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At Stone Bridge, the teachers are there to help you at any time. They want the best for you and will help you get there. We also have great athletics, and all the sporting events are fun to watch. In addition to this, it's overall the only school I would've wanted my high school experience to be at.
SBHS is an excellent school, the best. Teachers are very supportive. Diverse group of kids. There is an array of academic courses you can pick from. I had fun 4 years with an awesome group of people.
My three kids have all gone to SB. My youngest is graduating from Stone Bridge in 2020. Wonderful experience with all three kids. My youngest plans to become a special education teacher as well as ASL.
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Excellent school with great teachers, for the most part. There is something for everyone here whether is art, music, sports, technology... you can find others who share the same interests.
Overall an amazing community of staff and students. Saw a lot of positive changes over the years I was in attendance.
There are lots of opportunities at Stone Bridge High School (in sports, music, drama, academia, robotics/cybersecurity, etc.). However, the school is lacking in the language department. The teachers in this department are known for being very lax and turning a blind eye towards cheating.
The AP classes offered were challenging enough to completely prepare me for a rigorous college curriculum and the sports teams were no joke. The energy in the student sections at football games was unreal. I had many teachers who really seemed to care about each and every student and their education, but the administration is where this school falls apart.
Teachers are generally friendly and helpful and want to see you succeed. I've graduated and am now friends with some of them on Facebook, so they truly like to get to know and stay in touch with their students.
I liked how nice the facility is. There was a wide range of classes offered. I would ike to see JROTC offered from this school to build a greater skill set for the students. JROTC not only helps individuals get ready for the military, but it fosters discipline needed for students.
My experience at Stone Bridge High School was interesting. Freshman year was the worst year for me, but I'm certain that's not specific to this school and area. Teachers were welcoming to incoming students, current students were indifferent. Freshmen are treated inferiorly and are often boo'd at school spirit events. The food is good and there was usual at least one enjoyable item every day. Teachers are qualified and some show favoritism towards certain groups of students. I recommend this school if you are familiar with the area and have friends who will attend alongside you.
Stone Bridge was ranked the best Loudoun County Public School for academics, but academics are not the only thing that make a school great. The school atmosphere is unique. There are many extracurricular activities offered for all types of people. The sports program here is very good, hiring some of the best coaches in the area. Most of the teachers are good, although some do not teach very well. I would recommend talking to fellow students about those teachers to avoid them. Other than that, the school is very good. The academics are the best of the best in public schools and the school carries a great spirit with it. I would recommend this school to students as it prepares students for the next step in their lives. I have had a great experience with this school and it has left me ready and prepared for college.
I really enjoyed my experience at Stone Bridge. My teachers were very knowledgeable and I enjoyed every class I had. I played on the varsity ice hockey team as well. All the students would come out to our games and cheer us on. It truly felt like school spirit!
My overall experience at SBHS was a positive one. There are many opportunities to get involved in activities. The teachers and staff are there to help you and guide you with future decisions.
Stone Bridge is a community of hard-working students. Everyone strives for A’s and wants to do well. I wish the math department wasn’t as bad as it is. My senior year was the first year I had a math teacher that knew how to teach. The new administration wants to foster a spirited environment but is also a bit detached from students.
SBHS was a great high school with amazing teachers and great extracurricular opportunities. Teachers were so willing to help their students, and basically the entire Math department was available before and after school to help tutor students.
I grew up with Stone Bridge and was lucky to have attended as a student for four years. The school culture is unified in pride for sports, especially football. However, students have a strong focus on academics and strive to connect with the community beyond sports. Most teachers are very passionate about their subject and wish to help their students succeed. There is a lot of stress in the student body surrounding competitiveness in academics and athletics which can cause anxiety as a whole, but with a new administration starting in Fall if 2018, hopefully that will change.
Great School. One of the best in LC. The focus is on academics. Ashburn is very diverse so you get to learn from other cultures. It is one of top schools in the state of Virginia and has a great standing at National level
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Stone Bridge High School isn’t that unique of a school, it’s similar to the other public schools in the area, sometimes sharing a building layout. There are however, certain things that make it special, inside jokes and little things that an outsider wouldn’t get or understand the value of. The education is some of the best in the state, and is heavily seeped in technology. Honestly the only thing I would change is lowering the prices of the parking passes and having advisery, home room in the middle of the day with fourced bonding time, be activity free.
People can be a little closed off and rude, but the school spirit is very great. The school spirit and vibe at school is very good and the courtyard is nice. THe school is becoming less bland with plans of making it spacious.
The school is very diverse and full of life. Many of its activities are inclusive to everyone and involved with the school. The sports teams and academic teams are known statewide for their wins.
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