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It is a hard school with a lot of work, which is fine. However, teacher turnover is awful. No one ever stays longer than a year. I had one teacher stay the whole time I was at this school. You can't form relationships. It is hard to get recommendation letters when teachers don't know you. It is hard to get anyone on one tutoring with a teacher. They are always busy.
Sturgis was a good high school which challenged me academically and mentally. Although in the beginning it was scary, I am glad I ended up going there.
Sturgis Charter School represents a culture of curiosity and excellence. Our curriculum and culture help graduate students that will undoubtedly make meaningful contributions to the real world.
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Sturgis is a great school but the East campus Building isn’t always the best and the IB is just extremely difficult (but you don’t have to do the full IB)
This school cares more about it's rankings than preparing their students for life beyond the classroom. Grades are inflated by extremely soft deadlines, something that won't fly in college. Also, the quality of student life is as bad as I've seen as far as schools go. My old elementary school has far better facilities than this school, which is honestly pathetic. Students eat their lunch on the ground which must be a code violation somewhere. Nobody shows any interest in school or sporting events. Honestly, if there was a 0 stars option, I would pick it, 1 star feels awfully generous in many subsections such as college readiness, culture, administration, facilities, and diversity. If I could do it over again, I would never step foot in that school. Sturgis was one of the worst decisions I've ever made. One thing to be said about Sturgis, it's that my terrible experience is sure to make college that much more special. If this stops even 1 person from going here, you'll thank me later.
I don’t even know how this school got an A+ for food when we don’t even have a cafeteria and the vending machine options suck. Anyways don’t come to this school if you want any sort of high school experience. The teachers and classes are overhyped and nothing about it and the FuLl iB diPlOmA will get you into a better school. You could try way less at your local high school and get all As and try your hardest here and get Cs. Oh and don’t think any weighted grades will help with that when it comes to college. The only good thing about it is “college readiness” is because you just have a lot of work thrown at you and mostly have to handle it yourself.
I go to East, and this school has been amazing! As much as people complain about the International Baccalaureate, the fact that everyone can take it is incredible. I have loved pretty much all of my teachers, and they're always willing to spend time to help you out.
Sturgis has giving me an abundance of opportunities ranging from academic to social. The IB curriculum has opened up my point of view far beyond what I could have ever imagined. I have learned how to thrived inside and out of school, without my education here I would not have taken to academic risks I've pursued to this day.
The staff at Sturgis Charter Public School take the responsibility of preparing students for college very seriously. We participate in the IB curriculum, a rigorous international program designed to prepare students for life after high school. Teachers are very supportive, willing to help students in any way possible. The facilities at the school are lacking as there are usually leaks in the ceiling and we do not have a gym space or cafeteria.
Sturgis provides a great education with strong emphasis on academics. It’s a small campus where the students are very welcoming to each other as they come from many different towns. We have an open campus at lunch and can eat at one of the many local restaurants.
I had an amazing four years at this school and could not have asked for better teachers or administrators. The work is demanding at times but it prepares you well for the future. I participated in Outing club, STUCO and played a varsity sport all four years. The school creates their own community and it is unmatched.
My daughter and many friends attended and graduated from Sturgis they were more than prepared for life after High School. They have become successful contributors to society!
My experience at Sturgis Charter School has not only taught me about the value of knowledge, but also the love of it as well. Not only does knowledge allow students to grow as a person, but also to dig deep and find passions within the curriculum as a whole. Sturgis's culture as a school allows high schoolers to discover something new about themselves, no matter what grade they are in. Every day becomes a new possibility, and because of the rigorous work, students are ready for college the instant they graduate. So, overall, Sturgis Charter Public School is very helpful and makes an impact on whoever decides to attend.
Sturgis is a great school for a cornucopia of reasons! Whether its from the open-hearted community, to the down to earth teachers, Sturgis has been amazing to me and I can't imagine what high school would have been like if I attended somewhere else.
Sturgis is a great and inclusive community and I love how they have an IB for all based curriculum. I also love how the teachers are always there to help the students and trust them to do their best.
Sturgis is a great high school! It offers a great balance of strong academics, and respectful environment. There are many sports and clubs that are offered that offer something for everyone.
I attend the West campus, but the two campuses are very different. West is on West Main Street, so you don't have to cross any roads to get to your classes. Sturgis has an open-campus lunch policy, which means you are free to leave the school for lunch. The IB program is extremely advantageous, and accurately prepares students for their college experience. Colleges look more favorably upon IB students, and our unweighted GPA's give us an edge over other students applying to college. Because of Sturgis's fame and IB program, NYU offers two students spots on the Abu Dhabi campus in the United Arab Emirates. Each teacher has had experience in other subjects, and offers extra help at least twice a week. The West campus performs better in sports, (although we don't have football), and other joint theatre program has won multiple awards. I am involved in quite a few activities, and there is a place for every single student.
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Sturgis has great teachers and offers great classes that are a good mix between challenging and genuinely interesting. Most teachers are passionate about their jobs and subject areas, leading to a more enjoyable class experience. The school is founded on "acceptance for all;" students are celebrated for their quirks and differences.
The academics are very good. The IB is a rigorous program, but it does prepare one for high school, and there is the potential to skip college classes. It is a charter school, meaning there is a lottery to get in, but if you live close enough that the commute isn't bad, I highly recommend applying.
I go to the west campus of Stuegis Charter Public School and while their are many good aspects of the school highlighted by other reviews, there are defiantly some less attractive qualities of the school that have been left out. The school is absolutely trashed. There are holes in almost all the whiteboards due to students punching them. Additionally, somebody literally stole the sink from the boys bathroom too. The dances suck because the school hires awful djs and doesn’t have enough money to put into them. However, prom is an expection to this and had really good food and a nice venue. I do have to admit though that the free access to the IB curriculum and most of the staff are amazing attributes of sturgis; and the open campus lunch give a sense of freedom that almost no other school on the cape has.
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