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Overall it was a great school. Really was able to be close to everyone and have that one on one support from teachers. The school is slowly growing so with that every year there are more clubs being formed and the school spirit improving.
It was a small high school yet united culturally in many ways. They are very fair in most situations and make sure the students are always safe and in a hood position to continue learning.
What I like about Strive Prep Smart Academy is that some of the teachers are really helpful. What I would like to see change
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Something I really loved about strive prep-smart is how the teachers build strong relationships with the students and how they start to make sure that they are doing good in class. Something else is their flexibility to stay for office hours. Something I'd change from this school though is their school spirit and offering more clubs during or after school.
The overall structure of the school is unbalanced. Most focus goes towards the freshmen and seniors. The sophmores and juniors are ignored a lot and are treated differently.
I attend Strive Prep Smart and I like that we are a community and all the seniors get along and that I am able to get along with some teachers and that the teachers care about our education and try to help all of us when we need help.But their is some things that I would like to see it change I feel that the school should let the teachers teach in their own way because a lot of good teachers have left and are leaving because they don't agree with the rules that the school has. I also think that they should start preparing us and talk about colleges and helping us find scholarships right away students start high school.
I like the support that teachers give you. Each teacher is willing to take their time after school and some even on weekend to help you master a topic.
STRIVE Prep's main goal was to prepare students for college and the teachers really do a good job at accomplishing that. It's academics are above those of most schools in Colorado. I had an amazing time here, in this small school community where the administration and students know each other on a personal level.
It is a very god school that has a focus on getting all their students to college. There are different levels of college readiness for all students in all grade levels. This school makes you feel welcomed and after your 4 years here you also feel like a family.
I liked the enthusiasm we have overall all over our school. It is a great learning place at most of the time,but it can be a little rough. This school helped me in order to find how I am inside and how to be able to push my boundaries in order to have a successful life. A hug thanks to my college counselor Trujillo she is the reason why I am graduating.
Currently, I am a senior attending SMART Academy. Overall, my experience was pleasant because I was reminded daily about my responsibilities. I had constant support academically and personally. I was able to receive support from the staff, teachers, and students. Teachers are flexible when it comes to turning in work if there is a hinderance. I feel college ready based off all of the courses I have taken. I also feel socially ready, for SMART offered a variety of sports and organizations to join. I believe SMART did a decent job in preparing me for college, and expanded my growth mindset.
STRIVE Prep SMART has helped me over the years because they have helped me search for colleges that fit my needs and are one of the only high schools that I know that get students fully ready for college.
My experience at this school has been very unique compared to others. The community here is more like a family who support each other in anyway possible. The teachers know what we are capable of and help us reach our potential.
What I liked about Strive Prep - SMART Academy is the willingness from teachers to help. Our college readiness teachers helped us apply for FAFSA and we were all able to complete it before applying to colleges. They also helped us with our personal statements and were willing to help us during their own free time as well. I also liked how there was a sense of belonging in this school. There was not one time that I felt left out and I feel like that is one of the most important things. One thing we could improve in this school is having students be more involved in after school activities or community service activities. Our students do not seem to have much school spirit but one way to solve this is make announcements of events going on around campus and encourage students to help.
Strive Prep- SMART offers an incredible learning environment. Most students have been classmates since middle school, so the familiar faces in all of my classes help me feel more comfortable and creates a sense of family. The bond between students and teachers is also strong which motivates me to want to learn more because I know that my teachers want each and every student to succeed. The majority of the school's demographics is made up of students of color. We have to run an extra mile to get to college and fulfil our goals because all of the odds are against us which is way my school dedicates so much time and effort into helping us prepare for college. Strive Prep- SMART's sense of community, constant reminders that we can achieve anything we set our minds to, and academic challenge helps breaks down barriers and sets students on the path to success.
For the most part, teachers make it easy for students to ask for help when it's needed and the relationships between teachers and students really is unlike other schools. However, every year we do have a few teachers who are not qualified to be teaching yet and it greatly impacts the learning and grades of the students.
The teachers are very dedicated to their work and are very helpful when it comes to helping students with making up work or misunderstandings in an assignment. Every teacher has one goal which is to give every student a comfortable space and to make every student understands the material. The teachers are fair in grading all together.
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The health and safety policies that the school gives are great. Students in the school feel comfortable enough to talk to an administrator if there is an issue. The rules towards someone who invades someones safety are strict and teachers follow what they need to do.
The academics that the school offers are common in other schools the only difference would be the amount of work that the teachers put into each lesson and the work that is involved within the class. Many of the teachers expect the best from students. Administration helps students with academics by giving students extra hours to study.
Many of the students that are involved in a club or organization stay committed and enjoy being part of the unity. The administration that is involve with this clubs and organizations try their best to keep the students educated within the club but help them enjoy it at the same time.
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