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Summit Academy North Middle School Reviews

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Wish there were more programs to participate in. The food was also trash, you could probably improve that.
The academics,the teachers all worked well for my needs
Most of the activities and clubs were well planned and very engaging
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Most of the parents were awesome
Good school enjoyed my time there
I do not eat school lunches.
Administration does a good job keeping students in line.
This school is for those who want a real good education and to be able to graduate on time. the staff is friendly and capable to get your child to the next level.
Are facilities are good, some specific place can be made larger but overall there in good condition.
The opportunity to play sports here is great. We have several teams to choose from and most players that tryout make their teams.
Our teachers are some of the best in Michigan they genuinely care for the success of us students.
Most high schools are filled with drama and fights, so the rating for any school on this topic shouldn't be high.
Our extracurricular activities are, great there fun and engaging. We have huge support for our sports teams and also art after school events.
Our policies for health and safety are great and regularly enforced.
Academics are great at this school.
The school lunches are not good.
There is a wide diversity within the students.
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I really would like to get rid of the dress code. It just causes unnecessary problems.
I played varsity football this year and I loved it.
I love this school and I'm glad I stayed here.
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