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Success Academy Harlem 2 Reviews

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The diversity is amazing and the teachers are hard at work trying to better the students! However, the location can sometimes be unsafe.
My experience as a parent at the school was an eye opener. My son loved the K-4 experience although not without challenges. Although they call you regarding behavior it’s important to be a team player and advocate for your children. Listen to your child first and listen carefully to the concerns that the teachers and staff have. The teachers care. Children don’t have the right words to communicate but we do.
My daughter has been attending SA Harlem’s 2 for a year now and she loves it! Teachers are great and considering there are many “rules” we are very comfortable following them since these are rules that should be applied to any school. 5 stars!
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If you love your child stay away from this school especially if your child can’t stay still for a long period of time. The school lure you by their extracurricular activities. it’s a school where kids learn how to be robots; children have to sit down in a certain position and lock their hands and if they dare even to scratch their hair, they get an infraction. Kids will be penalized by having their recess taken away from them if they fail a test. Some teachers are abusive and bullies. Don’t believe that they are working for the benefit of your kids. Actually they are trying to keep their jobs by pushing the kids to the highest level of stress because if they don’t achieve what the network is requiring they will be kicked out. The secret behind the high State Test high scores is the training on how to take tests which I believe everybody can do at home. They print out tests from previous years and have children take them and train them few months before the state test.