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Incredible teachers that are invested in the students intellectual development. CORE curriculum is just one of the unique features of the school.
This school allowed me to push myself beyond what I thought I could even do and I have been able to make life-changing friendships with people around the world.
Stanford Online High School is absolutely excellent in terms of the quality of academics and instructors at the school. Its rigorous and advanced curriculum is balanced by the sincere and hard work from its world-class professors.
The online environment can be a bit of a hurdle socially, especially if you are a student in an international area where not many other students reside. However, there are still options (online, in the summer, and during the school year) that facilitate a great learning environment both socially and academically.
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Our son attended Stanford Online High School. We were from a small town in Nebraska and the school made it possible for him to get a world class education. We could not be more pleased with our experience at Stanford Online High School. He was challenged and pushed and encouraged at a level I have never seen before. His Experience academically at the school was more intense an educational environment than I experienced in medical school at UCLA. I have nothing but great things to say about the school.
I came to OHS last year as a high school freshman. It has been the most incredible experience of my life. I am happier than I ever could have imagined -- I have great friends who are not only super smart but also really compassionate people; I have teachers who know me really well and care about me; and the academic and wellness counselors are always there to help guide me when I feel overwhelmed or are doubting my abilities. It really is an incredibly special place and I worry that college will never be able to live up to the quality of the classes I am taking or the community that OHS has built.
Stanford Online High School has really helped we excel and I feel that I am not the smartest, which challenges me and forces me to become better. I wish the clubs were better organized though and that there wasn't so many administrators because they drive up the crazy tuition prices.
I've enjoyed my time at SOHS. Not very social, great academics, well prepared for college coming out of high school as a result of the courses I've taken here.
I love this school. It's not for everyone, given it's online. But even as an extrovert, I've found ways to still connect not only to the school community but also to others outside of school. Really pushes you to love learning and not just memorize facts, and it requires a lot of self-motivation and independence. The workload is not as much as some other schools but the difficulty in the material is up there, teachers will be supportive. It feels like a college experience almost.
Prior to finding Stanford Online High School (SOHS) we tried both public and private schools and no other school came even close to the rigor and academic excellence provided by SOHS. This school's main strength is its faculty, who are highly skilled and knowledgeable in their fields. This school requires considerable parent and student involvement and commitment, but the academic opportunities it offers to its students make it all worthwhile. This school is a real gem and we only wish we had found it sooner.
Amazingly engaged teachers who are passionate about the subject and their students. Most have phds. The administration is also incredibly supportive.
In the three years I've been at OHS, I've had very few experiences with the staff, faculty, or other students that would discolor the school in any way. While at first the transition was difficult to make (to online), I'm at a point now where I can honestly say that I love this school. The students are, for the most part, amazing people, and you'd be stunned at how impressive everyone I've met here is. The teachers have also been, for the most part, skilled in their subject and thorough educators. While the online aspect can be difficult for extroverted people, the in-person meetups (like MIT Splash, Summer at Stanford, and Pixelfest) have formed the best memories and friendships I have. While I lament the fact that there are no sports or (in-person) clubs, the school is, in my opinion, completely worth it.
The Math, Science and Core (special only at OHS courses) are superlative. You just will not get better instruction at another though school. Language Arts is very good also. Fine Arts is a bit weak. But for my STEM girl it has been an amazing experience. Bypassed 7th & 8th grade dumbing down, she is now in 10th grade and doing very well. By the end of 8th grade, she had well over what is reported here as their average SAT. Very smart peers, most teachers have PhDs or at minimum Masters in their subject. Parents are very involved and helpful.
My children love their classes and instructors. They learn so much in the small classes taught in seminar style and filled with students who are interested and anxious to discuss the material. They attend all the main events: homecoming, graduation, pixel fest and a number of the parent run meet ups (white water rafting, Halloween in Sleepy Hollow, scavenger hunts at the MET). The school has students from around the world who come together for classes and clubs and school or parent run, in-person events. It is a wonderful community to be part of.
Fabulous experience in every way. Top notch academics, very interested teachers, great social experience with friendly students. They make an online school feel like a close knit community through clubs and a wide variety of frequent meetups! We now have friends all around the world!
Amazing quality of education! Instructors are top notch. My senior daughter once lost track of school work after getting a series of rejections from the colleges she wanted to go to in the spring, and the support of the proactive counseling team and the associate director was truly impressive. That was our first time having any concerns with our daughter's school work, and the school noticed weird activities in her gradebook and reached out to our family first. We had video conferencing and the associate director set schedule for her to catch up on missed work in a very practical way and intervened for her with her instructors. The counselor met with her twice a week just to make sure she is on track as planned, and he event went out of his way to meet our time zone, staying up late after his official work hours. OHS is truly a place we can meet people who we can trust and relate to.
Stanford OHS has excellent, highly trained instructors who are dedicated, responsive and focused on bringing out the best in students. Parental involvement is encouraged and supported, and the students are engaged and enthusiastic about learning. Amazing experience!
Academics are great, but student life is terrible. Students put themselves over others and don't care for those who get left behind. If your child has any problems making friends, avoid this school. If you are just coming here for the academics and nothing else, then this is an excellent choice.
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I enjoyed the general flexibility of the school as well as the rigor of the courses. I also found a wonderful community in the students and teachers here at this school. With that being said, the few things that I disliked about the school were unrelated to the people and more related to the courses. I did not like the lack of school sports, and I wish the school had a larger selection of arts classes. For example, in addition to AP Music Theory and studio art, I think they should have had a theatre class, or just a generally more robust selection. Also, the curriculum is very philosophy oriented, which I do not mind.
The best part is definitely the environment in the classes. Everyone is there to learn and participate, and teachers are all too willing to oblige. Class discussions are always amazing and interactive. You would think an online high school would not have much of a community either, but Stanford Online High School has managed to create one of the best communities I've ever been a part of. I've met some of my best friends here, and everyone is so nice and inclusive, creating a warm and welcoming environment.
The teachers are experts in their subjects and their excitement about the material creates challenging and engaging classes for the students. But make no mistake, these are difficult classes! When my girls have had outside tutors, the common response is awe at the depth of the material they are covering in middle and high school.
It is a surprisingly social school too! The kids are always on the group chats with OHS friends talking, goofy around or even watching movies together. The families are also great about getting together often and letting the kids visit each other. The best part is that it is cool to be smart and doing something positive and unique. This is the best type of peer influence you could ask for in high school!
My daughter has taken summer classes in more traditional “work on your own” virtual schools and, while they have their own strengths, if you are looking for a truly challenging school and a real school community, OHS is a great place!