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The academics, food, and faculty are great! But the school does have it's drawbacks. The school is super old. Thankfully, we are getting a new one built. But you can tell that they did not keep up with maintaining the school at all. There are ceiling tiles missing from the roof, the food is pretty repetitive, and the desks have so much gum under the desks. The worst part is in the beginning of the year because there is no air conditioning. As the year goes on it does get better but it's really hard to deal with.
There is so much spirit at the school through sports which is clearly the main focus of the school and funding. They could definitely pay more attention to the arts and music programs. Being apart of the Drama Club for all four years of high school I noticed how little the school pays attention to the club and we have little to no support and funding. We have to rely on donations from generous companies and by using our own money to get supplies. On the other hand the football team has basically an unlimited budget filled with new uniforms and equipment and huge events with large crowds. We get nothing and barely and support from the community when the shows come around for public viewing.
The academics are very good. I have had a lot of excellent teachers and the guidance counselors are very helpful. I've also made some great friends. However, the school is really old. Thankfully their building a new one, but the one we have right now is just sad. Some ceiling tiles are missing, most of the classrooms don't have any air conditioning, and the desks have really old chewed up pieces of gum stuck to the bottom of them.
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The building can be improved and updated. College prep courses need to be mandatory. A lot of schools offer a mandatory course to juniors so they can know what is expected of them to apply to colleges senior year.
Stoneham High School is a wonderful education have had wonderful teachers and I’ve learned a lot over the years, everyone is so helpful and wonderful!
Stoneham High School is in general a great learning environment. However the building itself is in terrible shape most of the rooms are obviously falling apart and do not have air conditioning. The addition of a new building in a few years, will be a much needed change.
pretty great, though it was my only option anyways. Made lots of friends here and i am well prepared for college
I like that there are slot of different clubs to belong too! I love being involved with my school and organizing different events!
Stoneham High School's physical structure is nothing to brag about. But I believe that we have very good teachers at the school. SHS is a very good community in a nice town. Personally, I don't have a problem with any of the teachers or other students. Stoneham is a great town to grow up in and I am proud to be a Stoneham Spartan.
I have had a wonderful experience at my highschool. I feel the education I received thus far has been awesome. We just need a new highschool as ours is in deplorable condition . We are in the process of getting one built, so hopefully my brother will be able to enjoy the wonderful education I received in a safe and healthy enviromnent.
the people are the best part. not only are the teachers are extremely knowledgeable and have very lovable personalities. the students can be clicky and rude at times, but the majority are kind and respectful. hands down the worst part about this school is the building itself. ceiling tiles and pipes are always falling down, and there is rarely ever toilet paper and soap in the bathrooms. with the exception of having a police officer and fire/ALICE drills, the building is generally unsafe.
The teachers definitely cared and wanted you to understand the material. Unfortunately, the school was outdated, underfunded, and falling apart (literally - there were tiles falling from the ceiling)
I love stoneham high school so much. i have so many good memories from friends, sports, clubs, teachers, learning, and many many more. I really think that stoneham high could increase their budget to fix the school up, along with getting turf field with more clubs and sports. The staff can try just a little bit more on enforcing rules and disciplining staff and pupils.
Overall I had an excellent experience at Stoneham High School. The teachers are great and my peers are respectful. It is an old building but I like it. The one thing I wish improved before I left would be the air conditioning in the summer. Unfortunately that will not be happening but we recently just got news that a new high school is going to be built so I'm really happy for the upcoming classes.
One of the things that I would like to see changed at Stoneham High School is a greater acknowledgement of the students' voices. Being able to understand the perspectives of the students could truly ameliorate so much at a multitude of schools, including Stoneham High School. Although, while there are things that I would change about Stoneham High School, there are also many things that I will never take for granted. At Stoneham High School, there are a myriad of wonderful, caring, and understanding teachers. In my four years at Stoneham High School, I have learned more about the world, and myself, than I have my entire life. Despite challenges, I am immensely grateful for my high school experience.
Stoneham high school has a very friendly and supportive environment that is enforced by the teachers. The building itself is in terrible shape and many of the facilities are not sanitary and not working. It helps students prepare for college and the guidance deparetment is very helpful as well. Unfortunately due to the small enrollment many higher level classes are at the same time and prevent students from taking as many AP classes as they want.
Stoneham high school has taught me so much. The teachers really take the time with you. I'm glad I live in stoneham and was able to attend The Stoneham school systems
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I enjoyed the academics and the vast amount of resources from the teachers to the very helpful librarians. Although the food and facilities some may consider sub-par, and I would consider those nitpicks; Stoneham high is a decent institute for education and I believe it prepares it's pupils for college excellently.
At Stoneham High School, I enjoy how everyone there, teachers and students, care about each other and get along well. The past two years, the student body has gone through two student deaths. It was really difficult for everyone, but we were all there for one another. This high school provides its students with phenomenal classes. The teachers make the classes fun and interesting while teaching us the subject. Stoneham High does however need a new school. It is in a not too good shape, the tile on the walls is coming off, there’s always roof leaks when it rains, etc etc. Even though the school itself is not in the best shape, it never stopped me and others who attend there to have a fun high school experience.
I loved that all of the teachers were willing to help their students and stay after school as long as they needed. I had an experience with one teacher and she helped me so much, she never let me leave until I could teach her the topic I was having trouble on.
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