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Sullivan High School welcomes all to a wonderful school atmosphere. Sullivan's school installed a new eLearning platform that will bring the school students and teachers to cutting edge of our time.
I like all aspects of my school, Sullivan High School. The teachers and faculty are nice and helpful everyday. If I need help with anything, I can always get it. I enjoy my classes and classmates. The school has a fun and stress free atmosphere. I have went here since freshman year and have enjoyed being a student at Sullivan High School.
This is a school that does have a great faculty, they want you to succeed and even help students who graduated and went into college. The only downside to the school is that it's too easy. Our county gets transfers from other schools, like students from Vigo county, so they can graduate with their intended diploma type. The school work was never very engaging or demanding outside of AP classes and O'Bryan's math classes. This is a school who wants students to have good grades compared to students earning those grades and being truly prepared for college.
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I liked that it was such a small school. Everyone was friends with each other and I never felt left out. It would be nice for them to make the bathrooms clear, and the cafeteria food wasn't the best it could be.
Sullivan High was a good growing experience for me and they prepare you fairly well to get ready for college. On the other hand, their cafeteria is below average and could use improvement on the quality of food.
At SHS the teachers are legitimately interested in your well-being when it comes to academics and your career path. However, they do not have a good arts program, which is hindering to those interested in a career based on the arts.
I love the friendly atmosphere and the school spirit. The teachers and administrators want you to succeed and help you to do so.
My experience at Sullivan High will something I carry with me for the rest of my life. The uniqueness of this town brings me joy and such pleasure to be a part of it. From the Friday night sporting events (basketball, football, etc.), to the various enchanting activities provided by our school. If there was one thing I would improve from Sullivan High it would be the bathrooms to be a lot cleaner. The bathrooms are something from a horror story.
Sullivan is a good school, however improvements need to be made. Many of these are just improvements to the school itself, such as new bathrooms. All of the teachers are great and willing to help. Sullivan needs more clubs of varying types for all the students to get involved in.
If they would talk to there students better . Maybe get everyone in the school doing things . Maybe better food choices and give us better ranch
I liked that there was a large variety of classes that I could take. There are several Advanced Placement classes. There are also several dual credit classes in which you could take for college credits. The location of the school is excellent for sports and school activities.
I like that Sullivan High School has a wide range of classes to choose from, including several AP classes and many dual credit classes. I also like that most finals in classes don't have to be taken if a person misses 4 or less days. I do wish that there were more clubs and activities to choose from, and that the food would improve.
What i would like to see change is certain classes and how they grade things. Often causes for bad grades or perfects. There is no middle ground.
It was a pretty large school, but it doesn't have much in the way of AP classes or clubs. The teachers and staff helped me through a lot of hard times in my life though.
Sullivan is my first school in United States from my country. The teachers are very helpful and friendly with students, and they always working hard to make sure all kids are graduating successfully.
I loved how the teachers cared for the students and aim to make a difference in each students life. I would like to see nothing change
Sullivan High School made my high school experience something I will never forget. The building is nice, the teachers are all very nice and I made some of my best friends here and made some pretty great memories here!
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I really admire the quality of the staff working at Sullivan High School. I have found there is always help to be given, to those who seek it.
The health and safety at school are okay. The food is horrible
There are a lot of clubs at school. Like cupcake club, Ffa, national honors, beta, and fca.
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