everyone to attend this school.
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I transferred to Swan Valley in 10th grade and I had an amazing experience. I had a great connection with teachers and my peers. I was able to get involved in many extracurricular activities while participating on the varsity volleyball team. My learning went from good to great and it is all because of how great the teachers are.
Best school within a 100000000000000000 mile radius I advise that you send your children and your children's children here. It truly is an amazing school. I love love love LOVE it
Swan Valley is a wonderful public school. Most, if not all, of the staff is caring, open, happy, and willing to help. The activities offered are diverse, fun, and any student has the opportunity to join. I have had a wonderful time as a student at Swan Valley and am grateful for such a great high school experience.
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