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The teachers at Stony Point High School are very dedicated to their students if you treat their class with respect.
I like how expressive stony point lets you be and is very accepting of who you are as a person; while also helping you grow into an outstanding citizen.
I like my friends. I really like the engineering classes and my engineering teachers. I would like to see more communication from counselors.
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During the time of my educational journey through Stony Point I bore witness to all kinds of teachers who wanted nothing more than to see the students succeed.
Great school, gets a bad rep. It deserves more funding as it is an IB school. Does not have all of the IB classes that are offered at other schools such as Westwood HS.
What I like about the school was the clubs and activities because you got to get the opportunities to meet new people and have fun doing activities like going on field trips. But other than that, I say the teachers will care about you as long as they see that you are taking care of your business.
My experience at Stony Point High School has been very interesting. I have a close and personal relationship with almost all the administrators, teachers, and even the janitors and lunch ladies. Everyone at Stony Point, excluding the students, are extremely polite, respectful, and full of optimism. Although a lot of students can be the same way, we are of course talking about teenagers, and teenagers are very... Unique when it comes to personalities. Some express these qualities on a daily basis, while others have never shown these characteristics a day in their life. When I think about it, I honestly wouldn't change anything about "Stony Point High School" its self, the only thing id like to see different about Stony Point is students treating each with respect.
What I liked about Stony Point was the atmosphere. You were welcome to be who you wanted to be. What I think can change is teachers attitude towards students with mental illness, especially debilitating mental illness. I also think the counselors should have more education on mental illness and be prepared to deal with things calmly.
it isn’t good but it’s not awful. wish we had teachers that actually tired to teach us stuff instead of just giving us busy work. i feel like i don’t actually learn anything. i can’t wait to go to college and never come back.
I really liked going to school at stony point. I was only there for 3 years and it made a really big impact on my life. Some things i would hange though is i was make more classroom and have more room for student parking. More than 3,000 kids went to that school and we were always over crowded. There was never a time where you could sit down and relax with time to your self, unless you were in a bathroom stall.
I enjoy that Stony Point High School is a place where I can learn as well as have a fun place to connect with teachers and friends.
Administration staff was rude and did not care about the students, the school board only cared about money, teachers were amazing and the only ones caring about the students.
A one on one learning session was hard to obtain as there are 3,000 kids in the student body. Teachers here were either a hit or miss but if you got the short end of the stick, the good teachers were willing to tutor anyone. There are a variety of clubs with many making it to state in competitions who facilitate fun school activities. Our football team made it to playoffs this year which was a rarity but the tennis' team's head coach is unmotivated and does not teach the kids whatsoever.
Stony Point is a very good school and I enjoyed my 4 years there, although it was cut short due to the global pandemic. Overall the staff is very caring, with a few bad apples in the bunch. There it not much to complain about it is a very good school. The students are very involved in the clubs and extracurriculars. The front office staff is amazing and really nice. It is a really nice school overall.
I transferred to Stony Point High School my Sophomore year from John B. Connally. Stony Point was new experience to me. Even though the Asian population On campus was around 5%, I felt included. I very much want to make the Asian culture more prominent so that we have to confidence to represent the school. I wish there was a club that represented the Asian students to help the school expand there inclusivity during events. I wish there was more support for student who have just immigrated to the US. I came from a Title One school, and I witness a lot of support towards kids from different countries. However, I did not witness a lot of students at Stony Point getting the support they need. For example, helping immigrant students make accounts for College Board and scholarship websites. Although these resources could slip from the minds of the administration in charge of the student, however it does not change the fact that these are key to a student’s success.
My experience at Stony Point High School was amazing. There were so many opportunities for students to take to be able to make friends and learn more as they go along. I participated in athletics all four years and was a part of the PALS program my senior year. I think what could be approved at Stony Point is its pride for their own school.
I love this school! I have never felt unsafe or worried about anything inside the walls. The education is great and offer a wide variety of learning opportunities and classes you can take to further your education.
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I loved playing football at my high school and representing my school positively on and off the field. I made a lot of friends the past 4 years I've been here and am glad that this is the school I go to. I'm very thankful for every student, teacher, administrator, and coach that I've encountered and have impacted me.
I enjoyed attending Stony Point. It is a great school overall! The teachers are for the most part very supportive and caring. There are many clubs and organizations to be a part of. The only thing I would change would be the admin.
I am part of the IB program and the students in this program are trendsetters and improve the school academically, in community service, and overall attitude in success for the school.
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