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St. Thomas Aquinas High School Reviews

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Throughout my three years at Aquinas, I have seen first hand the amazing community of parents, staff, and students. The community welcomed me with open arms and I believe Aquinas is a great place to send your student.
Teachers are super friendly and do anything to help students where they need it. It feels like a second family by the time you graduate because of how the school gets classes to bond together.
I am currently a freshman at Saint Thomas Aquinas High School. After first semester, I had the urge to transfer to a different high school because I was “bored and unhappy.” I quickly realized that everyone feels that way in high school at one point or another. After some thought, I realized that Aquinas is the best school I could possibly go to and the perfect fit for me! I recommend anyone come here because on the first day you already feel like you’re part of a family. There are so many events throughout the year and so many great things that I could go on and on about! GO SAINTS💙💛
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It has been an outstanding school and has prepared me for college. I have been involved in sports and band. High school has been a lot of fun.
I have loved attending Aquinas the past few years. I think it is the best decision I've made so far in my life. They have prepared me academically and spiritually for the real world. I truly feel prepared for my life outside of this school.
The school performs very well both academically and in sports. I'd say the school prepares you well for college. Expect to receive a decent amount of homework each night. Teachers are always available if you need help with anything. The school has over 100 state championships, meaning they excel in most sports. There is a wide selection of sports such as golf, tennis, football, bowling, wrestling, lacrosse, baseball, basketball, soccer and others. Many diverse clubs are available to join. Joining a club or sport will help students make new friends. Everybody in the school is friendly and know each other. There are also many strong traditions that immediately make students feel welcome. It is better than the other Catholic schools in the area.
I love this school! I am on my third child to go through and I always tell people there is something for everyone at Aquinas. The feeling of unity among the parents and the students is like nothing I have ever seen. I am a product of Catholic schools and my husband is not but we both agree that St Thomas Aquinas is far superior to anything we had growing up. I love how the faculty interacts with the kids and the spirit is undeniable. I have had children with very different experiences there ranging from varsity athletics, student government, advanced academics ,theater and choir and all have been stellar. These students can’t wait to come back after they graduate and the communion of Saints extends far beyond Kansas. So many people know and respect this school. Once a Saint, always a Saint. Do you and your kids a favor and choose Aquinas.
This school offers no college prep to the kids who aren’t smart. It treats atheletes who have money and are willing to “pay” they get varsity spots. The classes don’t prepare you for anything. it’s all about who can drink and party the most... not talking about the students. I will never send my children there and neither should u
I love it. Great community atmosphere and ability to participate in activities for everyone. Good teachers and support/counseling.
It is a complete JOKE that this place calls itself a "college prep school" when it has cooking, sewing, and family life (where you carry your fake baby around town) classes. I am a current parent who so far, is not impressed with this school. The kids are vicious to each other socially, and there are way too many drugs here. And yet instead of focusing on that, the administration hands out detentions for short skirts like it's candy. The admins need a big dose of reality! And how about a coat of paint, or fixing the screens hanging off the windows instead of dumping one million dollars into the weight room? Again... the priorities at this school are messed up.
Aquinas is a great high school. The sense of community and family is a value that is greatly shown in everything they do. Every student is involved with something whether that being sports, performing arts, to STEM, and all the way down to plenty of clubs.
I really like how everyone is so involved with the school. I would like to see more reasources, though, for mental health and more resources for girls.
Good school good teachers overpriced lunch good classes good periods ok clubs no diversity overall great school
I loved the friendly teachers and and staff. They are always there to help you if you have a problem. If you do not understand something they will be glad to help you understand it step by step. They have a lot of stuff that you can get involved in. You can meet many new people in different activities.The way that the schedule works better prepares the students for college life. The environment is a good place to learn. They have a good security system if anything should happen. They put the students first.
Saint Thomas Aquinas isn't a school with just classmates. We are all huge family. This school gives opportunities for kids that are into anything. Sports, academics, and the arts excel. This school also gives the kids that go here the right to express their religion and grow in their faith. Also Saint Thomas Aquinas puts a huge emphasis on academics. The most known people are the kids who are most involved in stuco, work hard, and value everyone opinions. The kids feel safe here, everyone is kind, and there is no one that ever feels like they are unwanted or don't have anyone to talk to. My school holds fundraisers for cancer patients, children who don't have the same luxuries as we do, and for homeless or less fortunate families who just need help. I'm so happy I chose to go to Saint Thomas Aquinas and I know they shaped me for college, a great worker, and who I'm going to be in the future.
Saint Thomas Aquinas is truly a college preparatory high school. When I first began at Aquinas, I felt like I was behind academically and I also stuck out like a sore thumb due to my race. I was academically challenged and it really prepared me to be successful in college. They have great extracurricular activities and a great community! The only thing I would encourage Aquinas to do is to expand their enrollment ethnicity wise. I was one of 5-10 African Americans in a high school with a thousand students. Besides that, I am proud to be a Saint!
My son is a junior and has had an amazing experience! Great teachers , great sense of community, really fosters the importance of giving back to the community. The academics are a strong point . The students are so wholesome.
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During my time at Saint Thomas Aquinas, I believe the best quality of the school was the surrounding community. You knew the faculty and administration were there to help you succeed and also the community of students was really something special. There are bonds and friendships you create and then build over the span of four years. Overall the experience there was very good, the community was safe and fun, and I honestly could not have imagined going to a different high school and getting the same great experience academically and socially. When it came to my transition to college I felt more than ready academically to move forward into a higher level of education.
Saint Thomas Aquinas offers a great sense of community through its many clubs and sports teams; there is a niche for everyone. In addition, there are challenging classes with strenuous coursework for every student taught by engaged, caring teachers. For the most part, I am very lucky to attend. However, there are some things I do not particularly like. I wish there was a broader acceptance of many different viewpoints and circumstances. In addition, I wish there was more respect shown to teachers during study hall and electives. But overall, I really have enjoyed Saint Thomas Aquinas.
The school is very safe and really good at sports. All the students are very nice and happy to help others.
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