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The teachers are great, have a lot of school spirit & the principal is phenomenal! You’ll love him. The football games are fun! The pep rallies are good. The education is excellent also.
Summer Creek High School is filled with amazing students and teachers. In my experience, I have grown as a person through joining extra curricular activities. This school has students and staff from all walks of life, which gives it a unique opportunity for people to find the people they're meant to get along with and understand. If I could change one thing about this school it would be to provide funding for all programs, not just the programs that are old and overly successful.
One of the reason my family moved to Humble, TX was this school. Mr. McDonald was not only my middle school principal to my delight was transfer and became our high school principal. He's a great leader, easily accessible, and is a fine example of how to handle tough situations that may arise, like covid-19. The teachers and staff are some of the kindness people and seem to really care about our studies and high school life. The teachers offer tutoring and any extra help you may need to not only pass the class but learn the material. Our school offer a website and social media to stay connected on events and issues that may come. One of the best things Summer Creek gives are multiple activates and electives. I was able to discover my major with an elective being offer, forensic science. I wouldn't change anything about high school experience, but I would like more electives. Only because taking forensic science change the direction of my life.
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I love how welcoming they were. I moved my senior year of high school and i just felt like it was the best thing I did. They cared for my education and I’m can honestly say i was getting a little prepared for college. Over all my academics improved and I learned sad much from just a few Montreal of being in that school.
Summer Creek High School is an exceptional school that adapts to all challenges thrown its way. In 2017 Hurricane Harvey hit Houston. There was no damage to my school, however another school flooded. My school was the only one that could hold the flooded students and faculty. I had a half day every day. The staff at Summer Creek acclimated, and the school year turned into a success. My school became a guinea pig and conducted a trial run, we got out an hour before every school. They extended this trial run into the next year. Everything was good until March, when they announced we would not be returning due to the COVID-19 outbreak. My only major critique of Summer Creek is that sports are king. The student clubs get constantly overlooked. They're not even giving a chance for the other departments to flourish. I believe that Summer Creek is headed in the right direction, they have helped publicize clubs. While my school isn't perfect there isn't any other place I'd like to attend.
I was part of the first graduating class—and seeing the way that the school grew in just those 4 years was incredible! It just continues to get better.
Summer Creek High School is a healthy and extremely diverse environment. Being part of the 85% minority population at my school has allowed me to see people with many descents and cultures every day. There is lots of history behind the school and many stories to tell from my time here. Lessons and skills are inherited in and out of the classroom all while having many choices to fit your school life to your own preferences. I would not change much about my school but if I could help the choices many people around me make I would do so. In the end changing the environment would change the lessons learned and there's lots to learn from each and every student at Summer Creek High School.
overall the school is alright. its diverse, there are fun pep rallies, games are hype. I cheer there and do a lot of other extra curricular activities to make my time there greater.
This is a great school that has much diversity and well capable teachers that readily prepare students for college. The councilors do a great job of making sure students understand and are able to help students on their journey through high school and to get to college.
I like the diversity of the school and how the school has prepared me for college. One thing that i would like for the school to change is to have more fun socially.
Summer Creek is full of opportunities in many different ways. It has so many different organizations and the opportunity for students to create more organizations. It is also academically rigorous and definitely provides above average education. The fine arts department is amazing for example; the Summer Creek Starlettes and I feel right at home at school being that I’m a transfer student. Diversity is definitely where it should be and it is definitely a competitive environment, but it also provides a high level of college readiness like AVID and Dual Credit courses.
Personally my experience at Summer Creek was one i’ll never forget. Overall it was a very good school, however many students felt as if they weren’t being heard by administration fairly. Other than that the school culture is out of this world considering it is a pretty new school. I’ll always cherish the time I had at bulldog nation!
When I entered my second semester of sophomore year I applied for a Junior medical class at the school I was attending, at that moment. So I prepared myself for the interview. I also studied all my medical terms, I did all the requirements. I was very anxious and also very positive that I would get into that class but only 40 students were accepted out of 300 and when the letters were handed out I did not get in. I was very disappointed in myself, I thought I failed and after some days passed I decided not to give up. So with my parents help I searched up schools and even Hospitals to be prepared more for the class I wanted for my junior year. I got a summer job as a volunteer to learn and to be involved in activities to contributed to my community and help others. This definitely made me stronger and more resilient to keep wanting to became a Doctor. I found another great opportunity at a different High School and I got the medical class that I wanted.
I have two children at this high school and overall the experience has been excellent. There have been issues here and then but administration has always resolved these issues quickly and thoroughly. I wish there was a higher standard regarding coaching or hiring coaches for the less popular sports but I think this a general problem at most high schools.
Summer creek is a very diverse school and has a good importance on sports; however, the staff seems to care more about sports than academics sometimes. The school itself is nice, large, and clean, but students tend to litter a lot around campus due to a strip mall in close proximity to the school.
Summer Creek High School possessed a unique atmosphere, enjoyable classes, and great control during issues such as COVID-19 and Hurricane Harvey.
well I’m still in high school but the thing about summer creek high school is that we are all a family and there is always something to be apart of no one is going to be left out and there is always new opportunities even still our school is the new kid ( open since 2009) it still one of the best school. The teachers are great and etc yes there is our ups and downs at Summer creek , but what school is perfect🤷🏼‍♀️. Summer creek is a good school and is growing every year and the hall ways are getting more packed. I have to say our school spirit is the best and we want to be on top and SCHS is the place to be !! Class of 2021 ❤️
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Summer Creek high school is an overall good school. There are definitely disciplinary issues, and I think some issues could be handled better, but otherwise, there isn't much that I dislike about the school. They keep things fairly clean, but they do have a lot of issues keeping kids focused on learning and not getting into trouble, especially in the bathrooms. I think there needs to be more discipline when it comes to what kids get away with bringing to school, and the overall safety of themselves and others. The counselors are good, but their mainly there to sort out scheduling issues. I think they need more mental health resources for kids that can't afford to see professional help. I also think we need more access to the library, having it open after school so students can get work done in a quiet, safe environment with access to computers and other study material. I think we need enrichment back, giving students a time during the school day to seek help with teachers.
Summer Creek High School has been an amazing school to attend. It offers so many different classes and extra curricular activities to fit its diverse student body. As the school gets older, it continues to build a better reputation for itself in the community, sports, and the likes. Something I would like to see change is the promotion and celebration of lesser-known activities along with the common ones.
Summer Creek is an amazing school. The staff is great very involved and helping the students succeed. Summer Creek is really preparing students for the next level.
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