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My daughter spent 3 joyous middle school years here. The administration was very supportive of her academic progress and was able to challenge her. I saw other students getting extra help and even an ESL faculty member. I applaud the restorative justice program, advanced classes for middle schoolers, and strong athletic sports programs. They also have otherafter school clubs / activities and the arts program has solid footing and I see the potential for even more celebrations of the arts at SVS. Lots of students participate in sports in all seasons. The school even provide after school transport-a major plus. This is a safe, fantastic, small rural school With a family feel - that has lots to offer.
Susitna Valley Highschool has been my life for the past four years. Graduating in the class of 2020 I am apart of the Senior class all over the country reflecting on their highschool experience. I realize I am truly lucky to have gone to this small rural school. Even when the budget was high Susitna Valley Highschool was still able to provide me with a great athletic program. And with funding towards education in Alaska being very low teacher I cared about were cut from the staff. The ones that were able to keep their job I was able to connect with and create a lifelong bond. Small class sizes allowed me to get one on one with the teacher and learn to the best of my abilities. I have learned so much from Susitna Valley Highschool and I am deeply humbled by my experiences there. The knowledge my school has gifted me will be with me for all my life. Susitna Valley Highschool has made me into the respectable man I am today and I am eternally grateful for my time here.
Susitna Valley High is a very interesting school. It is small enough to where you get to know everybody, but big enough to have opportunities.
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Su-Valley is a close knit family type of school. There isn't many things that need to be changed but something that would add to it would be more extracurricular activities. Since it is so far from the city there aren't many opportunities for kids interested in unique things like cooking or dance or debate.
Susitna Valley High School is a small school and the staff is amazing. The sport teams are small and the coaches are amazing. Students work hard and are engaging. I think student involvement could be more of a thing and this year I am working on student government to make it happen. Bullying ratio isn't a public awareness, it does happen but its mostly cyber crimes so the staff is usually unaware. There could be more classes for high school students, and I think especially a cooking class, as most students by senior year do not know how to cook. My favorite place in the school is the library. I help the librarian all the time. It is a really calming and peaceful environment, unfortunately since schools have gotten technology engaged students rarely come to check out books though.
The school and community are so close knit. The teachers genuinely care about your learning experience, and are willing to help you put in the extra mile to succeed.
At Su- Valley the best thing that I liked was the teachers. I truly mean this. I find in particular that one teacher named Mr. Tom Harrison is a very excellent teacher. He teaches math, physics, and chemistry. When I had his class in tenth grade for Geometry it was amazing. When I struggled I knew that I could count on him to ask for help. What's more amazing is that he dedicates his lunch hour to helping kids with math problems which is one of the things that I also really appreciated, because I had to ask for help a few times.
Overall, attending Su-Valley was nice. Everyone knows everyone and there is a close-knit community. Classes are small so individuals who wish to learn all they can are able to do so. Teachers are friendly and answer questions. On the downside, everyone knows personal information about students/teachers. There is not much school funding so classes and resources are VERY limited. This school has very little students which do not prepare those seeking higher education or ready to leave the town with great interpersonal skills. I have enjoyed this school but am very eager to leave it forever.
Many of the teachers will help students when they are or even when they aren't struggling. Furthermore the staff are always polite and I always felt welcome at this school as a result. There are your normal high school cliques despite it being such a small school, but most of the times students overcome these and socialize with people outside of their normal clique.
It's been wonderful. From brilliant and effective teachers, to fun and kind classmates, everything about this school has been lovely. I cannot even think of a disadvantage about being here.
I often bring a lunch for myself from home, but the few times I've eaten school lunch, there have been options that are vegetarian (as I am), somewhat of a variety, and pretty okay taste quality.
We have an effective way to enforce our policies here, including a (fair) dress code that is rarely ever need, for students dress appropriately and professionally a majority of the time. Bullying is very rare. Most of the students get along very well. Being late for class frequently can result in (a not too severe) punishment that makes it so students are rarely late to/ miss class, however, students are also rewarded for good attendance as well.
Sports are extremely important here. I can surely say that nearly all of the students and teachers have some way to support our team. Our Physical Education teacher is excellent, not just in that he knows how to create good workouts for us, but that he knows how to effectively encourage us to do our best, resulting in a very excellent class.
All of the teachers here definitely go above and beyond. Each teacher knows nearly all of the students on a personal level, so it creates a kind and friendly environment for a student to be in. Each teacher is different, but I can say with confidence that all of the teachers make class interesting and easy to engage in, they all certainly are brilliant at the subjects they teach, are easy to approach, and are of very much help for students who need some individual work done with them.
Being a school that's reputation is based mainly on our students being extremely involved and advanced in sports, many of our after school activities are, clearly, sports. Our sports get all of the funding they need, and it isn't a hassle for students to participate in them, yet it still has factors that make the students strive for good grades to remain playing in these sports. Teachers here are involved with the students interest in sports, acknowledge it, and encourage it. There are very few disadvantages in our after school sports, so few that none even come to mind. We certainly have made it so it's fun, easy, and something for students to work for.
The teaching staff was awesome!
The teachers here are great, and many have chosen to live in Talkeetna and are great.
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The school lunches are provided by the borough, and not very good.
I loved attending a small school, because I could be involved in many events. The teachers and coaches at Susitna Valley High are great, and very supportive. I also enjoyed the community that I grew up in and the outdoor experiences around the school.
The school is very rural, and many people have been friends for a long time. Groups are pretty accepting, and students are nice overall.
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