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What I like about Stuyvesant is the large variety of classes they offer. There are a lot of elective choices, as well as AP choices, and they've helped me decide what I want to major in college. One thing that I don't particularly is the student body size. We have about 4,000 students, and it is very hard to remain friends with people you share classes with because it is very likely you won't see them in any of your classes in the next year.
Great place more due to the students you study with than the teachers. Your excitement and love for the school will definitely be tested by the sometimes sub par quality of teachers you might encounter. That being said, there are exceptional teachers who challenge your thinking and help push you to the next level.
The people are amazing here. Class rigor really pushes you hard so tie management is a must-have to survive.
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Stuyvesant was very rigorous, but even more rewarding. You'll never sit in a classroom with 34 smarter students.
Stuyvesant is unparalleled when it comes to providing academic resources to help you succeed. There are many extraordinarily intelligent students and it is an academically competitive environment. However, this can make it more difficult for even intelligent, well-rounded students to get into their dream college or make them feel incompetent.
Highly academic, but unfortunately, paired with huge stress culture and occasionally, toxic competitiveness. This school is all about working hard, but the workload can be unnecessarily large. I knew students that pulled all-nighters weekly or slept for 4 hours every night (weekends included). Most of the students are motivated, some traveling hours everyday to school, but this school can strain that by making effort seem futile (sometimes). There are also some amazing teachers, and also some pretty terrible ones in my experience, but the amazing ones really make this school shine and make learning interesting while increasing your knowledge greatly. There needs to be a better sense of balance at this school because it has a lot of potential.
Stuyvesant provides advanced faculty and courses for students that are beyond their expected academic levels. There is always resources to help you do more and to help you keep up. The school has motivated students with many interests and a stimulating environment that will help you grow as a person.
It was a very competitive and harsh environment but the guidance counselors and staff were all supportive.
It has a great community and is academically challenging. Stuyvesant prepares for college level studies. As long as you don't slack off, it is a great school.
I think Stuyvesant overall is a very nice environment to be in. The students are willing to help each other out and the competition between them is not at all apparent. There are some adults in the school who are understanding and easy to talk to. However, the major disappointment was how different the grading systems for each teacher is. This causes the grades given in school to feel more like a lottery than based on pure merit and honesty. Another negative point is how difficult it is sometimes to get even some of the classes you would like to take.
Stuyvesant is a great school, especially in terms of academics and college readiness. Most of the teachers are also very good and there are many clubs and activities that you can participate in as well as out-of-school opportunities presented to you as well.
Stuyvesant High School offers abundant resources and facilities for student learning and college preparation. It has a variety of clubs, sports teams, and language classes that together form a distinct school culture. The school lacks diversity, however, with a population comprised of more than 70 percent Asian student. Some teachers are also inadequate in teaching and preparing lectures. I would like to see a more diverse demographic, as well as more teachers who can teach well.
it was great! met lots of great friends and had a wonderful time overall. would like to see more food options.
I attended Stuyvesant in the dark ages, when it still excluded girls. While that did stunt my social skills, my experience there was hugely positive, and did change my life intellectually, starting me on my path to being a theoretical physicist. I did work hard, but in return I got a great preparation for college, especially on the math side of things; college seemed like a breeze in comparison.
This school has helped me grow in so many ways, from all the opportunities it offers (extracurriculars, mentorships, internships, etc.) to the excellent academics and teachers. However, I do sometimes wish that school culture could focus less on grades and perfection. Although it is continuously emphasized that grades aren't everything, I feel like the idea never really catches on because of the competitive environment.
Top-notch education but the environment is extremely competitive to the point of being toxic. Students are given far more homework than is necessary and the school heavily promotes ranking students against one another.
I can't say much about it because I'm merely a freshman, but I can say that it takes a lot of time to adjust to the environment at Stuy. I struggled for the first few months, especially with my time management skills, but I've gotten a grasp of it now; there are definitely some days where you'll have to pull an all-nighter. Nevertheless, I guess you can say it's all worth it. If you think about it, each subject feeds you with so much information in just a period (if you have the right teacher).
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This school could be overwhelming academically for many students. So, effective time management is necessary.
It has a very competitive atmosphere compared to many of the schools that I am aware of. The teachers and students inadvertently egg each other on with their silent competitions with grades and participation on the line.
Not an especially diverse community (mostly Asian and white) and at times overly competitive and stressful. However it offers an academically stimulating environment and many class opportunities.
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