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This high school can get very competitive, academically, at times but many teachers will be there to support you with pretty much anything. Although, from my experience, some of the counselors can be a bit discouraging at times and you need to build a relationship with them for the counselors to really help you
The school has much to offer to students and is a welcoming community. They always have activities going on to keep students active and apart of the school. They have amazing sports programs and friendly faces all around. The school is located in a nice area and the staff tries its hardest to help students learn and keep them safe.
During my time, I realized how caring and kind-hearted the faculty is--especially the principal, Mr. Whitten.
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My experience at sunny hills high school was great. Though obviously the end was a bit underwhelming due to the effects of the corona virus, I was super grateful for all the teachers and their commitment to continue to provide education. I’m thankful for all the staff, student leadership, and others who still keep the school spirit alive. Sunny hills will always have a deep place in my heart.
This school is an excellent place to be. From the endless activities by asb and the amazing staff constantly supporting us, sunny hills high school is an amazing experience and an environment anyone would thrive in while still having a ton of fun! GO LANCERS!!
Elitest school. Very difficult to get into college since competition is harder. Better to go to a medium or low ranked school if you want to get accepted. Coming here was one of the worst decisions I have ever made in my life.
Pretty segregated racially with the asian population, but the educational and instructional aspect was proficient.
Many may not think this but so far I have actually enjoyed my years at sunny so far. You can definitely tell that all the Teachers, principle, janitors etc, really put in time and effort to make our school a lot better . Although there were some teachers who seemed unfair and strict, I have noticed that they all have the same objective which is to help us strive and to get us mentally prepared for next year. I really am gonna miss Sunny Hills when I graduate because there were many people that have made a great impact in my life as to making it better.
My experience in Sunny Hill High school so far has been amazing. I started off being scared and very shy and unmotivated before I came to Sunny Hills. I was very oblivious to many things throughout my life up until I went to Sunny Hills. Their staff has taught me new life lesson that I can never really forget. Some examples of these life lessons are, always strive for what you love. I've kept this lesson close to my heart and I have gained so much from it. I've also made so many new and unique and special friends here at Sunny Hills. My school is so diverse and popular its still hard to comprehend I go here. Although it isn't perfect but no school is. It has its fair of troubles and mishaps but I still love it regardless. I am a proud Lancer and Sunny Hills Student and I will continue to strive for what I love.
Sunny Hills High School is an amazing school. As a junior who constantly believes that the pile of work can be suffocating, I’ve worked hard to overcome an educational barrier which is the pressure I receive within my peers and my family. However, thanks to the amazing teachers and counselors in Sunny Hills High School, the new friends and peers I've become acquainted with have shown an immense support on providing support to reach my goals. My teachers have been very understanding and I'm grateful to have the opportunity to attend this amazing school. Something that can change for the better good of the school would be the school lines during lunch because as a populated school, there are many people crowded in the benches.
Sunny Hills High School has a very diverse community with a strong culture. The school allows it's students to get involved with their education and their community. Although unfortunately, this school is very focused on education. They flood the students with work and homework without giving attention to the student's mental health.
it was good, i made a lot of friends here. teachers are friendly but they could be better at teaching students.
Academically, this school is pretty amazing, but the school itself is falling apart. Not terrible, overall pretty good with decent people, but definitely could use improvement.
I enjoy the learning environment at Sunny Hills. Teachers challenge you but there are people and places I can go to when I need help. There are always activities for you to do if that is what you want. There are so many clubs (fun and academic) to participate in and to lead.
I am a senior at Sunny Hills High School and my experience at that school is the best ever! The staff, the students, the environment is everything any student could ever ask for. I am very well satisfied the the education and support I needed from this school! One thing I would change about this school is to maybe add more days where the students can celebrate the teachers and make them feel good about working at Sunny Hills High School.
At SHHS, there is little to no diversity through out the school, the school has two main groups of races.
Overall experience was okay when I used to go here. It was a mixed back of teachers who would care and others who are just present. Students were mostly asian, but it's diversifying itself more due to the changing demographics of the city.
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Sunny Hills is a well-rounded school both socially and academically. Students always work hard to be the best in all aspects.
Administration is there to help you and the teachers truly want you to succeed. It is a vey safe and welcoming community.
Sunny Hills High School is a school that truly cares about the success of every student, with its near to perfect staff, students are given resources and opportunities to find themselves and find careers that are suitable for themselves. Although the school is predominately Asian, that does not stop the diversity at the school. The school makes sure to celebrate every culture and instills respect and dignity amongst everyone. The faculty never stops trying to expand and create new ideas as well as the students never stop exploring and growing. The school is very academic based but don't get me wrong, there are many events and sports games where the students can make memories and enjoy their high school careers. The administration on campus also does it's best to provide a healthy environment for the students and teachers. Janitors also keep the campus incredibly clean. The school is also very well known for its many award-winning programs. Sunny Hills High School is a nice school.
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