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St. Thomas Aquinas Regional School Reviews

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I was a student at Aquinas a couple of years ago. The academics have prepared me so much for high school. Aquinas put me so far ahead.
Terrible school. My children were mistreated here. We as parents were disrespected. No faith witnessed in this place. Just because you kneel and recite prayers with your mouth does not mean faith.
St.Thomas Aquinas was amazing for my daughter. She loved going to school everyday. This school has heavily prepared her for catholic high school. All the teachers and staff were so friendly and caring.
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My child spent nine years at Aquinas, and she has a firm understanding of her Catholic faith and a strong academic basis that has served her well in high school. When we had issues or questions, the principal, teachers, and staff were ready to listen, help us understand their perspective, and take our suggestions. Even if they didn't always adopt them, at least we knew why.

The teacher cadre underwent a transformation in the last few years, with most of the older beloved, but old-fashioned teachers retiring. Many new teachers have come in with innovative learning techniques and wonderful classroom dynamics. They have spent time and money improving their resources for children with special needs.

I love the way the older students take care of the younger students. The culture is one of love and respect. Incidents of bullying will happen everywhere, but overall, my child's experience was very good and if I had to decide over again where to send her, I would choose Aquinas.
Academic program trails behind public school. Student needed an entire year to catch up outside of STARS to perform at grade level. To pay for this lessor academic program is terrible. All the pretty words about a great program simply do not add up. If you have only experienced STARS, then it is not possible to compare and make an evaluation. Glad the change was made so that it only took 1 year to catch up.
I have visited St. Thomas Aquinas Regional School many times over the past four years as a grandparent. I am grateful that Catholic traditions and values of faith and truth are taught along with academics each day. Many thanks to the dedicated faculty, staff, PTO, parents, and students who make this a wonderful school.
This school's strength is in two areas: enforcing rules and forcing parents to engage in their fundraising efforts. There is hypocrisy in faith and it's rampant throughout this school. This extends to the administrators, teachers and parents. My son dreaded to go to school everyday. Do not allow the smiles from parents and teachers to fool you. Additionally, extracurricular activities are lacking. Sports are just about non-existent. The music and drama clubs, subpar. Academics are no better than a public school. P.E. is in the parking lot. The parents are very cliquish. The administrator has her favorites. After care is in a parking lot that can be accessed by ANYONE. As to the facilities -- they are gross and infested with rodents and roaches. Ask to take a look at their kitchen. Hang out for a couple of minutes in the bathroom. This school is lacking in many areas -- faith, safety, academics and cleanliness.
My children has received a loving and nurturing environment that has fostered a love for learning, a strong sense of school pride, community and faith. The teachers have been kind and hands-on as well as responsive. Academically they are challenged and everyday happy to attend. We have all created friends that share our commitment to balancing strong academics and faith. We have enjoyed all the activities in school and out; from sports, music, drama, to community events, Aquinas offers something for everyone.
Rules, rules and more rules. This the only thing the school is interested in. Yes, rules are absolutely needed for order and safety. I too concur to this value of rules. However, question a rule and you will have a letter written that states you do not follow the rules. 2 types of teachers in the school: minimal experience and should have retired 5 years ago. Either way you as the parent will be very busy coaching and teaching much of the school year to your child. Smiles are mandated and so is waving. Refrain from the mandatory smiles and waves at your own peril. Parents here are afraid of ever inquiring or questioning and decisions made by the administration.
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