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Sudbrook Magnet Middle School Reviews

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As a parent,I think Sudbrook coordination of the transport system is quite poor compare to other schools...The buses are never on time.. sometimes the children are left stranded without any information to the parents! Their communication level is extremely low..most times parents don't even know what is going on in the school. They really need to take parents along and communicate more about happenings and activities in the school...I honestly feel the school is overrated! I'm really not impressed!
I liked how the Sudbrook STUDENTS [only the students that are in the 7&8 grade of the year 2017-2018 school year since the 6 grades that came in the 2017-2018 was raffled in and is probably not as talented ( No Shade)] show what magnet they are in .( like singing in the hall, being very dramatic at little things, being the smart kid in the class, showing their artistic vision on their arms, dancing in the halls, playing the insturments in the "pit" thats in the auditurium and making cool beats, and speking their unique languages in the hallways.)
i liked the school cause i went their but the students are mean and they dont care about other peoples feelings whether they get hurt or not. they also use bad worgs alot the students. i love the guidance councelor their she is so nice and caring toher students that is why i like the school snd she was their for me during my problems. i had aa bestfriend their who got in a fight and got sent to another school.
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BEST. SCHOOL.PERIOD. I went here when I was a child. I had a great time here, teachers were great, atmosphere was great, students were great. REALLY RECOMMEND THIS SCHOOL!!!!!
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