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Both of my children went through Stanley BPS and we could not recommend it more highly. The social emotional program, the strong and genuine relationships between students and teachers, and the inclusive and welcoming parent community create a truly unique experience. British Primary philosophy celebrates the whole child so that each student develops their own voice and a strong sense of self-advocacy.
We have two children and Stanley BPS who are very different learners and the school has served them both very, very well. My oldest was reading and writing before kindergarten while my youngest was still learning letters and sounds, and was eventually diagnosed with ADHD and dyscalculia. Through Stanley's small group learning model, both of my children have had their different academic needs well met and supported, and both have thrived at Stanley. The teachers and school culture are amazing, we are grateful that our family is part of this awesome community.
Our students are graduates of Stanley. They both went on to very different paths through the same large public high school in Denver. I didn't realize how powerful those early years at Stanley would prove to be for their future lives. One of our kids is into sports and dramatics, and the other into studies and academic achievements. They couldn't be more different, but they were both so well grounded in the literacy and maths fundamentals at Stanley, and then pushed to learn the finer points of the social-emotional and community skills that make truly engaged, interested and grounded individuals. I highly recommend this school for your students, as teachers here really see each child as learners and as people.
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While there is no such thing as perfection....Stanley comes remarkably close. My four very different children are all thriving at Stanley. Each of my children have different strengths (which are encouraged and honored) and weaknesses (that are addressed with thoughtful compassion and researched best practices). Stanley certainly does not look much like the school that I attended growing up, and so in many ways felt initially like a leap of faith. It seems that in US educational success is currently being measured by standardized tests that do not effectivley quantify the ability of a person to succeed in life. I feel very confident that my kids are being best prepared to be successful creative thinkers, self-advocates, and good people. In the end, what more could I ask for?
After touring several DPS and private school options in Denver, we decided to send our child to Stanley BPS because of the mission of the school, the outstanding teachers and staff, and the multi-age classrooms. We have not been disappointed! We now have both of our children enrolled, 3rd grade and Kindergarten, and have been so incredibly pleased with the academics, social-emotional development, teachers, and all around school culture. Could not be happier with our decision!
We are so happy with our kids' experiences at Stanley British. Our oldest has thrived here and will be ready to take on the high school experience as a young man who can advocate for himself respectfully. The teachers and staff are warm and supportive, and the curriculum prepares students for high school courses. We highly recommend Stanley for all types of learners!
We love having our children at Stanley. They are thriving and have a love for learning that is unique to the school. We are impressed by the focus on inclusion and diversity. We have always felt welcomed in the community and engaged as parents.
The best thing about this school is the 8th grade trip to England. It is an amazing experience that not many people are able to have. The worst thing is that there are a lot of wealthy caucasian families that have children that attend this school and the kids generally lack respect for staff and other kids from clear lack of discipline within school and outside of school as well.
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