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I like the abundance of AP courses and subjects provided to the students. Additionally, I generally like the standard of teaching and the rigor of the courses, whether it be math, science, language, or social studies. Much of the staff and teachers are pleasant to speak with and learn from.
Overall, I enjoyed my high school experience at Stephen F. Austin High School. The cultural diversity of the student population and the highly motivating teachers and staff allowed me to maximize my education along with providing an enriching environment. The various clubs and extracurricular activities provided an outlet for decompressing the stress from rigorous courses that Austin High School provides to serve as preparatory college classes. I was particularly impressed with how the school adapted to virtual learning during the pandemic and the support and resources they provided for the students.
Stephen F. Austin High School (Sugar Land) has truly helped me hone my talents and has pushed me to be the best academic version of myself. The level of competition at AHS has motivated me to perform better even in subjects that I am not particularly good at or intrigued by. Currently a senior, I can assert that my education at AHS has surely prepared me for life in college, having provided me all the necessary qualifications to get accepted into my top college choices, including MIT, UT Austin, and Texas A&M. Go bulldogs!
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The four years that I spent at this school were very good. The administrative staff and teachers were able to look out for students and make sure that they felt welcomed and were doing well in their classes. Additionally, the student organizations were very inviting to the newer members from the student body.
It was a good school and everyone helped each other to get through the school years by creating many events.
I attended my senior year here and i will tell you, it was an amazing experience. The teachers and very supportive and the environment is great for studying
I liked how diverse the population is at Stephen F Austin High School. Not just race, but you see a wide range of people who have different aspirations in life. One student might be interested in medicine but the other may be interested in political science. I love this because I truly see my classmates succeeding in the real world after going to this school.
What I liked the most about Stephen F. Austin High School is the diversity of students in the school. I immigrated to the states when I was about to enter high school, and I think that having classmates of different backgrounds helped me adapt and be comfortable with my new environment. The facilities are clean and the teachers that taught me back then were really helpful. I believe they were able to teach us, students, properly. Some things that I wished were improved in Stephen F. Austin High School is the quality of food they serve at the cafeteria. In my opinion, they did not look very healthy or fresh. Another thing they could have done better is having more proactive student organizations. I feel like, the school is more focused on the performance arts department, that there weren't many options for joining student organizations.
Stephen F. Austin High School is an incredibly diverse high school in Sugar Land, TX. They have a ton of AP classes which helped put me ahead in college, but the actual education wasn't great. Many of the teachers never took the classes they are teaching and focus too much on teaching to the test that actual learning sometimes got overlooked. Overall, though, everyone was helpful and genuinely wants students to do well.
It was an average school to me, for me time just went by, so I didn't notice much. For the most part, there were people and classes that helped me get into college.
SFA has no school spirit, and if I had to summarize my high school experience in one word, it would be bland. I did make some good memories in band, but other than there was just something about the school that felt so sad. Most people there are either only focused on their grades or problematic....sometimes they're both. Compared to other Fort Bend high schools, Austin is just there.
It's where I found most of my friends and joined NJROTC. My character as a whole, without this school, would be different today if not for me living right next to the place.
I liked that they had some good teachers and a very diverse environment to learn in. They were too strict on some rules that shouldn't have been that big of a deal.
It was very diverse but a lot of the teachers are racist. The school was extremely competitive and doesn’t really care about mental health.
My experience with Austin F. Highschool was excellent. Although I did have some trouble with completely being socially there, it was a great experience. This school prepares you for college readiness and didn't take it as easy as my previous school. When attending two different campuses during my time in high school, I found that Stephen F. Austin was what truly opened my eyes.
When i think about my high school experience, there are many things that come to mind. Some of them are: good memories, bad memories, mistakes, lessons, happiness, heartbreak, misfortune, joy, drama, and most importantly, fun. High School to me seemed like it past by really fast, almost too fast sometimes.
There are a lot of different courses and classes that you could take specifically for your career path. However, the school was a little too overcrowded. I just wish it could've been a little bigger.
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The school was very committed to motivate students and advance all together. They would encourage extracurricular participation and push us to pursue our interests with the best of our abilities.
It's a great school, with many good people and teachers. They have many opportunities for you to advance in academics as well as extra-curricular activities. They also have good counselors that help you with any problems you have. They have school sprit activities, which are always the best, but are good enough.
I enjoyed my senior year here. THe teachers were kind and so were the students. I loved every moment. I really liked the nice academic advisor with the awesome long nails. I enjoyed my senior year here. THe teachers were kind and so were the students. I loved every moment. I really liked the nice academic advisor with the awesome long nails.
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