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Overall, I had a good experience at this school. The school is relatively small - only 39 kids were in my 8th grade class. The school's size was appealing to me because everyone knew each other, and after 9 years of going to school together, my class became like a family.
Teachers are committed to student success, and do all they can to be sure each one is working diligently. The teachers can tell from grade records which ones are struggling and which are doing well. They give homework meant to reinforce material learned in class, which is how homework should be, with the exception of English classes where reading is involved. In my seventh grade year, my social studies teacher did three huge projects that involved transforming the entire school into a cultural showcase center. I will never forget the amazing experiences I had during that school year.
Starting in my seventh grade year, the middle school math department got SMART boards, and those helped students greatly with understanding the content being taught. Students got to write solutions on the board, as well as step-by-step problem solving methods.

Language arts was a struggle during middle school. The teachers did all they could to help me succeed, and it paid off. The teachers at this school are willing to help struggling students, so if your student is one of them, do not hesitate to ask.
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I remember being the target of minor bullying before coming to this school, and upon coming, I had a rough fourth grade year, with numerous disciplinary actions being taken. After that year, I had better teachers and a more positive learning environment. I remember maturing mentally at a faster rate than I perceived, and that had a positive impact in the long run.

The school is very safe, and students come to treat each other with respect. There are those students who act up, but the disciplinary measures in place as punishment do a good job in enforcing the school's emphasis on a positive learning environment.
My favorite experience at St. Thomas More was the Asia Market project in seventh grade, where we would literally transform the lower hallway of the middle school into a bustling market, complete with students acting as merchants and the rest of the school, staff included, as customers. We would serve food, sell trinket items, and have cultural showcases. The Social Studies teacher at the time I was there in 2010 was excellent, and is one of my best memories of my time at the school.

The school holds quarterly dances for its middle school students while I was there, and those were fun. I enjoyed socializing and dancing with my friends, and in particular, the slow dances where boys would find girls to dance with and vice versa. If I were to repeat my middle school career over again, I will definitely choose this school.
The office staff had a great sense of humor and express great care to each student. Though bad behavior can trigger their dark sides, they are there to encourage each student through their journey through the school. When I was in a threatening circumstance in their middle school, it was the teachers that helped me solve the problem with the help of my friends. The school social worker was not as helpful, it was an outside professional.

The school's dress code helps to create a positive environment, helping students stay focused. Although during the church service the school incorporates into its schedule, the mass of uniformed students may seem to be without variety, the general mood is still positive throughout the service. Having the service is a great way to encourage students to do well, striving for the mission of the faith and their individual dreams.
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