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It's a decent school. Most of the teachers are helpful if you aren't rude to them. The new administration is a bit more controlling than it used to be and you can tell they pick favorites.
This is a great school with amazing teachers. Each one of them will take time make sure you understand if you need help. Everything is well organized here, and there is little to no bullying. Overall, this place is the best school I've ever been to!
Most teachers that I had were nice and supportive, but there are not a lot of clubs, activities, or electives. A small school that could use some work, but is often at least doing it's best.
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At Stanfield Secondary school the teachers really care about your success. It is a small school so relationships with teachers and peers are strong. At the school I have had many opportunities for growth. I have been able to be a part of sports teams, extracurricular activities and even get to graduate with an associates degree. I feel that I have had constant support from all angles and highly recommend this school. Plus it even features four day school weeks!
I was originally from a bigger school nearby Stanfield Secondary School, what I really enjoyed about this school is that it is more open for help from teachers. The environment is great, every one gets along there's no negativity, the teachers are kind, the counselor and the other faculty that work around the school. There really isn't anything to change about the school, everything that is in the school is just right the way it is.
Great teachers that care about your education. Administration isn't the best, however. Poor academic resources though due to our small student body.
My experience with this school was pretty good. Just like any other high school, some people will get along and others won't. I recommend there be more supervision around because you can trust the faculty. They will help you with whatever you need to succeed. Some good things I can say about this school is that it is small, which means it is easy to get from one class room to another. I have always liked the lunch they offered. A few bad things I have to say, is the school and all schools should teach students to respect each other and to see each other as allies or teammates. They should influence students to treat others the way they want to be treated. Again, this goes for all schools. When the environment is peaceful and safe, everyone will have a better experience.
What I enjoy about Stanfield Secondary School is that is a small school. This creates many opportunities to work one on one with your teacher; giving teachers the ability to give students the extra help if needed. Class sizes range from 15-25 students which gives access for students to get their questions asked and answered more often. It also allows for students to be able to focus and pay attention more. The staff really care about the students and want them to succeed. Although Stanfield Secondary School is limited in class options, it is still a resourceful learning facility. As a student I am able to feel comfortable not only around the students and staff but as well with the community. I really enjoy attending Stanfield Secondary School and that I have returned to graduate this upcoming May of 2017.
The school has no control over its students. They need to work more on being able to get students who feel left out to socialize, and completely have less kiss-up to some of the teachers there. Also, need to find a way to have more class options available at the high school, instead of through BMCC.
We have great sports facilities to play on as well as great school resources such as computers, calculators, science lab, books and a library. Are resources are abundant and are facilities are well taken care of.
Our school offers a wide variety of classes as well as college courses. Each year it seems we offer more and more college classes to students who wish to take them. It helps students get and early start on things and steer them in the right direction. Its easy to set up a schedule to get in these classes or other classes you wish to take.
Our teachers are very knowledgable in their subjects and are very fun to be around. They have great communication skills with students, they stay consistent with their grading, they show interest in students and their success, and all have their own unique teaching styles.
We have a few extracurricular activities that students are welcome to join.
We have a salad bar to provide fruits and vegetables to students and the main course food is diverse and good.
Our school includes students of different race and we even get an exchange student here and there. it is cool to learn about there country and learn about them as a person as well.
We have weight lifting and P.E classes that are fun to participate in. The sports are very competitive and a blast to participate in. We have great coaches and facilities and that is what makes sports a great thing to participate in and encourages other kids to come out and participate.
Our guidance counselor is well involved with the students. Our off staff are also very helpful and great people to have at the school. Policies involving bullying, dress code, and attendance are enforced well and the appropriate punishments are enforced. Usually there are no issues in the policies but when there is, they are properly taken care of.
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No one is out to get anyone else. If one and another don't know each other, then their paths most likely cross sometime in the year. Students get along with other well even if they are not familiar with each other. Violence is almost a never and if accidents happen, then we have the right supplies to take care of it. As far as drugs, alcohol, and gang violence go, it never happens or is involved with students at school. We are well taken care of.
There are great students that come through the school, there are great supporting parents as well as community member, and the school staff are fun to be in class with and make it worth coming to school each day. The students show good support in the school and in sports. My favorite experiences in this school have been attending high school sports games when I was young, then growing up to participate in them and know what it feels like be the one playing out on the court or field while being watched by the many fans.
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