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Excellent school, great environment! Some teachers are trash but most care for you. I don't regret going to this school, but only attend if you are serious about school and is willing to devote their entire life to a high number. If lazy, don't come here. It will only hurt you. There is 200+ clubs, and there is at least one club that you should be able to join. Stuy is also known for some sports, such as swimming! After stuy, college will be a piece of cake. TriBeCa is also known to be safe, which is where stuy is located. Staff are also pretty nice, if you don't piss them off. Most of the rooms sadly don't have smartboards, but you don't need them to have a fun class! Food is so-so but you can go outside to eat, and there are some really good places to eat out. The building itself is kept very clean
Stuyvesant was a school that I attended only because my parents wanted it, so I had an immediate negative bias when entering the school, especially as one of the >30 black kids in the entire school. If you're interested in the arts (as I am) or if you didn't come from an advanced middle school, Stuy probably won't be the best experience for you. Most of the teachers are no better than the teachers in a regular public school, yet there is a higher standard of work. The school has an inside reputation for depressed and anxious students, with several hospitalizations each year of kids who simply broke down under pressure. The one good thing I can say about the school is that although a good amount of the students are overly competitive, manipulative, and cocky, they don't steal. You can leave your stuff anywhere in Stuyvesant and trust that it won't be stolen. The few good, non pretentious people that you do find in the school are gems.
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Do not get too caught up in the academic aspects of this school, otherwise you miss what makes it so special.
The atmosphere is one that forces the best out of students that want to strive to achieve the most they can academically. The teachers are there to help students grow individually. They provide the backbone and support for the students. At the same time, the students are amazing and are definitely what makes the school so amazing. The friends you make become friends for a lifetime.
A great school overall! Competitive environment and a lot of tension to do well, but teachers, counselors, and tons of resources are available for students to succeed!
Stuyvesant HIgh School has a large variety of courses for STEM. However, it lacks in courses for people planning on majoring in non-STEM. The community feels very safe, but students are stressed almost every day. The workload depends on teachers. Most teachers know what they are doing, but there are some that make every school day horrible. Overall, I'd like Stuyvesant to be stricter on their teacher selections.
Stuyvesant High School consists of over 3,000 students, all who have a competitive nature and desire to be ranked one of the highest in the grade. Although the school can get rigorous at times with over two hours of homework every day, tests every week, and a bunch of other assignments due in random deadlines, there are many extracurricular activities, clubs, and sports students can do outside of class. In addition, students are often engaging and have a lot of school spirit. For example, In Halloween, otherwise known as "Stuyholloween," hundreds of kids dress up and celebrate with their friends. Overall, Stuyvesant is a tough school that requires time management and self-motivation to do well and has a lot of opportunities for kids to pursue their interests and interact with many people.
Stuyvesant High School is the epitome of a specialized high school. There is a reason as to why Stuyvesant is regarded as the best public high school in New York City and one of the best in the nation.
Very rigorous and challenging, yet a fun experience. There are many ways to reach academic support if needed, such as ARISTA Tutoring with students, or even after school AIS Tutoring with the teachers.
I liked that it was a place where I got to interact with a lot of people for many different purposes.
One of the best schools in the nation that truly prepares children for the future. Between the dedication seen by the students and the fire that lights these children to succeed, there is nothing stopping them from having a successful future.
As a rising Junior at Stuy, I must say that the community is both it's selling point and it's downfall. Despite the great reputation nationally, the rigorous academics, and the countless other benefits of having such a motivated student body, how homogeneous it is can becoming overwhelming. As a Latina female, I make up less than 10% of the school's population, despite it being a NYC public high school. The racial disparity, in my opinion, activates one of the most dislike-able traits of a select few in the student body.
Overall its a really good school because it has decent academics and the overall community is very welcoming and forgiving. However, there area a fair share of rather unfair teachers who can be very harsh on grading or have a bad attitude and have favorites. There are a multitude of clubs and pubs for people to join and interact with their peers.
I love the competitive nature at Stuyvesant and the wonderful facilities available to the students who are passionate about learning. If there was something I could change then it would probably be the school policies concerning freedoms for students. Students should be entrusted with more responsibilities and given freedom to act like adults.
Attending Stuy is one of the best choices I've ever made. Yes, the students here are very competitive but I have met some of the most kind-hearted and passionate people here.
There are so many opportunities at this school-- clubs, AP classes, sports, internships, etc. This is the only school where I've seen kids discussing Iran's election & proving theorems in multivariable calc a few minutes later. Does your zoned school even offer multi?

Even if you're not a STEM person, you'll find strong humanities. There're art electives, chorus & orchestra sections which perform at Carnegie Hall, & the Eng/Ss departments are fantastic . Since the student body is so large you'll find a wide variety of interests.

One problem with Stuy is the competitive environment. Everyone in this school is smart. That introduces the big-fish-littl- pond effect. Is it better to be the top student at a local HS or an average student at Stuy? Over 90% of freshmen coming into Stuy think they're going to make it to an Ivy League. By senior year it's less than 20%.

Pros: People, Location, can go out for lunch, activities SING!,
Cons: Competitive, some bad teachs, commute
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A specialized high school located in New York, New York, it has amazing teachers as well as driven students. It offers the best education a public school can offer in the country. Students have to take a test in order to get in. Even with its competitive environment, the students and teachers are very warm. Students strive to create a welcoming and special community.

My time at Stuyvesant was very special. I graduated with the backing of a large alumni organization. The community at Stuy itself is very special. There is no place as special at Stuy. It does suck that I had to compete with other smart people in the school. If I had gone to a non specialized high school, I would've been able to receive more merit aid from colleges than I would when I went to Stuy. But in the long run, Stuy prepared me well for college.
Stuyvesant has great teachers and counselors. Most of the teachers are willing to help you if you fall behind, which is good because the workload is very high. It is a very stressful and there is some competition, but not as much as you might think. There are tons of clubs for every hobby, and it is relatively easy to start a club if you can't find something that fits you. The downside Is that there is a lot of homework most of the time, so you definitely have to manage your time well between school, clubs/teams, homework, sleep, and free time. Overall, it was stressful, but I am glad I went there.
In my opinion, what separates Stuyvesant from most schools is the group of intellectuals that surround me everyday. For my four years at Stuyvesant, I never realized how fortunate I was to be around other students who wanted to succeed. At graduation a line by an alumnus really stood out to me. He told us that never in our lives would we be surrounded by such a special group of people with brilliant ideas. The people that you associate yourself with mold you into who you are. Because of Stuyvesant, I became who I am and I’m proud of who I become today and the achievements I’ve attained.
One issue with Stuyvesant that I would like to see changed is the cultural diversity. The SHSAT admission test makes it difficult for students without preparation material to do well. As a result, people with lower-income do much worse because they cannot afford the material. One solution to this is to create more programs in middle schools to give all students an equal opportunity to succeed.
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