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During my time at Susquehannock High School, I have learned and experience a lot from the students and teachers that I am very grateful for. The staff is very helpful and understanding. Just participate around the school and I'm sure you could find a nice group of friends. Warrior Pride.
What I love about my school is everyone is very accepting, never once did I feel unwanted and I really appreciate that. The school focuses on how they can make the students lives easier will maintaining high standards. Without them I dont think I would be looking into colleges this early but I'm glad to have a school that challenges me. Susquehannock isnt just a school it's a family and we all take care of each other.
This school does not celebrate Black History Month and has a long history of over looking racist behavior from students. I worry that students will be impacted by this negligence as they enter the modern day work force.
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Susquehannock always made you feel welcome. They always made sure everyone was Included and welcomes. We had mini thon and fun programs to go along with it. As a senior covid 19 took senior year but they are doing everything they can do give it back to us and that shows we are family to them.
Susquehannock High School could rival any private education. Very caring teachers, counselors and administrators who are involved with the students in every way. Teachers in SYCSD are wonderful role models.
I believe Susquehannock High School has extremely good academics, especially since it is a public school. It is filled with kind and supportive teachers, and an amazing English department. The science department could use more funding and in regards to college readiness, there needs to be better communication between the students and the staff.
There's not much to change, everything is great; the teachers are caring, class sizes are small, environment is comfortable.
I enjoyed my time at Susquehannock High School. The staff was very nice and helpful when I needed them. I believe that I am prepared for college because of my high school teachers. All of my teachers were willing to help me when I struggled. There are many opportunities for students to grow. These opportunities included, sports, clubs, and other outside activities. Susuquehannock High School always tries to get students involved while continuing to always have a positive attitude. Although not all teachers were my best friends, they all have helped me become the young woman I am today.
This school does not have an amazing administration. It seems as though all of the kids get punished for something one kid does. The academics are mediocre but don't truly prepare you for college; we are still being helped every step of the way. Most teachers only know how to hand you a textbook, not how to teach you.
The teachers were very nice and cared about every student that walked into their classroom. I believe I received a wonderful education at Susquehannock.
Susquehannock High School has a very good education system with many qualified and caring teachers. There are a variety of clubs and activities to join including sports and music. Our school has a successful sports program and phenomenal music and theater programs.
I feel that I received a great education with teachers and staff that do whatever they can to ensure that they can help students with their future plans. I feel that my school could improve even more if they started to focus on making more required classes for important life skills. This would be things like doing taxes, life skills, cooking, finances, and any other classes that will help with any person's future.
Susky is a small, warm high school. Set in a rural area it is inspiring to look out the window and see the farmland. The teachers care about you and the administration is ever changing to benefit the students. During these changing times Susky does its best to meet the needs of every student.
There are very supportive teachers and the district always wants you to be the best you can be. Although sometimes they were not always watching the kids that were strugglings, there were definitely favorites.
The teachers and staff are amazingly dedicated to help students in any way possible. The school is well protected and very clean. Although, the guidance department could use some improvements on post high school plans.
I had a good 4 years with great staff members and great peers to grow up with. I would like to see better guidance counselors.
The teachers and staff truly care about their students. They offer a variety of classes that help prepare you for the real world! I loved my child care class because it helped me decide that I want to study early childhood education in college and become an elementary school teacher!
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Teachers are engaging and seem to really care how their students are, academically and personally. The school is safe and there is a lot of school spirit.
I like how most of the students are generally accepting of others. I love the Music Department and the teachers within it. The schedules are always organized and very forthcoming. My Freshman year I hated going to school, but that wasn't because of the school itself, it was because of some of the people. As the years went by, it got easier. I cut toxic people out of my life and then proceeded to focus on my academics and get into Music more. Susky (a short nickname for it), is a small but nice school to attend.
The teachers are overall nice and supportive. They will always be there if you need it and generally care about the students. The staff is very progressive and listen to the student's voice. The school also offers a wide variety of classes that prepare you very well for college. There are also a great deal of extracurricular sports and activities.
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