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Stratford High School is the best, when your looking for a small town school with very few kids in each class. Also, has a great Althletic program and kids can be involved in many activities.
I enjoy going to school at Stratford High School because of the small class sizes and great teachers. Everyone knows everyone. The teachers are able to provide hands on teaching because of the small class sizes. You even know all of the staff members from janitors, cafeteria workers, and bus drivers. The town members are also wonderful supporters of the school events. The only thing that I do dislike about my school is the lack of athletic sport availability. I would like to see weight lifting, baseball, and wrestling added to our extracurricular activities.
I really liked the small size of the school. I didn't feel lost at sea. I also loved being a part of band.

I know it is impolite to say, but the only thing I would change is some of the teachers. I just had a hard time connecting to them.
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I like my High School because it is in a small farming town, it offers great education services, and the classes are small. I enjoy the small classes because I believe it creates better learning experiences. The classes are more focused and you can easily receive one-on-one instruction from your teachers. In a small school you basically know everybody and their brother and sisters that you go to school with. The teachers are dedicated to your success inside and outside of school. I am involved in Band, Livestock Showing, and Livestock Judging. I also participate in FFA and we do numerous volunteer activities in our community. I am able to learn about animal science, horticulture, and mechanics. The downfall to a small school is the sport playing opportunities. Stratford offers football, basketball, track, and cross country. I would like to compete in wrestling, power-lifting, and baseball.
Stratford High school does not offer very much opportunities. There are very limited clubs, sports, and organizations available to all students. The diversity in people is also very poor therefore, the feeling of being left out is very strong. The atmosphere is good, though I feel if we were all treated equally it would be better.
Stratford High School is a great school and I am very thankful for the opportunities I have been given to grow academically and as a person through the system. However, if it were up to me, I would change a number of things to better this high school . The teachers and administration seems careless and do not teach and care for the students as they should. The facilities are not the greatest, but they are now being updated and renewed. College readiness is something that needs to be focused on and pushed a lot more than it is. Another big thing that needs improvement would be the security of the school.
I like the school staff and how the are determined to help their students achieve their goals. There are many school activities in wich students choose to participate because they have fun and get to meet to people.
The school clearly cares about the students' safety.
There is a wide variety of clubs, including clubs that could help with future career goals.
The people at my school are very judgemental and hateful. However, I would choose to go to this school again because of the opportunities. Not only is there a wide variety of clubs, there is also a vast amount of career prep classes.
Some teachers don't seem to care about the students, only their pay checks. If you ask for help, the tell you to figure it out on your own. However, there are teachers who are always there to help you.
The health programs provided are helpful, the schools nurses are understanding, loving and genuine. The safety of the school is of high standard and I feel quite safe in this school.
There are lots of clubs and organizations at Stratford High School, some of them include; Newspaper, Thespians, Key Club, Student Council, Project Nice, Future Doctors of America, Anime Club, Book Club, French Club, etc. The clubs and organizations are true to their missions, well funded and have a great impact on the student body. They give students the opportunities to reach their full potentials and express their talents.
My experience at Stratford High School has been splendid and wonderful. Everyone here is very receptive and appreciative. There is always something to be involved in and do. The diversity here is great, and one can almost feel at home. There is a 95% assurance that there are people who care about students welfare, academic success, and future. The resources needed to succeed in high school are provided and are at students disposal, all one has to do is to make use of them and take advantage of the opportunities provided.
The teachers at Stratford High School are very friendly, knowledgeable, and approachable. They try their best to involve students during lessons and are very open to student ideas. They care about students grades a lot and provide make up work for students. They are always available for students and parents and they maintain good communication with parents about student's performance and progress in class.
There are plenty of clubs, and extracurricular for all type of people.
I love the way everyone help each other.
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I/ve enjoyed my time with every teachers I've had
The school tries really hard to ensure that bullying does not take place and also promotes students safety a lot.
There are a lot of fun activities to get involved in that really keep the student's mind's on things that they should be on.
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