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My experience with Swampscott High School has overall been okay. There has been a few hiccups along the way such as schedule problems but my problem is with a previous administration that did not take the topic of race seriously when approached by a student. The current administration is better and is taking steps to be better. Also Swampscott High School lacks in spirit and there isn't a huge feeling of community which is no one's fault in particular but it's just a little sad. It has gotten better over my years attending there as seen in our annual pep rallies(which are only for football so I have an issue with that).
My experience at shs was pretty average. It's a typical cliquey small town school and isn't diverse at all, but I had some really awesome teachers and experiences during my time there nonetheless. Your time there depends on who you are but its still a pretty good school.
I really enjoyed Swampscott High School and the fact that I was able to challenge myself with advanced classes while also participating in a variety of extracurricular activities. I found that Swampscott High School was a really goo environment for me.
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Good teachers, some seems uninterested in my success and some were just bad at their jobs. Although i did encounter some who changed my life and helped me in many ways. the principles always changed and were not good role models. I received a great education and am thankful i had the opportunity to attend this school.
I like the good education I received, however there were staffing issues, and management issues. They would attempt to enforce rules, the students wouldn't obey because the rules are "stupid" and the faculty would give up.m
Administration is all over the place. This school is not good for kids who need extra help as everyone is focused on the sports nobody can play :)
Swampscott is a quaint, close-knit community, so it was nice that everyone basically knows everyone. Had good teachers who challenged me. I wish there was more diversity and college planning should have been discussed better. But we had fun events and The school made sure to encourage people to work hard and get good grades.
They care more about what they appear to the media then what goes on in their own building. Have gun control walk outs but condone and smooth over bullying teachers and students. If you have a choice go somewhere else. If you are a parent, monitor your child carefully.
Overall, I enjoy going to Swampscott high school. I can take different types of classes (CP, ACP, Honors, Advanced Honors, and AP) depending on how much I would like to challenge myself. There are also various classes relating to the arts, music, STEM, business, and more, in addition to core classes. However, I wish that we had an 8 block schedule so students would have to option to take more classes and try new things. I also think it would be helpful if each student had some sort free period or at least 30 minutes at the end of the day to work on homework, see a teacher, practice mindfulness, talk with a guidance counselor, etc. because many kids have activities/sports after school that make it difficult to do these things. I also think teaching students some life skills would be helpful, such as cooking, or teaching seniors how to pay taxes (or something like that) to help prepare us. Most of my teachers have been helpful and supportive, although I believe some are unfit to teach.
I loved attending Swampscott High. They have an incredible arts and theater department, along with a variety of sports teams. My friends who attended other schools were so jealous because I was definitely receiving a better education. Swampscott is now a Blue Ribbon School. The teachers there want to help and see each student succeed. They are all super friendly and take the initiative to be there for students in the classroom as well as being a trusted confidant. Teachers have spoken up and defended students when issues have presented themselves. I always had a trusted adult to go to and for that I am extremely grateful. One thing I really liked was during senior year was when the administration allowed students to set up a memorial for those lost in school shootings and had local politicians come speak. The administration was always encouraging students to take initiatives. I enjoyed attending Swampscott High and am proud to call myself an alumna.
I like going to Swampscott High School. I am a senior, and most of my teachers have always helped and supported me. We have some teachers who do not care about the subject to teach. I would like to see that change.
Teachers leave a lot to be desired. Not very professional and the administration is a mess. Each year less and less students are being admitted to Ivy League schools and the guidance counselors do nothing to promote the students to these schools.
I feel very prepared for college as a Swampscott senior. Amazing teachers that care about you and your success.
I have enjoyed my years at SHS. I love the community and feel of the high school. Classes are taught well by wonderful teacher. Many of the teachers have different teaching styles which make some classes better than others but also makes each class different. One thing I'd like to see change is for the school to start integrating more electives into the school such as culinary, shop or home economics classes. Also I'd like to see the school being more technology and eco-friendly by making use of the chromebooks and computers more often. Overall, I do enjoy Swampscott High thoroughly and all of its requirement to prepare its students for college
I was able to meet some of my closest friends and connect with my teachers and learn at the same time. Great educational opportunity.
This school is subliminally racist and they do no correct or know how to deal with these matters which allows the students to think that they are not wrong and can continue with their behavior
There has been a lot of turnover in the administration in Swampscott. They changed a lot of senior privileges.
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As an educational environment, it is better than average. The teachers understand that in order to prepare their students for college, they must successfully teach us how to analyze the world around us, how to apply our knowledge to the world. But it seems that this school has taught us how to divide our personal lives from our education. We are here to learn, and that is it. The administration, the teachers, and the student community have turned a blind eye to the discrimination that goes on in this school and this town. This school serves its purpose, but it is time to change. This change starts with the community. We must open our eyes to the communities around us, of people of color, of people who are lgbt+, of people who are mentally disabled. We must work together to create a safe environment for every human being out there. I cannot give an excellent rating to a school that does not do so.
I liked that the High School offered a variety of classes for students to take and also offered AP courses.
It was one of the best experiences of my life, met awesome people, teachers are great and there are plenty of classes to choose from.
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