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I have been at Sumner Academy for about 3 years now. I came to join this school my 8th grade year, when they actually start high school. For me, the environment of the school really helped me progress through high school. This was the first public school that I have ever been in, but I know for a fact it is the best in our district. Somethings that I wish would change at Sumner would be our field. It sucks compared to other our other schools in the district. A more up to date building, and more space for our science programs.
Though it is stressful, it is a great school! The academics are very strong, maybe too overwhelming at times, but worth it because a grand majority of alumni said that college was more manageable due to the skills taught at Sumner. Very proud to be a Sumner Sabre.
Not what I expected and not what people make it seem to be. I feel like the academics are only for those who are going to go to a 4 year university that accepts IB credits. Also, I just don't feel prepared for college at all. I think that schools in general should actually prepare us for the real world. Other than that, the student culture is really accepting and nice.
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I like how it is preparing me well for college because we receive a lot of homework, which is helpful. I joined the IB program and it has helped me be more involved in school and in my community.
It's an IB college prep school that has incredible diversity and many opportunities for student involvement. Teachers in every discipline are involved in helping their students succeed.
It is a perfect school, amazing education. All teachers/schools in the area would recommend it. If your in middle school, and in the area, they will urge you to go there, saying its the best
Sumner Academy is a school that is very different from most high schools. It is very rigorous, with very demanding coursework. However, it is a good school. The coursework is a preparation for college, but at times it seems like students get an exaggerated amount of homework. Sometimes, that homework seems to have no real purpose to what is being learned in class.
One thing I would like to see improve is the staff. Some of the teachers are not the best. Sumner Academy is considered the number one school in Kansas, so its teachers should also be of high quality. That is not the case. Teachers are unprepared for teaching the subjects and classes are often cut short because of the lack of preparation the teachers have. It is frustrating to see individuals teaching a class they did not sign up for because of the lack of teachers. I also wish teachers were more aware of the stress students have, their class is not the only thing students worry about.
The teachers are very helpful, they care about your education and they are willing to help any way they can. The community is supportive and accepting. Everyone is open to be themselves without fear of judgment. The curriculum is challenging and it helps you prepare for the real world. Overall, Sumner Academy is a good school.
Sumner is an extremely diverse and welcoming school like no other. It's a safe place where you can find others like you no matter who you are.
For the area, Sumner provides an impressive education. Sadly, the school is very poorly funded and it shows. The facilities aren’t anything special and the food is absolutely horrible. Overall though, it is much better than the schools in the surrounding districts and will definitely prepare you for college.
I have been here since 8th grade and I have worked really hard to stay here. My grades have been okay since then and I intend to graduate from here.
Sumner Academy is the best high school in the KCKPS district in terms of academics performance and academic resources. However, there is still room to improve in terms of faculty and non-academic aspects of the school.
I really like this school because everyone is so friendly and its just like a small family. The teachers really want you to do your best in class and worry about your well being. Something I would like to see change is that there should be more opportunities for us to have mentors come in and help us with networking or provide us with the information for us to have some knowledge of what its like to be in the real world.
This is my second year at Sumner, overall my experience has been well, it has a good environment for students with good teachers. Although it’d be nicer if we received college credits instead of using the IB program which doesn’t guarantee college credit.
At Sumner, there are ups and downs throughout the week with homework and tests all the time. A problem I have with this school is the lack of empathy and communication with a consistent repercussions of disciplinary actions. Sumner is an old building that has history walking the halls everyday, which makes me proud to be a high school senior at Sumner Academy.
The school was very helpful with students and building success. its an friendly environment and a great education
Its a school that will push u academically. But menatally its hard to sustain and be motivated. Its the best school in usd 500 but only offers ib instead of college credits. The work is extreme and alot.
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Sumner Academy is a good high school for college readiness, with their IB classes, many students have come back to say that college is far easier than Sumner, but with that makes it makes everything very challenging.
I am a Senior at the Academy. I can say that in the 5 years that I have been here I loved everything about it. There have been times where things aren't great, but overall the Academy is awesome. In the district, we are the school with highest graduation rate and the highest test scores, which shows that the teachers really care about us and want us to understand the subject that they are teaching. I love that my school is incredibly inclusive. Everyone in the school is a different race but we all get together as a family; if someone comes for one of us, they come for all of us, because at Sumner we ALL stick together. I believe that Sumner Academy is the best school in district USD 500. What I would change about Sumner is being able to get college credit, and take college classes while still going to Sumner. That is what I wish Sumner would have, aside from that I love my school.
I love the teacher and the good education is just wish to have a little more fun in the school. Sumner is a great place it is in the people are great but it get kinda stressful so we need time to just relax.
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