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State College of Florida Collegiate School Reviews

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The teachers there are great and I've had no problems so far with the classes. Though I do wish that the customer service was a bit faster in getting back to you.
SCF Collegiate is a great school to enroll your child into. Their staff is amazing they are very understanding and welcoming. They help any student figure out what they would like to do or move them into a direction that will benefit them.
I have loved attending SCF! The teachers are willing to work with you and want to see you succeed! The academic resource center has been amazing helping me out with my disabilities and helping me navigate through classes and connecting with teachers.
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The professors are usually very helpful but as always there are some professors that aren't professional. The advisors at SCF are very helpful and kind and they are incredibly helpful. They helped me step by step registering for my classes and checked up to make sure I had all I needed.
ive recently applied to SCF and got an answer very fast and i am very pleased with how the school runs and super excited to start the nursing program!
The help I have received thus far has been superior even though the college is 100% operable yet due to Covid-19. I would recommend this college to anyone looking for friendly staff and faculty. Also, the campus is beyond clean, it emulates what clean really is.
The college has gotten me started towards my career in life. Everyone at the college admin level has helped me in lots of ways to make sure I achieved my goals. Thanks SCF
The 6-10 grade experience is used to weed out students who are not trying and is therefore unnecessarily hard. But I did get to graduate with my AA degree so it was worth it.
It was cheap and a good experience to get me started in college. I'd definitely recommend attending a community college before a university, if you're smart enough to get into a great university after the small college. Helped me get on my feet.
Attending the State College of Florida Collegiate School during junior and senior year is a great opportunity to get a free Associate's Degree! The collegiate school teachers and advisors and dedicated to preparing you for the future and making sure you have all the tools you need to succeed in college.
Great teachers that genuinely want students to succeed. Clean, safe campus. Lot's of study places and fun events every semester. The staff are really nice and in general a very friendly environment.
It's very affordable and the teaching is hands on. Cafeteria food is great and the campus is well secured and clean.
My experience at State College of Florida has been excellent. I will be starting my sophomore year come fall. The professors are knowledged, most are fair, and positive. The tutoring faculty is one that I haven’t seen at most schools and you can tell that the overall facility cares about the students.
I liked that it was really simple. I mostly did the online classes and that made my learning process a whole lot easier. However, a lot of their options are for online classes so that be something to be aware of, if you don't want to do it online. Also, I really liked most of my professors but some were hit or miss- either too hard or way too easy. It's overall a good school though and worth it!
Especially I like how SCF is a small nice school. If you are the first year in college, it would be really nice to get used to college life at SCF :))
The school is just okay. Honestly many of the professors weren't passionate or qualified to be teaching those subjects. You could just tell that the professors only cared about their paycheck and did not want to be there. The financial aid department is a hot mess. They will constantly lose your documents, take 3-4 months to process documents, and be incredibly rude to the student. SCF is notrious for their terrible financial aid department. You have to beg the administration and staff to do their job well at this place. There are little to no clubs. Barely any events to attend. The majority of students are working adults (people in their 30s ,40s, and 50s) so its hard to make friends and relate to your peers. The cost of tuition here may be half of a four year university but it still is not worth it.
good school that help students who would like to do dual enrollment! would very much recommend this school to incoming juniors in high school.
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I really like the idea of going to high school and college at the same time, and I like that I am able to get my Associate's degree and Bachelor's degree for free. However, I feel like the collegiate school does not know anything that I need to know and they are not good at helping me figure out how to do this whole college thing.
The dual enrollment program of this school is exceptional. It allowed me to begin my college journey while still in high school. I became incredibly independent and resourceful, although the school does provide lots of resources to its students.
I really like that the professors there treat oneself like a college student and prepare the students for greater things.
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