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Through my 4 four years at Summit High School, there has been little to no complaints. The school is well funded, the food is above average, the class size is usually relatively small, and the sports and clubs involved with the school have shown that the teachers and coaches here are devoted to their students and athletes.
I very much enjoyed my time at Summit Senior High School. It's a place where you grow and learn to step outside your boundaries, whether you're ready or not. They push you to achieve your full potential, to strive for greatness in your future endeavors. The administration and staff do care a lot for their students, and always try to make the learning environment as comfortable as possible. They will push you, and the work load isn't light, but through all of that you will be able to obtain the skills if/when you decide to pursue a higher level of education. The classrooms are kept mostly clean, and the building is in very good shape. There's always renovations, whether it be inside of the building or outside on the field. I never felt anxious or nervous about coming into school every morning. The teachers leave it entirely up to you about getting work done. It basically teaches you to be responsible for yourself and not to procrastinate, which are VITAL tools for college.
summit high school is a place that offers many opportunities to their students, the amount of electives are endless and range from a variety of feeds from architecture to even film studies or psychology. summit high school is not only a challenging place but one that helps you grow and get better. sometimes it is too challenging and students can feel challenges by other student academically or athletically I some cases.
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Summit High School is overall a very friendly place and the teachers are especially helpful and knowledgeable. Theater, debate, and sports are what the high school is best at.
I like summit high school. I’ve enjoyed my three years here, and am so far enjoying the fourth too. I feel like I’ve gained a lot of knowledge and had many opportunities to grow and change.
I enjoyed my experience at Summit High. I played sports and was involved with other extracurricular activities.
I loved all of my teachers, although I did have a few teachers who weren't the best at teaching they were amazingly helpful and friendly. The diversity is not very much the students are accepting and if you are nice it is easy to make friends. There is so much opportunity no matter what you are interested in.
I didn't have a great experience at Summit High School. The administration targets certain students and gives privileges to certain people over others. The sports teams are the most important thing in their eyes, and the people on the teams can get away with anything.
Summit High School is a wonderful school. It is a great school to send you child and know that they're safe. It is my experience that this make sure our children a willing to learn in every aspect of the school system.
School administration is slightly inadequate. Lunches and food offered general are pretty bad quality. I personally can recall a time when my friend found mold in his fruit that he was about to eat. Security guards eat in the bathroom hoping to catch students vaping, peek over closed doors in the bathrooms. Some bathrooms get locked because there is only 2 guards so school believes only 2 bathrooms should be open during lunch. Some teachers were very hard to work with and administration refuses to cooperate in changing the teacher even before the school year started, even though for some people they do.
The school has a good environment and the teaching is more or less very good. The only issue, for me at least, is that some of the teachers are very unlikeable and the way they teach makes it very hard to learn much of anything. And it's not just my opinion either, many upper class men to I've talked to and my friends tell me the same thing about a few teachers. Other than that the students are very nice and most of the teachers are quite friendly and supportive. It's a bit expensive to go but that's because of the curriculum. Everything in summit is kind of expensive after all so that's to be expected. If you're coming here from another town I'd recommend you come during your freshman or sophmore year, because if not it might be a little difficult to adjust to everything since past freshman and sophomore year everyone more or less knows how things work or what to do. And you'll be completely lost. The school does a good job at making the freshman feel comfortable though.
Good public school education with wealthy town funding. It's a good looking building in a nice neighborhood, but traffic control is extremely poor and it's very hard to get into and out of the school in the morning and afternoon.
Summit High School is among one of the best! The school offers great academics and opportunities to grow as an individual during ones four years. Compared to many public school Summit excels in all aspects including but not limited to academics, sports, college readiness and rigor in academics.
The highschool has a lot of opportunities for the students, whether it be electives/classes, or clubs, or sports. It also has easy access to technology, as every grade has a chromebook and has free access to the internet and printer. The teachers overall care about the students and want them to apply themselves so that they could go to a good college. Their curriculum is also above a few schools in new jersey.
Prepared me for college in more ways than just academics. Got great grades, and prepared me for college social life as well, so the transition after graduation was made much easier.
Summit High School, like any other school, has its pros and cons. At Summit, I received a very good education and learned a lot. However, the social aspect of Summit is not the greatest. All the sports teams and the musical groups dominate the social aspects of Summit.
Academics are rigorous (though there is no IB program), sports are a huge priority, and there are lots of extracurriculars (if you have time after homework and sports). It is an affluent area, and every little thing is very expensive for anyone of modest means. The administration seems to assume everyone can afford opportunities offered at the last minute. Some of us have to budget.
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There are a lot of really great teachers. Most AP classes are very good preparation for the exam, teachers are always available for extra help, and extracurricular options are considerable. Kind of homogeneous student body, and very lacrosse oriented town.
This school is in a pretty safe town. It's highly unlikely to feel unsafe. There are a few cases of theft every year, but nothing major. Thieves almost always get caught at this school.
There's definitely something for everyone. If you want to be involved though, you have to look out for it.
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