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It gave me the opportunity to work at my own pace without the peer pressure. The one on one with the teachers worked best for me rather than a class of 30 plus students and time crunch restraints.
The one thing I like about Summit View is that you only come once or twice a week, and work completely from home, but take tests at the school. One of the cons is of course that everything has to be done by books and on paper, the classes are not online and you get a large and heavy book on every subject. Taking math there is quite hard, because the books can be confusing and not have too many help. In addition, they are very strict about attending the school EVERY week, if you leave absences unexcused or don’t come in for 2 or more weeks, you might get withdrawn or get a warning.
In Summit View, you get to choose what days you want to come to school. You only go 2 days a week to turn in you homework, get help on your assignments and take tests for your classes. You get to talk to your teacher one on one to get the needed help on your assignments. They also give you your next week's homework and explain it to you. You can also sit there in the library and study or do your work and if you don't understand something you can go to your teacher and get the help you need on the spot.
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I have switched to this school from a public school due to many reasons, but I can say I am very glad I did. This school is so helpful and has helped me grow greatly in my academics. The teachers here are willing to help you all the time with whatever you need and the staff is just awesome. I would definitely recommend this school for an alternative school substitution.
I have attended Summit View high school for a year now,and I have had a good experience the whole year. The teachers and staff are nice and I my knowledge has improved greatly since attending this school.
My current highschool does not have a cafeteria.
I do not attend detention or any punishments, I am a good student.
My High school does not have any sports related programs or teams.
I know the answers to these questions because of attending to many schools,so I get a wide variety of experience in different schools.
This is easy on the go questions, which could really help qualify for this scholarship!
I really enjoyed the teachers and classrooms, the workload was very manageable and left me plenty of time to pursue other activities
I wasn't prepared to start college right away and couldn't find work for a year and a half after graduating
I enjoyed only coming to class once a week I gave me a lot of freedom.
There was always enough parking room but finding one often took sometime and could lead to quite a walk to the main building.
The guidance counselor was very accomadating to helping me with my schedule so I would be able to finish with in the year.
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