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I loved the teachers at Sumner. They were very supportive in every aspect, whether it be in sports, academics, or find resources. They provided a challenging classroom environment and really want their students to succeed. In addition to providing a challenging classroom they have a variety of sports, clubs and organizations for extracurricular activities. The cross country, band and orchestra are all very challenging and good organizations!
I think that Sumner is full of students concerned with their futures who want to work hard and make it into college. Teachers ensure their students are on the best paths to success.
Sumner allowed for the students to be ready to face college by the time graduation happened. It was also a good place to meet friends from all different backgrounds that we probably would not meet under different circumstances.
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It is a very good school. Gets you prepared for college. People leave and come back saying college was easy for them. lots of students for a small building but teachers are amazing
Sumner is a very welcoming environment despite the big pressure of awards and the fact it is an IB school. The teachers are really understanding of situations that come up yet are stern about doing work on time.
I graduated from Sumner in 1999, my oldest daughter graduated in 2018 and now my middle child is a freshman there. I couldn’t be more proud of Sumner’s curriculum and college preparedness. The school is safe and diverse as it should be. Definitely the cream of the crop.
Sumner is a difficult school, to put it plainly. There is a lot of challenging work, but that is more than made up for by the people attending it. Sumner is a community, and it's very easy to find a good group of friends. For the most part, the teachers are kind and understanding. The school itself is kind of falling apart, there's holes in the walls, and the cockroaches *will* be walking across the stage with us at graduation, but you get used to it after a while. All in all, the people are the best part of this school.
My experience at Sumner Academy has been amazing. I love the staff, student diversity and education quality at the school. No school is perfect but this school gave me a great chance go grow as a person and prepare me, not only education wise, but mentally and physically for life. Overall Sumner academy is a spectacular school with a great education
There is no doubt that Sumner Academy deserves its ranking of #1 high school in the state of Kansas, and Top 20 in the nation. I am incredibly grateful to this school, for having given me the preparation I needed to get into a state university. Starting college was a piece of cake after Sumner Academy, and the teachers there when I was there truly cared about helping me reach my full potential, even when I did not always know what that meant. Sumner Academy is a diverse and prestigious magnet high school in the state of Kansas.
I like almost all the students there and most/some of the teachers. Something they should change is how the people who were there first in the 1960’s still have a say in how the school looks. It’s getting out of hand at this point.
I love how the teachers are all concerned about each and every student. I like how the students can to any teacher and get help.
It was an AMAZING school!!! I would highly recommend all smart people to go here. Move from wherever you live and go to THEE Sumner Academy, THE best! Please go immediately!
Sumner Academy is a college preparatory school, meaning, the learning curriculum helps its students with college readiness. Even though many of us students experience a few sleepless nights from the workload, we are preparing for our future.
Sumner is also a diverse school that cares for its students and their safety. The school, teachers, and students are very open to everybody's differences and are very accepting. Sumner's student body and administration make sure every student feels welcome from their first day of school to their last day. Overall, Sumner is a great school that I'm happy to be apart of.
this school is not the best, its okay but it is underfunded and horribly managed, the students are nice but the teachers are lackluster.
The best thing at Sumner is the bond that you create. The bond amongst your peers, who all understand the struggle of the loads of homework, assignments and classes. The bond as a student to a teacher or staff member that is created when you see them consistently involved in your life beyond school. Lastly, the bond that you attach to the school as a whole. It is where most people experience complete failure, complete success and new challenges that face us to prepare us for our future.
I loved how they prepare the students for college. It makes everything seem so much easier now that I am in college. The facilities however, could use a major upgrade.
Personally, I love my school. It has one of the most ethnical and diverse student populations of any school in Kansas. My teachers are amazing and some are great friends. The IB diploma program is very strong and I believe that my time at the school is shaping my to become a more rounded, open-minded individual who is prepared for the hardships of life and college.
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I have been at Sumner Academy for about 3 years now. I came to join this school my 8th grade year, when they actually start high school. For me, the environment of the school really helped me progress through high school. This was the first public school that I have ever been in, but I know for a fact it is the best in our district. Somethings that I wish would change at Sumner would be our field. It sucks compared to other our other schools in the district. A more up to date building, and more space for our science programs.
Though it is stressful, it is a great school! The academics are very strong, maybe too overwhelming at times, but worth it because a grand majority of alumni said that college was more manageable due to the skills taught at Sumner. Very proud to be a Sumner Sabre.
Not what I expected and not what people make it seem to be. I feel like the academics are only for those who are going to go to a 4 year university that accepts IB credits. Also, I just don't feel prepared for college at all. I think that schools in general should actually prepare us for the real world. Other than that, the student culture is really accepting and nice.
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