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Stuyvesant High School is a very academically rigorous high school where we all took an exam to get into. While it's not the most ethnically diverse school, we all come from different backgrounds and boroughs. My time in Stuyvesant High School allowed me to meet new friends, while pursuing a high quality education. The amount of dedication and trust the teacher pours into us is overwhelming. They gave me confidence that I can succeed. However, the sheer amount of work the teachers give us is stressful. Many of the students, including myself have pulled many all nighters. I wish the teachers could be more lenient and the school would allow our averages to be weighted according to the difficulty of our classes (AP). Regardless, if I had to choose again, I would still want to attend Stuyvesant HS.
I rated this school a 5 only because my daughter has not officially started yet, however has been accepted. This is a really difficult choice as she also been accepted to Townsend. Can anyone shed any light on their choice and if they have had any regrets?
I love the opportunities that Stuyvesant has to offer to its students. There are numerous AP courses and electives that are available to students that may not be offered at other schools. Also, with over 300 clubs, Stuyvesant allows students to find a place where they can fit in. Students can try something out to see if they like it and if not, there are many other families of students to welcome them.
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The academic environment was very challenging, but teachers provide support for students to do well. There are many passionate teachers, particularly in the English department.
There is a large variety of STEM and humanities courses in the school, ranging from complex calculus to British Literature. Many of the teachers are phenomenal and truly love what they teach. However, the workload, exam difficulty, and the competitive environment is not for everyone.
Overall my experience at Stuyvesant hasn't been the best. If I could go back in time I would definitely change my high school choice. Being at this school has its pros and its cons. Its pros being that Its a very comfortable environment and everyone is allowed to be themselves to a certain extent . Its cons being the way staff acts towards students (mainly the math dept). School should have someone students are able to talk to comfortably , In Stuy there isn't a lot. The only thing I dont regret about this school is the people that I have met and the few amazing teachers I have met .
The only thing to benefit from this school is the college credits. Other than that not so much. You don't get the high school experience when going to this school. The prom the graduation. There isn't a homecoming or big sports team in Stuyvesant. Yeah all the teachers get to know your name but does it really matter when you look back and realize you were in a hallway for high school.
Not a lot of Students like to part take in extracurricular activities, unless students have to accomplish hours of community services hours. Other than that students don't part take much into after school activities. I though Stuyvesant was an awesome and great school to learn and have fun. Instead its worser than I imagined.
Many students are being held back due to the lack of teaching an some teachers to don't help students as much as they need to get the grade they deserve. Also the college counselor a do not help as much either towards managing you credits and understand graduation requirements.
The school has potential, but is run poorly. The principal lacks leadership and the good teachers keep leaving. This school is falling down. Will be one of the worst schools in New York eventually.
As a former student, I can say that this school made my life miserable and wouldn't recommend it to anyone.
This school is horrible. One of the best? More like one of the worst ever in history. WHAT HAPPENED? I felt like I signed a cellphone contract with this school. There are any flexibility and their are not many choices sometimes. The school won't be a place to help you through your struggles. Most teachers grade you with no rubric. Its a surprise. Biased to be. I can't wait till my "contract" ends in June. I liked my experience with some teachers who helped me. But all in all this school is not a first choice aspect.
Horrible. Wow, this school sure has changed. It used to be a WONDERFUL school for me last year, but now, its a hell hole. Students and teachers are rude and do not care about the students.

I am not satisfied to what this school has come to....
Great school. Learned a lot about myself.
A lot of people talk down on Stuy but I think my 4 years will have an immense impact on the rest of my life.
Most teachers give it their all in this school. The principal is super friendly, but the administrative workers and the security guards are very mean. The work is challenging and pretty tough. Morale is low overall, but many of us students are pretty happy most of the time, especially around big events like SING! or dances.
Community that is supportive yet competitive enough to push you to be better. There are also passionate teachers that know what they are talking about.
Stuyvesant High School offers an immense number of opportunities to explore a diverse range of interests, from academics to athletics and the arts. There is a way for everyone to participate in an activity of their interest in some shape or form. The school pushes its students to excel in academics, challenging them with rigorous courses and offering a wide variety of electives but also providing resources to aid students having trouble with particular subjects, such as peer tutoring and after-school sessions with teachers. The student body is overall friendly, supportive, and open-minded, as well as the faculty, although there are some discrepancies in teaching quality. Although there are definitely some amazing teachers who care about their students, some teachers are not suited for a classroom environment or do not have the best interactions with students.
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Overall it is a great school with endless resources and opportunities. However, the quality of the teachers is pretty terrible. Almost every student is suffering from stress related disorders and it is sad that health has to be sacrificed for grades.
Stuyvesant High School is a place bustling with school culture, sports, and just livelihood overall. However, the cell phone policy is a bit too strict and doesn't really make sense to a lot of students, and often the academic pressure can get a bit too stressful, but all in all, it took some getting used to but I have come to love the school and all my peers.
I love the atmosphere and the people at Stuyvesant. It's so welcoming, innovative and accepting that its hard not to fall in love. The library is beautiful and there are more than enough clubs for your extracirruclar life. However, I would like to see more up to date biology labs and computers.
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