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My experience at STMA was unlike any other I have had at the schools I have attended. It is a community in the truest sense of the word. Everyone and everything, from the faculty to recreational events, is ordered towards each student's development and happiness. I came into STMA as a timid and apathetic girl and am leaving a confident and passionate academic. Yes, the curriculum is rigorous, but it has been carefully constructed to guide the motivated student from whatever starting level to scholastic (dare I say collegiate) heights of intellectuality.

My only critique of the school would be on its approaches to nutrition and exercise. Huge emphases are placed on physical fitness and health. The crossfit "club" is populated by at least 25% of the student body. These things are all well and good but when coupled with an anti-carbs/sugar mentality, it can breed high anxieties around food. As someone currently struggling with anorexia, this aspect of STMA has been damaging.
Here at STMA there is such a close knit community. Everyone is so caring. I really love all the teachers and the staff. Everyone knows your name and they want to know that you are doing well. My experience at St. Thomas More Academy, has been absolutely wonderful, I know that I have another family and they all want to see me succeed.
STMA is an excellent school in all senses: education, athletics, faith, etc. I enjoyed all four of my years here.
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Saint Thomas More Academy pushes its students to go above and beyond, rewarding hard work and encouraging kids to give their very best in all that they do. Above all, the social environment is incredible. The kindness shown by both students and teachers to one another is unlike anything I have seen in
my other schools. Many of the classes are unique in that they tackle topics at a unique angle, such as viewing the Second World War through the lens of Robert Frost's poetry. I cannot think of anything I would change about this school, and I hope it continues to be an advocate of classical learning for years to come.
STMA isn't a school with large facilities, but we still manage to win plenty of athletic titles, all with excellent academics. The students are a fun-loving group, and I am so grateful to the teachers for their continued guidance. They have taught me so much, whether from a textbook or their own personal experiences.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at STMA, and will continue to recommend it to every highschooler I meet!
It is a very specialized school towards Classics and Humanities. I really love the sense of community and the Christian values that it enforces.
St. Thomas More Academy is a wonderful school! Considering it will be my fourth and last year there, I can confidently say that my teachers and fellow classmates have strengthened me academically, spiritually, and morally. It is a very welcoming and safe environment. I highly recommend this school to any Christian family!
STMA helped to characterize and shape me in all the best ways. The classical curriculum has helped me in college by making me articulate in ideas of many great thinkers (and thus popular ideals of different eras). STMA teaches history and literature as a way of learning about life and impacts of events/literature rather than for memorization sake.
STMA is constantly evolving. When I first started attending the school, they had final exams which are now no longer. This was done to eliminate unnecessary stress and to teach us to learn for the sake and love of learning. Changes such as this to help people learn to love knowledge.
Another unique and special aspect about this school is the relationship to nature that it fosters. While STMA is a highly academic school, it encourages people to learn more about farming, being outdoors, and simply living. They encourage this with a small farm on campus, outdoor/wilderness classes, mandatory tool and sewing classes, and formal dance.
Phenomenal college prep experience! The staff truly cares about the academic and spiritual growth of each student.
STMA is a great school. It is a loving enviornment were highschool students develop academically and socially while forming a strong catholic faith. The academics will prepare you for any college endevour.
STMA is a very reliable college preparatory school that focuses a lot on the liberal arts; sometimes a little more than it should. But other than that the life on campus is nice and the teachers are very good. The varsity sports program, though, is neglected and not taken seriously enough.
College preparatory school that is just the right size for excellent learning opportunities and friendship. The teachers care about you and the students want to be there to learn.
Saint Thomas More Academy is a great school to be at. The school is more academic based which is nice, and they have great teachers and a diversity of classes.
STMA has a very loving and close-knit community that I really enjoyed. All the teachers truly care for the well-being of the students in and outside of school. Everyone in the school is very nice towards one another. STMA has been great for me but I wish it could have a gym for athletes to practice.
I have complex feelings on my time at STMA, too complex for 1000 characters.

On one hand, the academics are excellent. Although most of my favorite teachers have left, I remember them fondly. The school's focus on the liberal arts served me well. Junior year philosophy taught me how to think clearly and critically. For that alone, I am grateful.

On the other hand, the culture was just not right for me. The school is deeply catholic, and it shows. Mass every Thursday, mandatory March for Life trip, and a curriculum drenched in conservative, traditionalist Catholicism. Most of my classmates thrived in this environment. More power to them. For me it was hell. Imagine having to argue against your own existence in order to make an A, or listen to your peers unknowingly mock you to your face on a daily basis. This was my experience as a (still closeted) transgender student. I do not resent anyone, not anymore. I only wish to remind the good people at STMA of the charity they aspire to.
STMA is such a great and safe environment to be in. The teaches genuinely care about the students, and they want us to succeed. Due to class sizes being smaller, it's much easer to have a personal relationship with each member of the faculty!
I had an awesome experience at St. Thomas More Academy. When I first transferred there as a sophomore, my fellow peers were so kind and welcoming, as well as the teachers. The teachers truly care about their jobs, and will go above and beyond to make sure their students learn and understand assignments. They also take the time to get to know each individual student. St. Thomas More Academy is a very tight-knit community where teachers not only teach, but they help students prepare for college and grow into adulthood. As I start my senior year at St. Thomas More Academy and continue to prepare for college, I will miss the teachers, lifelong friends, and amazing memories that I have made over the last 3 years, but I am excited to continue growing and making new friends and memories throughout the next 4 years in college.
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I am a rising junior at STMA. I absolutely love this school. The academics are certainly challenging, but all of the classes are interesting. The classes, especially the electives, are very diverse. The teachers are almost always willing to give extra help whenever it is needed, and they seem to genuinely care about the students.
STMA is also a very safe, loving place unlike many public schools. I have never felt like I was in any danger while in school. The students are friendly, happy, and welcoming.
This is also a very Catholic school. Almost all of the classes tie back into our Catholic faith in some way. One of the things I love is the chapel. There is morning prayer every day, Adoration once a week, and Benediction once a month. You can also just visit the chapel anytime throughout the day.
I would definitely recommend this school to others, especially Catholics. The wonderful environment is something that is truly different than many other schools.
I enjoyed my time at STMA. My teachers were fantastic, and I found most, if not all, of the classes I took to be interesting and engaging. The academics are excellent, and it really shows in the school's stellar college placement results. The facilities are relatively new, and are perfectly serviceable. If you can afford the tuition, this school is worth every penny.

The only reason I don't give my school five stars is the students themselves. They are in general very kind, but the school tends to attract a certain type of very conservative, socially awkward homeschooler from somewhere in Wake Forest. There's nothing wrong with this per se, but if this is not you, it can be frustrating at times. Not everyone is like this. There are perfectly normal people at STMA, but awkward homeschoolers make up a large percentage of the student body.

Overall STMA was pretty cool to go to. The best part was the teachers. They are some of the smartest, most passionate people I've ever met.
STMA offers a great learning environment, with a strong academic curriculum, an attentive and professional faculty, and ample opportunities for students to grow in the Catholic faith and their human formation.

In regards to the faith aspect, we have morning prayer daily, Mass once a week, and First-Friday Adoration and Benediction once a month. We also celebrate various feast days throughout the year.

One of the most helpful things about this school is the availability of the teachers, and being able to receive extra assistance during office hours. Most of the teachers are well-prepared professionals who enjoy teaching, and strive to prepare students from all backgrounds for college.

Students can also participate in a variety of clubs. A few include Science Olympiad, Photography, and Swing-Dance, which are primarily student-run, with teacher supervision.
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