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I like Stephen F. Austin High School because it’s a school we’re I grow up a lot and these school have a lot of amazing teachers. I got to do two of my favorite sports which are basketball and cross Country and the coaches are amazing, they teach you a lot and if you need help they help you. One of the things that I would like to see a change is that this school should have more elective classes for example; cyber security, computer animation or computer science because there are students like me who would like to learn more about those careers.
Very good high school with awsome academics. Though, it can be competitive. The clubs and activities are fun. The students are friendly.
Stephen F. Austin High School is a very diverse High School in Fort Bend County. The school manages to create opportunities and a widespread learning environment for students who put in the effort to want to succeed. There is a wide range of clubs that students can get involved and create new activities for other students. However what I would like to see change is the amount of school activities and spirit that is held. I would like to see more of the students and teachers participate in activities to further growth and the overall culture of the school.
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Austin was a great school. Some teachers cared while others didn’t, but overall the academics were good and competitive. If I could change anything I’d try to get the students more involved. Austin can improve greatly in their school spirit realm, however the new principal, Dr. Quadri has greatly impacted and improved the overall spirit aspect of the high school. I believe AP teachers cared more about getting students ready for college I think regular level course teachers should be advised to start teaching on a harder grading syllabus. Also, maybe allow the students to participate in activities where they are able to learn more about themselves, that way, when they’re off to college, they won’t be as intimidated when selecting a major.
It was such a fun high school experience, we were so close to the lake as well as the ACL festival. AHS has a bunch of extra curricular activities and sports with great coaches. Austin high is a very well known school due to what I wrote above as well as for its location. It is located on Cesar Chavez, next to the lake and super close to Downtown Austin.
I would like the administration to help those who come to them with problems that they will help you fix it. Plus, the school is very good academically, but there are no classes that will help us past high school graduation. Such as taxes, FAFSA, getting a adult job, etc.
I went here all 4 years and I'm glad I did. I would say administration should be more open with students and push for actual mental health advocacy. The school is competitive academically and many kids focus on grades and tend to forget about their mental health especially if things are going on at home. AHS needs to be more aware.
The school has a good 'energy', I don't dislike having to come to school everyday, but the teachers don't seem to care to teach.
Austin High School is a very diverse school, that offers support for all career pathways. The diversity of the school is what stands out the most along side they academic excellence, backed by the ranking of the school in the Fort Bend Independent School District. In my experience of the STEM program and going through all four years of the engineering class they provide, it not only makes learning fun, but being able to go out and realize how much of everyday life items are engineered to our convenience is insane. Austin High School, of course isn't perfect, but year after year they only get closer to it.
Stephen F. Austin High School is overall a good school. Its biggest strength is being a very competitive and diverse school. The biggest issue someone could find is the school spirit or lack thereof.
the very first time you step inside its a lot to take in but the more you explore and walk around makes you realize that the school is not that big but at the same time its 3 story high and the first joke that everyone hears is the pool on the 4th floor in our 3 story school but the older students are great and helpfull towards the up and coming students/ freshmen
Stephen F. Austin High School is a phenomenal school located in Sugar Land, Texas. It has a variety of different ethnic cultures and creates an atmosphere of acceptance. Their academics are fairly good, but their fine arts are what make them stand out. Their art, choir, orchestra, band, and dance programs are absolutely stellar and go above and beyond the regular high school standard. The administration is also very helpful and welcoming to the students, making the overall experience for students a good one. Overall, Austin High School is an incredible school that strives to give the best for its students.
I enjoyed my time at Austin as the year went on due to the amazing teachers I’ve had and the friends I’ve made through the fun activities provided there.
This school has a great diverse student body that is very welcoming to new students and is immensely invested in the comfort, safety, and well-being of the entire student population.
Stephen F. Austin High School is one of the top schools in the Fort Bend county. The teachers and students are quite nice, and the school overall is safe and clean. It's a great environment for studying.

This school offers variety of choices in course selection, clubs and volunteering. students could get different opportunities based on what they need to increase their college readiness. Me, as a Chinese student who cannot speak English very well, this school helps me know what can I do to improve my portfolio.

However, having those benefits make this school quite competitive. There are a lot of smart students taking every AP classes each year, therefore is not easy to get into a college which looks at the academic percentage of the school. If you want to get into the top ten percent here, hard work is necessary.

Besides that, this school is one of the best schools you can find. Doesn't matter you're smart or not, this school make sure you can get the most of it.
My high school experience is one I could never forget, I just hope that it can be the same for everyone to come.
My experience at austin is good you get to meet good friendly people and teacher become good friends with them. Get interactive with the school, trust me you'll feel the spirit.
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Stephen F. Austin is an amazing high school. There is so much diversity, with people from different backgrounds and culture. There are many students involved in sports, with our high school being ranked in the top 10 of the district for football. The teachers are heavily involved with students. They are all really helpful and never make any student feel left out.
I've been a student at Stephen F. Austin High School for a little over a year and have loved my experience so far! The diversity at our school is amazing and I love the clubs I am involved with since all the students and most of the teachers are all so welcoming.
The AP classes that I took were very helpful for preparing for college. The AP teachers are very hands on.
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