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Stewardson-Strasburg High School Reviews

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My high school is very small. It is good to have small classes, however there are not as much diversity in classes compared to a larger school. Also, basically there was only one instructor for each subject area. I felt I received excellent instruction in business and math. Science was sufficient, but the other core subjects were lacking. The atmosphere for the most part was good, as the administrators did a good job.
Stewardson-Strasburg High School is located in Shelby County. Going to a school as small as this one definitely has its benefits. Not only are able to be involved in anything you could possibly want to but also you get to form close relationships with your peers as well as faculty. It is easy to get ahead in a small school because there is not as much competition in sports or academics so success comes more easily. The relationships formed here are things that you won't experience in a big school. The people around you truly care for you and want to see you succeed. It is a great environment to grow up in.
I liked the teachers and the school good. Most of my best memories was with sports and food. I would change how some of the teachers teach. A lot of kids I know aren't ready for college from some of the classes they took.
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I liked how everyone knew everyone. There isn't really anything that I would change about the school.
There were some teachers that were still young yet and seem to have forgotten that they are no longer high school students. They would constantly gossip about other students to students. Sports were more important than the education of the students.
There are not a lot of extracurricular opportunities, but that is also because there is not enough students to have a lot of different extracurriculars. The clubs are fun and all of the advisors try to make it a fun and learning experience. The sports are average for the area. The coaches are reasonable or nice except for the volleyball coach. She is the spawn of Satan.
The best part was that you were engaged in every class. All of the teachers knew your name and you knew all of your classmates name. The old principal was awful and had too many favorites. As of now that principal is gone(thank goodness). The only down side right now to the school is that since we are in Illinois and have a small and tight budget, the students are not offered as many possibilities as they would if they went to a bigger school.
For a small school, it is pretty great. There are not a variety of classes offered because of budget issues but MOST teachers try to provide the best education for their students. There are at least three teachers that will go behoove and beyond what they are required to do. They will spend time after school or even before school and help you if you are struggling. They try to make class fun and relate-able to things that are current.
As far as safety, I feel safe. But bullying, we have no real policies on that and I feel it goes on far to much.
We just don't spend enough time on them and there aren't enough extra things for students to be involved in.
For the most part the parents in my oponion are good parents
I feel the teachers are fair.
Overall, I've loved my high school years. I have a few favorite memories, such as being part of the State Runner-Up volleyball team my sophomore year, junior prom, and getting my license. The school is very small; all of my classes are down one hallway. My locker is right by my friends' lockers, and I've gotten to know all of my classmates really well since we've been going to school in the same building since we were little. I love my small school experience, and I would definitely go to Stew-Stras again if I had to do it all over.
the office staff is wonderful, and when my son was being bullied the problem was taken care of right away.
everything is very well done
I love this school, they really care about your child and the parents too.
plenty for the kids to be involved in.
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