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I am a senior here at Stroudsburg High School. I enjoy my time here and feel like this school is a safe, great learning environment for any kid to attend. We have great academic, sports, and other recreational clubs and programs here. The teachers are good. I feel like I've been prepared well for college and I am proud to have attended this school.
Since moving to Stroudsburg in the beginning of my junior year of high school, it has changed my life for the better. It has made me a more open and outgoing person, as well as helped being more competitive with my grades. Coming to Stroudsburg High School allowed me to join various club and activities that I didn't get to experience in my old school, for which I am very grateful to Stroudsburg for.
After four years at SHS, I was well-prepared for college. I made some great memories and friends, and I received some fantastic social, educational and general opportunities.
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I graduated back in 2010 and thanks to this school's emphasis on languages and scientific teaching, I've excelled academically. The facilities are nice. The teachers were kind, understanding, and motivated to help you succeed. Stroudsburg High has a variety of sports and also a great music program. The campus also places an emphasis on school safety/security.
I like the teachers. Most of the teachers I had are friendly. I think certain policies need to change however. The teachers/administrators can be very strict and even over bearing/unfair.
As a current senior of Stroudsburg High School, I believe that I have had an overall mediocre high school experience. With the change in curriculum over the past few years it has been quite hard to feel like I have been learning anything on a day to day basis. The teachers are quite friendly to the people they favor, however for the rest of the school it is difficult to get your name out there without any negative connotation behind it. Though academics may not be D1 in the US, I believe that our extracurricular activities are amazing at uniting our student body. With activities such as Marching Band, Jazz Band, FBLA, Key Club, and any given seasonal Sport I feel as though my fellow peer's minds and abilities have no other option but to flourish.
Overall, Stroudsburg High School has been a very good school for me. Academics are very good here, especially in the science and music departments. The math, history, and English departments are average, with some teachers being very good and others not so much. There are many clubs and activities to participate in, and the school's sports teams usually compete strongly with the top teams in the area. The school also offers strong AP classes with teachers who know how to teach the information. The office staff and guidance counselors are usually very friendly and encourage the students to better themselves. There have been some problems with other students, with drugs, alcohol, and vape sometimes being snuck into school, but these issues are often swiftly dealt with and students involved being suspended or expelled. Security in the school makes it very safe to be in. All in all, Stroudsburg High School is a very good school that I have enjoyed going to these past few years.
Stroudsburg High has many classes to choose from! There is a class for almost anything here, it’s really impressive! Stroudsburg has so much school spirit too. Everyone participates in clubs and sports. If you go to a game you can just feel the school spirit!
The school offers a wide variety of classes to take and most of the teachers are very supportive. The discipline can be too harsh at times but the whole school has an overall positive environment.
I love the atmosphere. There are so many things to do and there is something always going on, whether it be sports or a club activity. Most of the teachers are really encouraging. I would recommend this school to anyone. Even though high school can be boring, our school helps to make it fun. I really love how we have the air conditioners because I can't focus when it's too hot or cold. It is a great learning environment and I am definitely learning! The sports are really competitive and fun to watch. Everyone really supports each other. The music department is outstanding! The cafeteria food isn't good, and there are a lot of things that the school doesn't pay much for. Overall, a great school!
The best thing I like about Stroudsburg High School is the diversity of the students. I also like the athletics programs that are offered and the great coaches there.
This school is the breeding ground for the racist, biased, ignorant people that make up this awful community. The administration would rather spent money buying the field hockey team personalized headbands instead of provide students with proper textbooks and resources to replace the outdated ones. Do not consider moving here or attending schools in this area unless you are Caucasian because everyone will look down on you and treat you like dirt if you are not.
I would definitely say Stroudsburg High School is the best high school out of the surrounding districts. The faculty really cares about the students and wants them to succeed. My favorite thing about this school is that the student body is very inclusive and there is no clear separation between students who are athletes, in marching band, or musical, etc. There are a bunch of opportunities to partake in clubs and activities; there is always something to do.
As a Stroudsburg Alumni, I would like to say that Stroudsburg High School has a lot of improvements to make. A lot of time is placed on preparing students for state testing in the hopes that the district will get more funding and less time preparing students for college or other after school lifestyles.

On the plus side students of Stroudsburg High School do have the chance to participate in the half day programs of Monroe County Technical Institute, which includes a large variety of blue collar readiness programs as well as business and health certifications. The number of clubs and sports are currently on the decline right now as funding for these programs are lowered and the school district continues to cut out other schools in the district raising the class room sizes and lowering the quality of education provided.

It is no wonder that the cyber school enrollment is up and public school enrollment within our district is down.
Overall my highschool experience has been good. Students get along and teachers want you to succeed. One this that I would change would be more money for sports programs.
What an amazing place to learn and grow as a young adult. Stroudsburg High is a school where all subjects, and activities are important to all students. School spirit is essential at SHS and everyone takes a ton of pride in being a Mountaineer, from the teachers, to the alumni, and of course all the students.
The newly renovated high school has so many activities and opportunities that I have been able to take advantage of. Although, not all teachers on the staff are excellent. I have had my fair share of troubling courses because some, but not most, have not been as helpful as they are unfocused. Overall, my experience is a very good one. Many teachers have helped shape me into the person I have become, and many advisers and coaches have taught me the importance of hard work.
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Stroudsburg high school is honestly a really good high school. I graduated from there in 2015. The school has such amazing teachers that really do prepare you for college. The school is very diverse and has a ton of activities for students to get involved in.
I love Stroudsburg High School. I love the campus,teachers, and curriculum. I love that the kids have to wear uniforms. The teachers and principal make themselves very accessible and are very supportive. I feel that the school provides the structure that the kids crave, and the tools that will help them gain the skills that they need to succeed. I love the diversity that this school offers. I love that this school offers a variety of different clubs and activities. I love that the kids can choose from many different sports clubs. We are very pleased with Stroudsburg High School.
Throughout my years at Stroudsburg Highschool, I have matured greatly as a person and have gotten better at all things I have participated in. I have gone from one of the worst runners to a varsity runner in Cross Country and Track and Field because of the help of my peers and directors. The education I have gotten is second to none and I have stayed in the top 10% of my class all of high school.
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