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Stephen T. Badin High School Reviews

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I’m so thankful to be able to attend a private catholic school, especially being coed you really get the life experience that you would get at an all boy or girls school. The environment is so welcoming And it really feels like we are a “ramily”. The classes and teachers really prepare you for not only the future but life in general.
Badin is a really great school. They have amazing teachers and really experienced in getting kids ready for college.
I love all of my teachers because they are dedicated to helping me be prepared for the future. They brighten up my day and are always there for a helping hand. Wouldn’t choose any other high school to attend.
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I love going to Badin. The teachers strive to make your high school experience the best one possible. I wouldn’t make any changes
I loved badin. It had a family atmosphere and everyone there was super hardworking and the teachers made sure to get to know you and make sure you’re where you should be and working as you should be.
I liked it overall. I would just like the faculty to be more open and accepting to students. Many students get overlooked but I think it is important to make sue that every student feels included and valued. Most of the teachers are good at this but some you can tell who they favor more than others.
This school does a good job at shaping kids in school. There would be a few things that I would change and this consists of too strict rules, parking, and class choices. The rules at Badin almost make the kids act out more because of how ridiculous they are. Parking for students is very limited, students that have their driver license and are able to drive to school have no way to get a parking pass because there’s not enough to accommodate all the students. On to class choices, there’s quite a few classes to choose from during students freshman and sophomore year here, but as you go thru all the classes you tend to run out of options as you come to the end of your career at Badin. Also with class choices there are not many to prepare you for life outside of school.
Stephen T. Badin High School provided me with an excellent, well-rounded education. I learned my love of jazz music, writing, social justice, and standing up for others at this place. I also gained a second family.
Very helpful staff and good student body. There is one drama but it’s all tolerable my only reason I’m not giving it five stars is because of its petite size; being so small it lacks some diversity.
The community here is very tightly nit, friendly, and welcoming. All the teachers know you by name, and there aren’t many students who don’t know yours, either. Badin is all about serving, leading, thinking, and achieving.
Badin High School is a wonderful learning environment that I have truly enjoyed and would definitely recommend to anybody out there that wants to experience a small school atmosphere where everybody knows everybody.
I really like everyhting about Badin. It's a great school and very close to a family. The faculty is very supportive and helpful. I wouldnt change anything about Badin. It's an amazing school that prepares you for the future and gives you many oppurtunities to make you successful.
It was fine I guess but I'm ready to never go back. I'm excited to move on to bigger and better things. See ya later
Badin is a great school that will prepare you for college and life. The teachers all love what they teach. The students are very friendly. There are so many ways to get involved and make the most of your time at Badin!
As a minority, I can tell you that my experience at Badin was rough. There is little to no diversity, whether it be through race, ideas, etc. It's almost as if everybody is the same person. If you act like everyone else there, great! You'll have a wonderful time being surrounded by more of YOU :) But if you have more liberal tendencies, have a different sense of style or humor than the Badin norm, be prepared to either conform to their standard or isolate yourself from everybody :) So glad I got out of that place!
They always talk about how the school is a "family". They don't lie. This school isn't like any other out there, they truely want to see you succeed and thrive. The people here help each other out no matter the crisis, big or small.
Badin is just like any other high school you go to, but they are a little bit more. We call it the ramily. We are a big family, if you are in trouble we will do what is right to help you out. My four years have been good. They give you many opportunities to stand out, you just need to find your way to shine.
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Many talented teachers who care about education.
Lots of options for different interests and skills. Also encourage service to community.
The language department needs to be expanded. College prep schools really should offer German and Latin. French and Spanish are not enough.
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