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I love my school. Although it's been challenging at times, I think the competitive environment and high quality of work demanded by the teachers has made me grow as a student, thinker, and individual at a much more accelerated rate than I would have if I had been in a different school. I love that my school offers an immense variety of AP courses, post-AP courses, interesting electives, and extracurricular activities to choose from. There is really something for everyone, which is how I came to take nine APs, two really interesting post-AP college level computer science courses, and start my own classics club. Lastly, the people are fantastic. They are engaged with the material they learn in class and the world around them, and you can have an interesting conversation with almost anyone you see in school.
This rigorous High School has offered the best students of New York the ability to pursue their passions and prepare for a successful future in both college and professional work.
My daughter is a Freshman here. She came from a small private school. She was little overwhelmed in the beginning but she transitioned very well and easy due to the supportive staff members and her very supportive guidance counselor. Principal, Mr. Contreras is excellent at his job and we feel our daughter is in the right place for her future goals. We’re very happy that she’s part of the Stuy family !
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Stuyvesant is a very rigorous school. The workload is very heavy, but definitely manageable and helps you prepare for college. People are friendly for the most part, but academics are unfair for students.
The schoolwork may seem daunting at first but it becomes a lot easier, especially once you start to learn how to manage your time well. There is a huge variety of clubs and it's fairly easy to create your own if you can't find something you're interested in (which is highly unlikely). There are a lot of teachers here who care about your well being as well as guidance counselors.
I am a rising senior, class of 2019. There’s a whole array of students here. But the majority of the students are academically driven. It’s not too hard to stay on top of your courses if you work for it. There will me many sleepless nights if you procrastinate. But if you can manage you time efficiently and are dedicated to your schoolwork, then classes will be doable. There are so many elective to take. Personally, I don’t have the best academics because I wanted to ensure that I could also fully enjoyed my high school experience. It’s been a stressful three year. I’ve come close to a lot of meltdowns, but I’ve also had a lot of pleasant memories here!
While I love the amount of offerings at Stuyvesant, they’re incredibly difficult to take advantage of. The workload is definitely high, but not unmanageable. The students here are very bright, but that’s mostly it when it comes to why this school does well in academics. There are some outstanding teachers, especially in the science department, but most do not allow students to grow as much as other schools might. The lack of diversity is horrendous. When I look around and see faces like mine, Asian, it is kind of saddening. I wish I could have met more students from different ethnic backgrounds and cultures. This is one of my biggest regrets in coming here. I strongly believe a lot of students here would have done just as excellent in another school. But this school is good for some, not all. Please do not come here just for the reputation, go to a school that suits you best (and your commute)
I liked it. You feel a lot of stress there though. I think Stuy is dwindling in popularity amongst all other specialized high schools, but it definitely prepares you for college and otherwise.
Stuyvesant High School has excellent resources, clubs, and class diversity. The school culture is hit or miss, however, and the same goes for the teachers. The school is intrinsically elitist, but you will certainly be prepared for college after graduation.
I love the HUGE amount of opportunities provided for students. The community is great! Everyone is supportive of one another and the faculty does its best to not overwhelm students!
In my four years at Stuy, I found that I wouldn't have wanted to go anywhere else. The competition was real, and quite honestly stressful, but there were many facilities where I could not only reduce that stress but learn how to manage and overcome it. Naturally, there were some faculty that gave me an unreasonably hard time, whether through harsh expectations or indifference, but in comparison to the majority of the teachers and staff, they were no major issue. In short, Stuy has equipped me well not only for college but towards my life out there in the world.
Amazing school. Workload is manageable if you planned your time well, which many of us wished we did. You will meet many great friends in this school through the hundreds of clubs Stuyvesant has.
It was an absolutely fantastic experience. You get to meet all these brilliant people, who work hard and put their lives on the line to achieve what they do. It can get demanding sometimes, but it's up to the students to make of it what they will: you can make it hard for yourself, or you can enjoy your time there. I may not have had the most amazing grades, but I certainly enjoyed my time there.
Stuyvesant is a great school for academics, undoubtedly. Despite being known as a STEM school, Stuy has amazing English and Social Studies departments. Stuy also has tons of extracurriculars, to the point where it’s overwhelming (we have like 44 sports teams). There’s also tons of help for college, so that’s a plus.

So on paper, Stuy seems pretty great. And I generally think I made the right choice in going there. But everything you’ve heard about the competitive culture at Stuy is true. Students are extremely competitive, not just with grades, but with “leadership positions” in various clubs. I’ve seen some really talented and smart people burn out from the pressure. Even those who succeed at Stuy do so under immense pressure and often damage their mental health.

So just be aware that Stuy has amazing opportunities, but you’re gonna pay a pretty big price. Even if you think you can “handle” it, you won’t. The culture is pervasive and easy to get swept up in.
I liked the the academic challenge it gave me. Every day there would either be a quiz or a lot of homework to get done. It really gets you prepared for college. In addition, the teachers are very generous about offering help to students that need it.
This is a wonderful school filled with smart, talented, and determined students with diverse set of interests and passions. Amazing teachers, classes, opportunities, and resources. The only downside is a lack of diversity and an incredibly large workload. Nonetheless this is an amazing school.
The best thing I liked about Stuyvesant was the people I met there. Everyone was incredibly bright and had unique backgrounds. The variety of extracurricular activities available to students is great. There is something for everyone!
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What I like about Stuyvesant is the large variety of classes they offer. There are a lot of elective choices, as well as AP choices, and they've helped me decide what I want to major in college. One thing that I don't particularly is the student body size. We have about 4,000 students, and it is very hard to remain friends with people you share classes with because it is very likely you won't see them in any of your classes in the next year.
Great place more due to the students you study with than the teachers. Your excitement and love for the school will definitely be tested by the sometimes sub par quality of teachers you might encounter. That being said, there are exceptional teachers who challenge your thinking and help push you to the next level.
The people are amazing here. Class rigor really pushes you hard so tie management is a must-have to survive.
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