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St. Vincent Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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It is a very fun and good place to attend high school. They really do a lot to prepare students for college and adult life, although clubs leave something to be desired.
Small school, very tight nit group of people. Very traditional. Left feeling very prepared for college and ready to take on the workload that college would bring.
Great school in terms of enviroment! No fighting, no hatred, and lots of help! But, the school is so small that you get restricted on what you want to study. If you want to take a certain class, but you there are not enough students taking that course, you get thrown into a class you don't want or need.
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The school does what it can to inform.
The clubs are vibrant and active on campus.
I was so incredibly ready for college, and my next step in life.
The teachers were engaging and knowledgable. They made it easier to want to be at school and learn.
It is obvious that the food was cheap and processed, and it is cooked very poorly.
We make do with the little funding that we have, and little pool of players to choose from, but it shows in our win records
The academics and the availability to take numerous college level courses while in High School is a definite plus. I will be leaving with approximately 27 hours of college coursework.
The Schools Counselor makes herself available at all times to the students and to the parents. The Principal is engaged with the students as well as the office staff.
I feel that the school prepares you for college and has very demanding courses. They have numerous clubs and organizations and a wide range of sports to be involved in.
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