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The workload is heavy, especially for commuters involved in extracurricular activities, but I gained an immeasurable experience attending this school. My surrounding students constantly inspired me to keep pushing myself and to organically learn, whether from books, fellow students or teachers. Stuyvesant is a large school, with diverse students who have interests in various areas, not just science and math. In fact, I was more in touch with music and art here than I am now at my college. Students here are easily activated to do amazing things and then lead their fellow students to follow them. The school also has interesting classes, such as art appreciation, AP Computer Science, Creative Nonfiction Workshop, Introduction to Acting, and Introduction to Ballroom Dancing. The building itself is owned by the park and ten floors tall so students exercise by walking up and down the stairs.
I'm a student at Stuyvesant and overall I've had a very good experience. Stuy has a pretty intense pressure cooker environment, but everyone is really motivated and there are so many class opportunities. Stuy is officially a STEM school, but its Arts and Music programs are incredible, the choirs are amazing, and SING! is a musical competition that half the school gets involved in. The curriculum is super rigorous, which is good for college preparedness but sometimes rough on mental health. Still, the Clubs and Activities are plentiful and there's always something to be a part of. Our sports are pretty bad, but they are fun teams to be on. Stuy is an intense place, but it can be a very excellent school.
Good school very well maintained and very few art classes which made me feel very disappointed. Still, I wouldn't go anywhere else.
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If you are interested in STEM and are academically gifted this is definitely the best possible school for you. There are tons of resources, connections, and research opportunities. However, if you’re more into the humanities you might feel out of place. Regardless, stuy is in a prime location and while the food is...just regular school food, you are allowed to go outside when you have a free and there is a plethora of food right outside. The students are really nice and supportive, but at its core the student body is extremely competitive. It’s perfectly normal to get 1580 on your SAT and have Columbia and NYU as your safety schools.
Very academical environment and very stressful without good work ethic. However, the learning is very rewarding for those who want a challenge and the community of people as well as the teachers are mostly understanding and kind. There are also an extremely wide variety of clubs and very easy to start a new club. The building is generally clean and easy to navigate, although a lot of stairs and the escalators break often.
The school itself has a very rigorous environment because all the students are very hardworking and constantly want to be a better student. It is hard to stand out being in a school with so many smart individuals but everyone is extremely nice. Sportsmanship is outstanding and everyone is always ready to help others out.
It is a school with a very good and honorable reputation. They truly care about the students' success; the competitiveness from the students motivate the students to be more determined and successful. However, many students lack sleep as they have to wake up in the early morning to ride the train or subway; many students face stress struggles with constant hardship.
Very STEM-focused. Decent humanities department. Few art classes. But I love it! Wouldn't go anywhere else.
So many inspiring people with a great environment! Always someone better than you, good for motivation.
Not really the legendary school it is portrayed as. Only area where it really stands out is its funding.
Teachers are friendly and considerate and will take the time to help students in times of struggles. Opportunities offered gives students freedom in making use of their time in high school. A fanatic school that I do not regret attending.
Challenging curriculum, greatest teachers, Superb principal, great extra -curricular activities. The computer science and math departments are outstanding, among the best in the country.
Te community and support is great also. Stuyvesant offers at least 23 AP selections, and the students do very well.
As one of the top schools in the city and in the country, I can confidently say that the academics prepares students for college-level courses., whilst fostering college skills and habits, such as accountability and time management. There are also a lot of fun extracurriculars to participate in. However, diversity is lacking.
Although it is one of the best STEM schools, the academics behind english and history are not on the same level.
Offers the opportunity to take in depth courses in narrowed down subjects that other high schools in the tri state area can't offer due to lack of funding. Has a highly motivated, hard working student body.
It's a very fun school to go to if you like work and interacting with smart people. Don't come here if you aren't prepared to pull a few all-nighters.
Stuyvesant High School provided me with a stellar education and definitely challenged me as a student. However, with such a competitive environment, many of the students dealt with much stress and sometimes a toxic school culture.
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Stuyvesant challenged me to become a better learner and made me more confident. It pushed me to strive to be a better me and I created some amazing friends at the same time.
Stuyvesant is one of the most prestigious public High schools in New York City. It's a large school, 10 floors, based in Tribeca, NY. It features escalators, elevators, a pool, and various gyms + a weight room. The school received $22 million in funding last year and has an enormous variety of clubs, activities, and publications for people to join. The building also features a picturesque view over the Hudson River, New Jersey Sky Line, and Midtown Manhattan.
I really like this school. The teachers genuinely care about their students and make an effort to teach interesting, relevant material. The students are supportive of each other and the environment is not as cutthroat as it is rumored to be. There are a myriad of clubs and sports for everyone and you are welcome to create your own club! The workload can be tougher than one would expect but it is ultimately manageable.
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