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Stephenson is honestly not that bad. It has its up and downs but overall I really enjoy all the laughs and memories I have made so far with my friends and teachers. I wish the counselors were more active with all the students. Also, the food could be a bit better. They've definitely added more to the the menu and are trying. Other than that, my years at Stephenson have been quite memorable.
The teachers at Stephenson High had the best interest of their students. They made sure that we were prepared for the next phase of our educational matriculation. The teachers made sure that we did not settle for mediocrity.
Although I am still a sophomore at Stephenson High School, I believe this school is not all as bad as it seems. There is much improvement needed, but it is a decent school for the average high schooler.
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Stephenson is overall a good school. There are great opportunities for learning and they provide challenges for students who wish to pursue them. The teachers at stephenson are helpful and encouraging. The school lacks school spirit and activities for the students to participate in.
Overall, Stephenson is a nice school. The teachers care about you and enjoy teaching us. They try to make it exciting for students and it shows. Every school has it’s issues but it’s still a nice school. I have chances to everything. The principal is very into the school. He’s there every single day. I think Stephenson is a great school.
Stephenson high school is where I learned who I wanted to be in life. There was many accomplishments and many lessons that I had to learn to make me the person I am today. My teachers were always encouraging us students to do well so we can graduate and to stay on the right path so we can keep a great gpa and so that we don’t create a record for ourselves that we may regret later on in life. Stephenson high school helps lift up its students spirits and gives us hope. Hope that we will be something good in life if we put in the time and effort. Although I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye I truely do believe that every student that walks through that school door will definitely see a positive change in their life because there are people around that believe in them.
Stephenson High School can prepare you for college. They have many after school activities and clubs. I am participate in some of these clubs and they are great. The school offers AP courses for students. Students can be challenged at their own level. The teachers try to help each student and move at a pace everyone can follow.
I had pleasant experience with Stephenson high school. I learned that not only this school accepts diversity but it’s also evolving with different aspects of life. I like that Stephenson high school is very generous towards newcomers but I hope there’s many scholarships opportunities for minorities like me. I would like to change the new uniforms policy because there are kids who looks like celebrities with their fancy clothes and there are others like me who’s not even looking like student in some dark day. I feel like we should have uniform everyday because it won’t be distracting and that everyone can feel good about themselves. Students from lesser income can go to school without worrying about being judged. Nevertheless, Stephenson High School is a wonderful and exciting place to learn.
Stephenson high schools was a great experience for me. The teachers where helpful and very supportive and help as best as they can even in personal situations. They are relatable and make classes more engaging.
What I like about Stepehsnon HIgh is that whenever you need help with something there is always someone there. One thing I would like to be changed is the food, the bathrooms , and the drama.
Throughout the four years I spent at Stephenson High School I created bonds that will last a lifetime, evolved into a young business leader ready to take on the world, and gained the best education offered to me. It is an amazing school and is ever-changing each passing year.
My experience with Stephenson is good. Stephenson is a predominantly black school with high standards of their students. There are ups and downs to every school but with flaws it gives time to grow together to ready students for the future. The principle makes it a goal of his to speak on the intercom every day to encourage inform and prepare students for the day ahead.
My favorite think about Stephenson is how the school can get students involved such as pep-rally's, educational field trip's, and more. The thing I don't like about Stephenson is administration and counselor availability. Before meeting with a counselor students must email their personal counselor weather it is an emergency or not. The councilors will also take their time to get back to you when its convenient for them and that will take out educational time for the student.
Stephenson High School Is an overall good school. What I love most about School High School is the students interactions. We have the best school spirit. Everyone has a niche and plays a huge role in the successful of our school as a whole.
The teachers always try to provide students with opportunities to succeed and be their best selves. Also, the counselors are always making sure that students are able to share their thoughts and feelings and Stephenson has a really good sports program.
Stephenson high school is a very poor school when it comes to anything. Teachers are sub-par and students are obnoxious . The teachers are what I would like to say impatient. You mean nothing to the school or the district at all. I try the best to learn at the school but the teachers read directly from the book so its hard for me to learn and i usually end up teaching myself.
Stephenson makes sure you are college ready and gives you a chance to challenge yourself. They push you so you can pursue your dreams. I would like to feel more safe and clean. The teachers need a little work but overall Stephenson is a good school.
My name is Carlee Lyn. I am a senior about to graduate. When I first came to that school, I was amazed by all of the things that hey offered. They have lots of clubs for every kind of person like dance, chores, band, college club, FBLA and more. The food could a little bit better. They have vending machines that have foods that they can pay for with their card. They also have a jag store, a store where you can buy almost any thing you need. From pencils and paper to cookies and jaguar jackets. They also have lots of sports teams for the scholars.
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What I like about Stephenson High school is that the principal is very involved outside of his office and that you can kind of build a very good student- staff relationship with almost anyone there. The athletic department at Stephenson High school is top-notch especially the football team, cheer squad and track & field team. The focus on making sure each scholar that attends gets the needed information to be successful in the current as well as future classes.
The school is not that bad but its average. The teachers here can show more care and respect. The students can act more respectfully and disciplined. The sports here is not bad. Actually, the school's sports are interesting. On the other hand, the food isn't all that well.
Some aspects could be what you make of them, however, may aspects of the school such as the school culture are weak and can sometime hinder the overall experience of a student at the school. Sometimes the administration can enforce rules that do not contribute to this issue.
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