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There are many teachers at Sumner that care for their students dearly and wish for them to excel in life. Not only are they teachers but they are advocators and individuals I call friends. I wished to have had the option to follow the course of dual enrollment instead of IB, however, IB challenged me and enabled me to think critically.
Currently, I am participating in online learning at Sumner Academy of Arts and Science, and though I find the work load to be a bit overbearing, I appreciate how the school is centered around preparing their students for college by making some classes and courses available and/or required.
Sumner is a school that wants you to strive and become better. Very diverse as well! You’re always learning something new!
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Sumner Academy is evolving every year. At sumner the students learn how to fight for what the want or believe in and it teaches you that you can have what you want as long as you work for it. Every student that comes to Sumner Academy is very talented, from being book smart or to being talented in sports or the arts. You can be who you want at Sumner with no apologies and thats what molds us into the dependable future of the world. Sumner Academy of arts and science will continue to produce greatness.
Recently there has been man accusation in my school of harassment and racism. It seem like nothing was done. Like nothing have to the students and teachers that did this. The education is good and don't get me wrong several teachers do fight for their students and they listen to what we have to say. I love how diverse it is but just in general they need to be careful who they hire.
I recently started Sumner. There is a few problems but over all it’s a ok school but the problems are hidden from the reputation of the school. Yes sumner will help you be prepare to go to college but isn’t that the job of all schools? If you don’t get into Sumner don’t worry about it you can always be successful! Of course Sumner is going to be a rank 1 school because they take students that are decent or are super well in school but don’t let this fool you there is bad apples just like every other school.
I love my school. I will never lie and say it is not a bit stressful but I believe the experience pays for itself. Sumner Academy is a magnet school that features rigorous classes and expectations.
Classes and teachers push you to work your best. You have career paths you can choose from or higher college level classes. Students have the opportunity of creating their own clubs and it's a very safety environment and culture to be a part of.
I have spent 5 years at Sumner Academy of Arts and Sciences. It prepared me well for college and allowed me to be organized and more concentrated on my work. The rigorous courses and work load gave me an opportunity to become accustomed to school work and time management. The student population was very diverse and there were many students who came from contrasting lifestyles and homes. I enjoyed the spirit and pride that the students and teachers had for the school. However, there were few teachers who I felt genuinely cared about my future, goals, and feelings. There was a lack in representation and diversity within the teachers which made students feel as though they weren't understood or taken seriously. There was also a lack in responsibility and accountability when it came to administration. Students often felt as though they could not ask for advice due to this. There were both satisfactory and inadequate components to Sumner Academy.
Overall I have enjoyed my experience here though, there have been some major hiccups when it comes to addressing student mental health. Most teachers do try their best to give you a good education and experience but some seem to not care sometimes. You'll meet many different people, all from various backgrounds that you may not know of, which makes your experience there more fun, in my opinion. No school is perfect but at least Sumner is trying
This school has prepared me for college. Some of the teachers were amazing and was able to connect with their students. However, there are some teachers that are problematic and only care about their job and not the students.
Overall, Sumner Academy is a good school. The environment is extremely diverse and provides students, parents, and staff with a great experience. The school spirit is there for sure, as far as sports, and students and staff supporting one another! There are plenty of clubs and extracurriculars, and the school does an amazing job with preparing students for the future, whether that is college, or the workforce.
My teachers were great with a couple of exceptions. Some of the administrators were less than helpful, but I learned a lot.
I enjoyed my time there and the courses I took were vigorous and prepared me for my first year of college. However, there were not very many outside resources to help fund the school nor resources and classes to help students get ready for life after graduation.
While the curriculum, and quality of learning is far above average, the administration has problem listening to its students and dealing with issues leading to problems and unjust dismissals
Sumner Academy is most known for its rigorous academic measures and dedicates focus on college readiness throughout your high school career. Sumner offers a very unique experience when compared against traditional high schools in the district- and even in the United States by providing a great college-like experience. Sumner prepares students for harder, more consistent work when they enter college, because of this time management, resourcefulness, and ability to be independent all are characteristics a good Sumner student will practice. Throughout the 5 years I attended Sumner, I developed spectacular writing, reading, math, and science skills. A minimum GPA of 2.5 is required to attend Sumner every semester. If you fail to meet this requirement, you will be placed on Academic Probation. If you fail to meet the requirement for the second semester, you will be dismissed from the school.
I like Sumner Academy. It is ranked #1 School in Kansas and it may be hard but it helps me be better prepared for college.
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I learned so much about myself and others while attending. This school is very competitive and full of spirit.
Sumner is a great academic school that offers a lot in the field of academics and athletics. The school is currently number one in the state of Kansas. While the work can sometimes be stressful, the staff there is great and can help you get through it. It is an IB league school so the schools curriculum is mainly based on IB career related studies, not AP. The school needs major remodeling because it is so old, but the atmosphere is a good one. There are a ton of different clubs ranging from racial and ethnic groups all the way to esports and robotics.
Sumner Academy offers great academic courses that keep the students engaged and thinking. The staff are always willing to help and the students are self driven. Unfortunately, the work can be overwhelming for some students, and Sumner does not give many opportunities for college credit.
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