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It started out really well for me, for my first two years the majority of the teachers and students really cared about having a strong school culture and I felt like I was learning and benefiting a lot from being there. But over time things things definitely got worse. There was way less diversity in the student body after 2018. Rules were made that weren't logical or necessary. The building was way too small for the amount of students, there were times when your class wouldn't be held in a real classroom because there wasn't enough space. There are some teachers who genuinely care about their students and want them to succeed, but there are also teachers who expect their students to learn everything on their own. There were also multiple teachers who treated students differently based on their gender and/or race. We didn't have basic resources like a library, or a school nurse. Admin would say they wanted to hear students voices and opinions, but no positive change actually happened.
I transfered to Summit Public Schools in my Sophomore year in high school and found that it was the perfect fit for me. The ability to learn at your own pace and develop independency with the option of help from faculty when needed is amazing. I really feel at home there, and am almost terrified to go to college because I know no other experience will be just as great
The curriculum makes it easy for students to learn and fix mistakes. The school is very small, making the teachers able to focus on students individually. There's also something called PLT which stands for Personalized Learning Time. Students get that time to choose what type of work they want to do. Work at Summit is different from normal public schools because there's CA's and Checkpoints. I personally like it because you get to work on CA's at your own pace. The checkpoints build up your skills to take something called a Final Product. Things I would like to change are the food but there is off-campus lunch.
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I like the diverse environment. It definitely helped me to grow my perspective on different cultures.
It started off what they marketed for and then changed everything. Exepeditions was channged and now its electives and the personal lerning time was changed now and its nothing like what I registered for. They make it impossible to transfer since their curriculum is so different from everything else.
I’ve been going to Summit Sierra for 4 years and I’ve learned to be more out going, advocate for myself, and to prepare for college. I recommend this school to anyone looking for a small personalized setting to learn and thrive in!
This school is great for personalized learning! I think there needs to be more discipline and control for students.
Great school, not like regular public schools. It has a cool online learning platform that is unique and allows students to learn at their own pace.
I liked the way the learning was, it let people go at their own pace. The teachers are very understanding and helpful. This school helps you prepare for college really well, their college prep work really set you up to succeed.
Summit Sierra had been my highschool experience for the past four years, and the teachers are amazing! Most of them actually care about teaching their students and you can tell that they enjoy the subject they are teaching. Mentor groups are pretty cool
I love summit I was struggling in specific areas at school and because of the way my school was set I was given more one on one time with my teachers. Coming to school every day feels like a community vs just school which is very important when being in high school because at times you can feel so alone but not at summit. Having a mentor stick with you for all four years has also been key to my success because at times I felt like that word was against me but having one person I can talk to made a true difference to me.
Summit Sierra is a great school to attend. It has taught me to be very self-dependent on my goals for the school. I have grown as a person through my last 3 years attending Summit Sierra High school. Sports could be improved and other activities and clubs. The teachers try to get involved as much as possible in the student's lives and support them. The connection between teachers and students is amazing. We have mentors that look out for each other their students.
We get to learn at our own pace and work with groups of people to collaborate on interesting and relevant projects. There is a lack of spirit within school students, however, that tends to make the environment less positive. The teachers truly care about students and work hard to ensure that our learning is equitable.
Some of the teachers are really good and care a lot about the students, but there are teachers who aren't good at their jobs and make things a lot harder for students. The building is way too small for everyone. Some of the decisions that the administration makes aren't really thought through. For the first few years there was a really strong school culture, but it's gotten worse.
As one of the founding students I’ve loved seeing how the school has grown and changed. I’ve met a lot of great people, my best friends, quality teachers, and caring faculty.
Summit Sierra is branded as a diverse, college ready environment. I'd like to agree, but I can't. The school is still in early stages, now been open for four years and still needs more time to grow. The building is very small and hard to fit all 400 students inside, so it's hot and not very enjoyable.
Summit strives to be a college readiness school. However, they treat us like little children while saying they are preparing us for college. The hypocrisy is off the charts. There is no school culture, sports, and clubs, and the administration cannot keep students in line enough to prevent them from destroying stalls. Also, they keep buying chairs that continue to break. On the other hand, they do have fantastic teachers who care about teaching, its decently safe, and the academics are sound with easy ways to catch up. Overall would recommend, but I would also advise to proceed with caution and have a backup.
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I was a part of the founding class when my school opened in 2015, and I've had a really good time here. I've learned a lot about myself and how I like to work, and my teachers and mentor have also helped me realize a lot about myself and how I should better improve myself.
Summit Sierra is an interesting high school. Because they are a charter and belong to a "network" of schools, they operate much more like a business than a place of education. Students are pawned as advertisements and are encouraged to falsely hype up the school to encourage donors to support us. The faculty likes to constantly make vows and promises to students that they do not keep. There is little to no extracurricular activities offered and the small amount they do have, are poorly facilitated and left to the students to create, run, and manage. Academically, they have an interesting platform that helps prepare you for a college atmosphere, however, there is no consistency and those who excel are not given the opportunity to do so. While the school claims to facilitate "college-readiness", they speak to students and enforce rules as if we are elementary school kids and have little regard for allowing independence.
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