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Stewart Elementary School Reviews

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Even after I graduated from Stewart and went to high school, I still come back to the school every month as part of a literacy project to read to the younger students because I feel such an attachment to my old elementary and middle school. Going to a school for 8 years really fosters a fond attachment.
I recommend this school the kids that go there end up being good kids teachers are good and it has a good environment
The academics at this school are amazing. Being a small school, teachers coordinate so there is not a heavy workload. Scheduling or changing classes are done fast and easily. Most teachers encourage students to stay after school for tutoring.
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There is a health center but it does not have many supplies except ice and bandages. Being an elementary and middle school, there is no on-site police. It is a safe environment because staff and security cameras prevent random people from entering and the use of alcohol or drugs.
There are multiple extracurriculars offered such a band, garden club, and leadership. All of them are free as well. They bring students of different grades together and build social skills.
The teachers at this school really care about the students and know them well. Their passion to have the students excel is apparent.
It is a small school which makes it close knit. Students in varying grades know and get along with each other. I find it is a unique school because the majority of teachers and staff truly care for the well-being of the students.
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