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There are several opportunities for students that allow them to prepare for college and get a jump start on earning course units for college.
I loved SECA, it gave me a great environment to focus on school, very little drama and the best faculty ever known.
Stockton Early College Academy does dual enrollment with San Joaquin Delta College, allowing students to take college classes for credit on campus beginning Freshman Year.
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I currently attend this school and I'm about to graduate this year. I can say that this school is very tough as it greatly prepares you for a four-year college/university. Although the schoolwork and homework is a lot, it is worth it in the end as you know that you understood the material. This school is also very small compared to your average high school and this is important as the teachers can help you if you have any questions about what was taught or if you have questions about the homework. Overall, Stockton Unified Early College Academy is an excellent school to attend.
There is no better school to adequately prepare you for success in college. While attending Stockton Early College Academy, you can complete all or a very large portion of your general education and could potentially complete one or more AA degrees upon high school graduation. This school is only for the truly academically driven; the workload is heavy and the course load is rigorous, including classes at the Advanced Placement and college levels. While there is much work, the small but vibrant school community is inclusive to all students and ensures the presence of fun activities on campus. The faculty there is also very kind and dedicated to helping their students grow both academically and as people.
The classes here are amazing! Not only is every student enrolled into this school automatically get honors and AP classes, but free college classes as well! The students here tend to be nice for the most part. I never have to worry about someone stealing my things. I lost my phone 2 or 3 times and every time, a student returned it to me. The only thing is since it is a small school, rumors tend to spread really fast. There's a little bit of bias towards students in Leadership as well. BUT, overall, this is an enjoyable school to be in.
I enjoyed my time at SECA. Being a small learning community, I had easy access to all of my teachers and felt closer to fellow students. The program provided me with numerous academic opportunities from AP courses and test to access to college classes from at the community college nearby, saving me nearly 2 years of college.
S.E.C.A. was an amazing high school to go to. It is a small school compared to other high schools in SUSD but its because it is very academic focused, my class sizes were small which gave us a one on one relationship with the teachers. I was able to thrive at S.E.C.A. bot only through my high school studies but I also was able to take college classes and received college credits. In addition to not only having a great academic environment it was also a very family like community at my school. I made so many friends and became close with each of them , I cant really say i had only one best friend but many. S.E.C.A. is an amazing diverse school that really represents a family that cares for each other .
SECA, overall, is a very good school. They prepare you for college through their advanced courses. However, some teachers don't teach very well so you might have to learn on your own. I would consider SECA a diverse school, considering that the school is full of minorities. Despite this, SECA isn't rich in culture since there aren't any competitive sports and neither do many of the clubs seem to benefit the school as a whole. In addition, SECA has a small school building, meaning SECA doesn't have a library or a computer lab. I also wouldn't consider SECA a school that has a lot of parent involvement since students are expected to be like college students.
Stockton Unified Early College Academy, or SECA for short, is a high school with rigorous structure, advanced curriculums, dedicated teachers and faculty members, and amiable culture. As a SECA student, I genuinely enjoy the privileges that this school offers: free college classes, free AP exams, etc. Being at SECA allows me to face challenges and overcome them; this allows me to become better at coping with stress, with prioritizing, with time-managing, and with college-preparing. Overall, I look forward to my next three years at SECA.
The things that SECA does well, it does very well. There is a lot of academic focus and opportunity. Some of the teachers and professors are the best I've ever had. Mental health needs to be addressed more as kids burn out do to the high intensity workload.
I like the way staff is very helpful. They are always willing to help out the students. One thing that I wish SECA could change is have its own sport team because students have a lot of potential and want to represent their school. SECA could get really popular if they had their own sports teams.
SECA is a great school for students who are serious about their education. SECA offers a AA by taking college classes which can give students a head start in college
Great for preparing for college. If you want an early start I recommend this school. Since Its geared toward academics only there is a great for accepting different types of people. Our end goal is the same. Go to college!
My freshmen year, I was told that SECA provides opportunities in college experience and the chance to complete one's AA. There is no doubt that my school has given me academic prosperity and college prep towards my future and overall goal. My school works with students one-on-one offering what fits for us and ways showing how we can graduate with college credits. In my experience, the environment on my school campus and success rate here let's me know I am going in the right the direction most efficiently.
Stockton Unified Early College Academy has provided me the opportunity to have early access to college education at no cost to me. The teachers are excellent and the administrative staff is very professional. As an institution in of itself, there are no flaws.
The atmosphere at the school is very welcoming. It's pretty much a family here. It does not have a large campus but that is a good thing. With a small group of students here, we all get to know each other.
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The teachers are very supportive. One of my teachers helped me when I went through a difficult time and helped me stay grounded. The mascot is the Timberwolves and wolves the perfect mascot to represent our school.
All the students that go there are very competitive, always fighting and one-upping each other in the class rankings. It's like if you can't handle the intense "pack" fighting to be at the top then you shouldn't go to the school. Well, this was my experience within my class. However, even though we are so competitive it doesn't mean we don't have each other back because we do. We push each other through competition and help each other when someone needs it.
Now that I am at college the friends I made at SECA are the people I speak to when I need help, support, or advice.
All the classes were vigorous with course work. The councilor would always help any student in need of help, same goes for the teachers, and any other staff at the school. I was able to take college classes while taking high school classes, so that helped me get ahead with college units.
This school really prepares you for college. You can take one to three college classes right on the high school campus. The entire faculty really cares about their students' growth and success. The principal and counselor impose high standards on their students and take the necessary steps to ensure continued high success rate.
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