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Strake Jesuit College Preparatory School Reviews

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I enjoy the academics at Strake Jesuit. I have always felt that I have sufficient resources available to take challenging and important classes.
I enjoy the extracurriculars at Strake Jesuit. I am part of the debate team and a few clubs, all of which enrich my experience and contribute to the school community.
The school culture could improve, and, as several individuals have expressed, some deal with racist students and a racist culture at Strake Jesuit.
African American families considering send their young men to Strake should review their decision many times over. While there is a quality education to be had, the environment for racial acceptance is non existent. When you challenge the leadership for fair treatment of your son, they will overtly question "why are you here ". Instead of the caucasian kids wearing MAGA hats on campus they may as well wear MJWA hats. If you choose to send your African American son there, be vigilant.
Strake Jesuit is a very good school. The school allows the students a large amount of freedom to do with what they wish. For example during a 50 minute period between 1st and 2nd period called "community time" students can work on homework, meet with teachers, go to clubs, or hang out with friends. The teachers are very flexible and will accommodate to the students needs as best as possible. Strake gives every student the opportunity to succeed, which is also why it roots out laziness, the opportunity is there, but the student must take the initiative. This sense of independency prepares the student for college life and beyond.
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Successfully prepares you for college! The brotherhood you form at Strake is unbeatable. The food is top-notch and probably some of the best high-school food you'll find in the area.
Strake is overall a very good school. There are excellent resources, both academically and athletically, available to the student who want to utilize them. Some teachers were very good, some teachers were less good, but overall I’d say the teachers were well above average when compared to other Texas high schools. The facilities and food were all very good also. However, over my four years at Strake, I’ve seen focus in the administration shifting from academics to athletics and I expect this trend to continue. In the future, Strake academics may fall behind Strake athletics.
Strake Jesuit College Prep has done amazing things to me this year. Coming in as a freshman was an overwhelming change from my much smaller middle school. Strake helped me adjust in a way that I didn't feel overwhelmed after the first couple of days. My teachers genuinely care about my success and are happy to go out of their way to help me succeed. Perhaps the most amazing thing at Strake is the debate team. I had never done debate before and I wanted to try it out I instantly fell in love with the team. Despite all of the crazy Coronavirus that is happening, Strake is devoted to make sure that I still have the materials that I need in order to succeed in my education. I get email updates for everything that they could send me which helps me keep up to date on what I need to know. The teachers are helping me adapt to this new type of work. They have not assigned busy work just to say that we are working but make assignments meaningful and helpful.
Strake Jesuit College Preparatory School is truly the best college prep in Houston. Every alumni that comes back tells me how Strake Jesuit has made college so much easier for them, and how ahead they are compared to their classmates at their universities. The schedule is made to prepare you because you do not go to every class everyday. And like in college you have a lot of free time that you have to learn how to take advantage of, which is exactly what we practice at Strake Jesuit. Another important thing to note about Strake is the community and staff is great. Your teacher are willing to meet with you before, during or after school. Strake seems to be growing a lot each year which is a good thing, but I would like to see the class sizes remain small.
I like how much most teachers care about their students' success and how much they prepare us for. The counselors are always easy to reach out to and want to help students in any way they can. Strake wants their students to succeed, and that's why so many go to top colleges when they graduate. Strake is cliquey; everyone has a group and when you're not in a group, it's very easy to feel alone.
Strong college preparatory curriculum and good sport opportunities. It is what you make of it! Challenge yourself as a student by taking classes that will make you a strong writer and thinker. Take advantage of sport facilities if interested or even theater arts.
There is a strong sense of brotherhood because it is an all boys school. Everything that we do is for each other and we all push each other to be better students, athletes, and people. The many retreats we go on are very enriching in our faith and about her friends. We build a stronger bond with the people in our own grade and the grades above and below us. Overall, Strake Jesuit has been a home to me. All of the teachers and faculty care about each student and want all of the students to be successful in their path of life.
My school is amazing because it shows the students how to be men for others while also becoming academically advanced in several different subjects. They offer many rigorous courses and several enriching extra-curricular activities for the students to participate in and expand their knowledge base. They also have strong values about faith and the Catholic teachings in general which is something that proves beneficial for all people, regardless of their religious affiliation.
Strake Jesuit is more than a school where you will learn how to be prepared for college and professional careers. This school will allow the student to build a network of very smart and committed students who want the best for each other. You will become part of a brotherhood that will help you in many ways in and out of school.
Strake Jesuit is an excellent school in many areas. A Strake education has enhanced my life by making me a man for others. Strake has cultivated within me an attitude that is committed to growth, intellectually competent, physically fit, religious, loving, and committed to doing justice. Strake has prepared me well for college both in terms of academics and general college readiness.
Strake Jesuit is a great learning environment with academics, clubs, and athletics that will keep everyone involved in the school. At Strake Jesuit, making friends is very easy. The diversity of activities at Strake Jesuit allows for every student to find something that he can be involved in. At Strake Jesuit, our motto is to, “Be a Man for Others.” The school truly lives by this motto by helping out around the community. Strake has helped me form a brotherhood, and is helping form into the person I am today.
I have enjoyed all four years at Strake Jesuit because of the sense of connection my brothers and I have. We are held to a high standard and it shows in the rigor of our coursework. Our administrators understand us and believe in us. We also know that service to our community is a big win and we live by our motto- "Men for Others".
Strake Jesuit is the best choice that I have ever made. I wish it lasted longer. The friendships that I have made will last a lifetime, and it is because of the community that Strake Jesuit forms throughout all four years at Strake Jesuit. I hope it continues to be the foremost school in Texas long past the foreseeable future.
Strake Jesuit is a great school with caring teachers and staff. They do a great job of preparing the kids for college.
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SJ prepares you for college in all areas and discipline. Teachers, at most times, provide time and support to each student. The school community instills college readiness, camaraderie , sportsmanship, tolerance and faith. The Theology classes and Latin classes are outstanding. Students graduate with a deep character of being Men for Others. Once a Crusader, always one.
Strake Jesuit helps everyone and has truly inspired me to do the same. This school is good in academics and in sports.
Truly one of the best communities in the city; with a faculty of extremely adept, experienced, and skilled teachers, administration, and coaches, and a student body that truly is a brotherhood, if you apply yourself and genuinely try, you'll find a spot, welcomed within the community, able to grow and thrive more than you otherwise could at other schools, I think.

We saw the genuine character of the community during Hurricane Harvey: every single student was in the city, serving, every single day, with the administration tasking Seniors to contact any and all students they know to make sure they were out serving. The school has high standards for it's students when it calls them to be men for others.
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