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This school used to be so good. The new administration has gotten rid of what made SVHS great. The school is now all about rules and discipline. Most of the new teachers are either total pushovers or don't understand their subjects well enough to teach. The old teachers were overall awesome but most of them no longer teach at SVHS. The curriculum does not prepare students for college well at all. The new religion curriculum promotes outdated values and encourages students to distance themselves from Catholicism. I say all of this with a heavy heart, because the school didn't used to be this way. It is a vastly inferior school to what I enrolled in as a freshman. Don't send your child to SVHS. It's not what it once was.
Great teachers! I spent all four yeas at St Vincent and loved it. Many clubs and sport that helped students grow. At St Vincent we were taught on how to write great papers. When I went to college I found English classes were easy since we were so well prepared by St Vincent.
The classes taught at St Vincent helped me to succeed in college.
St. Vincent de Paul High School is a small academic Catholic School. Class room size is small allowing for direct attention from the instructor. I am thankful to have been able to attend this high school, I struggled with math a a freshman and as a senior I am taking calculus. I attribute this to the hands on tutoring and support that each teacher provides.
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Some good teachers but the curriculum taught can be lacking especially in some of the math classes people take during their junior year.
My son graduated from St Vincent de Paul High school and has very successful in college and beyond. The rigorous academics and great teachers help to make this a great school.
Great school with great teachers. You really get to know your teachers and staff. Would like to see a better sports program, but they're actively working on that problem.
I loved my experience at SVHS. I participated in the drama program, the debate team, and the swim team. I am about to start my fourth year of varsity swimming, and I love it. The team is looking good and I expect us to have a good season. Debate has taught me a lot. Four years of debate has opened my eyes to a whole new world of opportunities. I would not have had the opportunity to do something that I love if I had gone to a different school. I was in the school play last year and had a lot of fun. I made a lot of new friends. I still stay in touch with the ones who graduated last year. Everyone talks to each other so there is not a huge difference between the classes. Almost all of the teachers know my name since it is a small school. I love that.
Sv is very close to its Catholic roots which can be good and bad. Administration plays favorites and the size of the school is very very small. Where he boys sports local, the girls sports make up in championship titles, and wins of average.
This is a wonderful, safe and caring school. Students and families get what they put into the community. There are opportunities for every student Academically and socially. My student received many college offers and substantial financial aid when he graduated.
Some people don't like small schools, but sv creates a community. I love the relationships I created with my friends and teachers
Both of my children have received a strong academic education. They have had the ability to participate in all the sports they have been interested in. The emphasis on morality and community is strong and helped to shape my children.
the english and history department are great, can't say the same for science and math! The college counselors do not prepare you but the social/academic counselors are great.
Small college preparatory high school. Small class size. Many athletic opportunities. Significant parental involvement.
There's never been a time where I didn't feel safe here. The counselors are really great and are there for you which is nice. The kitchen is nasty, I got a moldy grilled cheese once and all the kids decided not to eat there anymore. No one ever fights, one time a girl threw a muffin at someone and got suspended so I'm not sure you should take that away as the school doesn't tolerate bullying, or nothing interesting ever happens so they overreact to the smallest things. If you're planning on coming here, just come in knowing that the faculty will bust you for literally anything, even suspending someone who innocently threw a muffin at their friend (WHICH WILL SHOW UP ON TRANSCRIPTS TO COLLEGES **THEY DON'T CARE**)
It's very easy to start/participate in a club here but not many people stick with it. Once you join, you'll hear of a couple meetings here and there but they slowly start to fade and stop. The most popular would be finance, chess, and leadership even though it is a class. Even though there aren't to many stable clubs, it's still important to at least join in and meet people.
I came from a public school all of my life and wasn't too happy about coming here in the first place... I just wanted a better education. Unfortunately, there are times where I feel like I learned a lot more in public school than I did here. It's sad to think all my parents money went to mediocre academics and poor food quality.

There are times that have been fun like dances, spirit weeks, and senior activities/privilege but they aren't worth the amount of money you pay to go here.
A lot of the teachers at SV are old and can't quite conform to the new styles of learning in our generation. They're always available for outside help, but often times you don't need it because the curriculum isn't challenging and often feels like busy work.
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Serious attention should be put on the overall Athletics Department. There is a need for more qualified, real coaches for some of the sports. I believe the Athletic program hurts our recruitment of incoming students - it deters them from attending our school.
I have been able to grow, both spiritually and academically here.
Several teachers are actively involved with the students in and out of the classroom. I always feel comfortable approaching them with any questions or concerns I have.
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