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Stockton Collegiate International Secondary School Reviews

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I go to scis and I can say from my experience that this school it is not a good high school the reasons I believe scis is not a good high school is mainly because of how the school works the school is not at all like the regular high school experience there are no sports to play there are never any school events and the after school clubs are limited, the school rather spend most of its money on technology like TVs for the lunchroom that are never used and iPads that have everything blocked on them. The whole school is based around the idea of IB learning but most of the teachers don’t even incorporate it into they’re teaching, teachers just expect students to get everything and then pile up the work this is so stressful and it’s been the same thing since sixth grade these are just few of the reasons why I don’t find scis a good high school.
I went to the school when it first opened and graduated in 2018. The quality of education i received was undeniably amazing but you don’t get the real “high school” experience with there being no sports. The teachers and administrators are the most amazing and supportive people and are honestly there to turkey help you. They are people I was fully comfortable taking to about any issues i was having with school and where amazingly willing to help in anyways.
Stockton Collegiate does a phenomenal job in preparing students for college. However, many students leave due to the fact that our school does not offer any sports (not including PE). In order to make this school better, there should be a sports program included in our school to ensure that there is something for everyone.
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I'm a current sophomore at SCIS and I've been here since 5th grade. As far a second I'm aware, this school only really benefits you if you can keep up with it's rigorous curriculum. Some of the newer teachers don't really understand the purpose of IB and just rush projects or essays at you, and expect you to get it done in less than a week. The older students are given iPads that are significantly older than the ones that the younger grades have, when in reality it should be the other way around since we have bigger workloads. Overall, I mean the school isn't terrible. You make a lot of close bonds and the school does try it's best in some ways to help you, but it has a lot of problems that need work.
I like how all of the teachers are committed to getting you to where you need to be. The administration and counselors are always there if you ever need help, whether it’s for school or just at home. All the students are really supportive to each other. Also the school depends on the students independence which is good because it teaches the students how to work independently. One thing they could change would be grading system. Not necessarily that, but they don’t do extra credit which I don’t think is a cool thing. I would suggest allowing students to do extra credit if they wanted to.
I attended this school from the 5th grade (2010) until I graduated (2018). It was a unique experience having a school that was academically focused and had such dedicated staff and faculty to help through every challenge each student faced. Having such a small and focused school pushed every student to do their best in every subject. This environment offered a sense of community and academic focus.
What I liked about SCIS was that the teachers were also our friends, we were able to rely on them for anything. It was nice to have someone you were able to talk to not only about your difficulties in academics but about anything and they were more than willing to help. The door was always open and I didn't have to worry about being shut down. While this school did provide rigorous courses what helped me get through was the amount of support that was provided and I thank all my classmates and teachers.
Stockton collegiate is a IB school that prepares you for college level classes. The transition of going to a 4 year University for most freshman is difficult since it’s a place where you don’t have parents guidance anymore, you wake up on your own and choose to go to classes or not, your success is in your hands. Stockton collegiate taught me that my success is in my own hands!
Stockton Collegiate is a very small school, with a very tight knit community surrounding it. The teachers are very helpful and friendly, and because class sizes are so small you will get a lot of one on one time. The material covered at this school is extremely difficult, basically college level course material once you reach the 11th grade, but the faculty is determined to help you succeed as long as you meet them halfway. It is highly ranked on US News and World Report for a reason.
The school culture is lacking, this isn't a place where school spirit from the students is high, nor does it have any sports teams. It is located in the middle of Stockton's downtown, and if a high school student has a high enough GPA they can leave the campus to go eat at the shops around town. This also comes with caveats though, as Stockton's downtown even in broad daylight isn't always the safest place to be.
My experience since the second grade has been great and I would not change anything. Stockton Collegiate International schools provided valuable resources for each student and allows students to adapt for college level courses.
I really like this school. It is not like a normal high school, however it is still small enough where everyone knows everybody (for the most part). I think that the communication between staff and students and family members would be helpful. We tend to get notice of important events at a very short notice. There also isn't direct contact between the principal of the school and the students. I believe that the students should have some contact with the principal of their school.
This was my high school and it was the best time of my life. It is an extremely rigorous school as it implements the IB Programme. However, due to the fact that we were pushed very hard to excel, every student graduating form SCIS was more than ready to tackle on college. Honestly, students graduating from SCIS are more well rounded students than those graduating from a normal Stockton Unified School District High School. It is a small charter school in downtown Stockton, CA, so sports aren't a big thing. It would be nice to have more sports available to those students who want to pursue a great academic career as well as a sporting career.
Stockton Collegiate prepares students for college. Most students pass with the IB Certificate but to obtain the certificate students must go through rigorous course work. Often students say that the IB certificate isn't valued by prestigious Universities. However, students who leave for college come back to say that they were very prepared.
Teachers are very open. Community is very close. Easy to make friends. Lots of activities to join. Very up to date technology.
I am a student at Stockton Collegiate International Secondary School. I believe that this school prepares you for college and I feel as if the teachers are great and resources are too. One thing I wish was different was the amount of sports and clubs. There aren't any official sports teams and the clubs are really good, there just aren't as many.
I am a recent graduate of this school. I am glad I attended this school for the work done here has pushed me to limits I didn't believe I could reach. I am now in my second year of college and have straight A's up to now. The food was disgusting her and they do not have sports which sucked. However rather than that it was great to be part of this school. They really have you prepared for college.
My experience at SCIS has been above average preparing me with challenging classes and offering the experience of college readiness. We are given unlimited sources that if asked for can be provided for you.
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It's a great school for academics. It's tough at times but doable. Some of the administration is questionable but it's not a huge problem.
Helps prepare you for college and is a great school academically. It would be better if there were more sports and clubs added.
Collegiate is a great place for any student. They really push your limits and they're always expecting more of you because the staff know the students can do it. The staff always gives out any necessary resources for education.
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