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I liked that Stoughton High gave me the opportunities to experience different classes and extracurricular activities that I am interested in.
High school is high school. No matter where you go, people will have experiences that are similar in many ways. Part of high school is becoming a new you, and finding that personality in yourself. Another part of high school is accepting that people change, and friends come and go.

Regardless of the moral aspect of high school, Stoughton High was a good experience. Sports are great (and I'm an athlete). Teachers are good, diversity is good, and the town is okay. The food is very bad, but that's besides the point because you can bring your own lunch from home if you can.

Overall, I had a good experience with SHS.
Since getting the new high school, everything seems to have gotten better- the facilities, the students’ access to resources, clubs, music department, sports, etc.
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At Stoughton High, it is either a good or bad experience. It is encouraged to make the best of it or it won't be that enjoyable. Friends and developing connections with teachers can help your journey through high school flow smoothly.
I graduated from Stoughton High School in 2019. If I was writing this review as a high school student or even shortly after, it probably would've been very different. In my opinion SHS's strengths lied within the diversity, diversity acceptance and spread (from teachers), college readiness, curriculum and school safety. I feel like they prepared me enough for higher education, I just should've put more effort in. The school's weaknesses are mainly within the administration. The administration would sometimes make rules and end up failing to follow through. In my opinion, Stoughton High was a pretty good school, just like any it had its faults. Although I would choose to redo my time at SHS to the best of my ability as well as advantage. Schools are often overlooked, but I feel like SHS provided support when and where needed over time. If there was anything, I loved about SHS it would be the curriculum. I feel like that is was sets Stoughton High apart from other institutions as well.
My experience at Stoughton High School was average. I kept to myself most of time even though I was involved in the fine arts department. Stoughton has a great music and sports program.
My experience at Stoughton high has been wonderful. I'm glad that they rebuild our new school . I just hope that they keep up the good work
I like the new building. the people here are generally nice, and politically correct in terms. personally, I believe there is not enough diversity or African-american students
High school is always tough. From being bullied my freshman year in high school by all the "mean girls" is hard and makes it tough to enjoy school. Once they were out of the high school I could finally flurish and be who I wanted to be without worrying about being bullied.
I love Stoughton High Schools strive for excellence. All the students here are always looking to better themselves and their community. The teachers are all caring and so are all faculty members. Students are for the most part kind and intelligent. We received a new high school in 2019 and it is absolutely beautiful!
Stoughton now has a great new high school building. Communication is above average between administration and parents. they have a wide variety of sport, music and clubs for all students to get involved with.
I liked that Stoughton high school got a brand new building, with technological advances that have and will have helped old and new students of SHS. I think that somethings that could change is the thinking of administration. I think that they make the high school experience not so good with some of the decision that they make.
I'm in 11th grade at the moment, and I've had the best time so far. I'm at a public school, but its really good and there are heaps of good opportunities. The friends and relationships I 've made will never be forgotten and the people are actually really nice. Also, the subjects you can do, you would be surprised the range there is to choose from, there is something for everyone!! And the camps, excursions, special events and other opportunities such as exchanges with schools from other states is the best. Sport is also one of the best parts of high school too, but even if you are not into it, music and art programs are generally really good. This is the best year as we walked into new building Stoughton High School.
I would say "Be yourself, get out there and enjoy"!!
I love the new building. Most of the teachers I’ve had have been amazing and I’ve gotten to know some on a personal level. Of course just like every school there are people/staff you are not fond of but at Stoughton High we truly do have a sense of community that I appreciate.
It's been recently rebuilt and is very modern. There isn't a track or football field as the and school has yet to be demolished, dropping this review to four stars. I'm sure once the field and track are up and running it'll be a perfect five.
Had a very good high school experience, but I have to say, I had to work for it. The teachers at Stoughton high are incredible and really care about their students but have little respect for the administration, so the environment you'll find there is not very positive. Another great attribute about Stoughton is it's diversity. I feel as though growing up in a diverse community has really expose me to many different life styles, that I wouldn't have been able to get anywhere else. Also the new high school will really make Stoughton a lot better.
I don't mind Stoughton High School at all. The teachers are great but the Administration can get some more work. They need to do something about the use of vaping because I can't go to the bathroom in D1 without having like 20 boys crowding the urinals. It's annoying as hell to deal with. Can't go to the bathroom in peace.
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I have 2 daughters attending Stoughton High School. I have been very happy with the academic programs and the teaching staff.
Great teachers who are not treated well by administraton. Clear house, and there will be no more issues! Rating will go up with the new high school building that is set to open Fall 2019.
food is terrible, staff is inconsistent, incompetent and horrible, students are racist, sexist and misogynistic.
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