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They prepared us for college fairly well, it depends on the teacher. I wish to see them put more effort into our education.
Most of the teachers really care about their students’ education and their wellbeing. However, there isn’t much of a school spirit.
It's pretty okay there, we have a bunch of clubs and its pretty easy to make your own clubs if you wanted. But if you don't like pizza and burgers everyday for lunch, bring cash and your own lunch from home.
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The teachers are very helpful for the most part. the new principle really wants us to succeed, he even checks up on us every week. He makes sure the students in that building have the amount of knowledge necessary to succeed for future purposes.
Well, it was a great school, but the teachers I had were a little bit out of topic when it came from doing school work. I enjoyed my years in that school but, I just wished some of those teachers I had in that school could be a little more productive when it came to education time.
I liked how much the teachers and counselors cared about the students' education. Personally, during my senior year they were really involved in trying to help us be on the right track for graduation. My teachers and counselor were always there for whenever I needed help and I liked that. Custodians were really good at keeping the school clean too. However, the school could use better discipline when it came to students and I would really like that to change even if I won't be attending it anymore.
It’s a very nice school, it has so many great factors to it. The staff is involved with the students and the students here are kind. Personally it does lack better preparation for the real world and what to do after high school.
Sunrise Mountain High School is a pretty good school but there could be some changes one of the is the food it's pretty nasty also the bathrooms always smell nasty people don't know to how to be clean. Kids don't know how to pick up after themselves and leave wrappers and trays on table.
If you are a committed student you will need to weed out all the distraction and really look for good resources. Sometimes your teachers wont help. Don't get discouraged by the drop out mentality of most students and keep in contact with counselors as much as possible.
It not a bad school. You can get in trouble for the dumbest things and reason ever. Some the teachers are nice and cool but some are not. I been in this school for 4 years and I will graduate in May, 2020. So of the teachers don’t really care if you pass or not. I wish we had better teachers
I have been attending sunrise Mountain High school in Las Vegas,Nv since my freshman year in 2016. Therefore i have seen it grow and change for the better and with the flaws it does contain. Throughout my high school year I have been strongly involved in the many clubs that this school has. Also I have allowed myself to grow bonds with teachers that have helped me succeed throughout my high school career. Now with the many good things within a school there are flaws that can be improved. One being the college readiness at the school. For the many of students that may not know much about college and how to prepare for so. That being said, the college readiness in this school can be increased , which gives the students a better outcome after graduation.
Sunrise Mountain High School is truly an amazing school, I am currently a senior and not excited to become an adult, But Sunrise Mountain has prepared me for the world and all of the complications it may bring. The staff at Sunrise mountain was absolutely astonishing when it comes to teaching and actually reaching out to students to make sure they have all of their work done and even scheduling tutoring before, during, and after school hours
Throughout this school, I had many diverse experiences who transformed me from what I was to an improved and independent form of what I was. All it has given helped me become more curious to trying limitless paths, become more responsible towards adulthood, and become prideful to whatever comes to me. The rigorous classes, the sunrise people, and the growing potential are what will be seen in this school as it is their eye of success and mind of our world. It is the administers and the staff that are the light to our roads, they will spend as long as they need to help as many students as they can. However, it needs to try new ways of spirit and involvement to the sunrise people and parents of the sunrise people. If continued, the school misses out in one of the most important lessons the world gives us: Change is what creates a person, it is what creates the need of evolving and challenges, and it is applied to more than just the school for all people alike.
Through all the four years I have been here, there are some good things going on here. Although, there are areas where I feel like students are not prepared enough for life outside high school.
I believe that your school experience here depends on who you meet and what you depend on doing, but just as well how much you put into school. Because if you don't put that much into it and you expect most of everything to be done for you then you are wrong and won't get much.
Sunrise Mountain High School get the students ready for college and make sure they are required for their dream college
I liked the the teachers and all the student interaction they hold.
I really enjoyed all the things they had to offer and they had many things other schools didn't have . overall I really like my school and its well maintained .
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My experience at Sunrise Mountain High School was average. I completed all my work on time, I made good friends, and my teachers made learning interesting. I would not change anything about my school, it is fine just the way it is.
I already graduated from Sunrise Mountain high school class of 2019. I like that fact that their will be teachers that will help you achieve your goal. They support you and help you something you don't understand. One thing that needs to change is that they need more teachers to help IEP students .
Throughout high school, I began to examine the students and their behavior. There are two levels of students, those include pupils that want to attend college and those that just want their high school diploma. The students have the opportunities to achieve their goals, but it's up to them if they wish to pursue it. They are in control of themselves. The past teachers have all been strict and wish the very best of us. They have assisted and molded me into a well-rounded student. I am a miner!
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