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With the way that classes are set up, teachers are able to give their undivided attention to students. If a student still feels as if they are struggling, they are then offered wonderful resources such as the Math Science Resource Center, English Resource Center or Peer tutoring which an academic advisor will assign. The sisterhood alone is something I will carry with me for the rest of my life as it is what encouraged me to grow and work my hardest to succeed. I am more than prepared for college. St. Teresa's was such a positive experience. I am excited for each and every young woman to experience the sisterhood and the outstanding education they will receive.
The school provided a thorough college-level education that challenged me. It also gave me the ideal high school experience, letting me have fun as a teenager. The friends I made rivaled my previous perspective on life, thus the school nurtures different perspectives on life, while still being a Catholic school.
St. Teresa's Academy has impacted my life in so many ways. It has grown me into the person that I am today. I have made lifelong friends at the school, and as a senior, it is going to be heartbreaking to leave.
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For me personally St. Teresa's was a prefect fit for me. They are a certified STEAM school, and since I want to go into an engineering field, they provided me with amazing resources.
I love St. Teresa's Academy so much. I wouldn't want to spend my high school years anywhere else!!! STA is so inclusive of everyone and strives to help their students in all aspects of life. The school is overall the best in Kansas City and I would recommend to any girl looking to have a great bond of sisterhood!!! This school has helped me continue to grow as a young woman and I can't wait to attend for the next two years.
I'm a senior at STA and I'm so glad for the opportunity to be able to attend this school. I don't know of any other environment that encourages discussion, exploration, and growth for young women in the way that St. Teresa's does. The class sizes are small enough that I'm able to form bonds with all of my teachers, and they make themselves readily available to help with whatever I may need in class. The counseling department is an amazing resource and is there to support students with academics, organization, mental health, and college readiness. By the time college application season comes around, you have bonds with teachers, and college counselors, that make the next steps as easy as it could be considering the stress higher education can put on a student. The students are incredibly supportive of one another, and there is a club or extra-curricular activity for anything you can imagine. I genuinely couldn't imagine spending these past four years anywhere else.
I love the community of sisters that I have gained over the last 4 years. This is one of the best institutions in Kansas City and is one of KCMO's greatest treasures. Being the oldest school in Kansas City, the history combined with the rich culture of our city creates an experience unlike one at any other area high school. The programs are infused with excellent, superior, knowledgable teachers that care solely for the success and wellbeing of each and every one of their students. Would I change the unlimited amounts of opportunities I have at my fingertips? The unmatched sisterhood bond, further creating best friends that I will keep for a lifetime? The answer is no. I cannot say that I would change one single thing about the Academy. Go Stars.
St. Teresa's Academy offers girls a community of administration and students who want to help them succeed. The teachers really invest in their students and make sure everyone's academic and emotional needs. This school really prepares you for college and the college counselors walk you through the process step by step and make sure you have everything you need in order to do well and be prepared.
An environment where girls can be themselves and confident with who they are. Provides many resources for students to explore different interesting, while challenging them to get outside their comfort zone. Being considered a college preparatory academy, the school allows some freedom preparing and teaching students to make responsible and smart decisions.
St. Teresa’s Academy is a unique school with an atmosphere and community that can’t be described better than “Sisterhood”. The teachers and staff truly want the best for each student and they encourage us to find and develop our own voice, no matter what that may be. My years at St. Teresa’s are coming to an end and I couldn’t be more sad to see it go...but I also couldn’t be more thankful for the opportunity to go here and the friendships I have made.
I am a Sophomore at St. Teresa's Academy, and I've been involved with basketball, and several clubs like cooking, fashion, and graphic design. What I like about St. Teresa's Academy is that the atmosphere is full of energy, and you can be yourself at school since it has an all-girls environment. I also like how we are challenged in our courses we take at school. What I would like to see change is that there would be more diverse students to make the school more unique.
I like the freedom and independence of St. Teresa's but also the community it creates. The community here is like no other school, students and staff are always checking on you. They create an environment where it is very easy to learn or get on a career path you're interested in. They have many opportunities which are very helpful. The thing I dislike about our school is the schedule. We have to get up very early and check-in with our advisory which is pointless and also check out. We also don't end earlier even though we start super early.
St. Teresa's offers strong academics and is a college preparatory school. The school spirit is evident in the pep rallys and community. With smaller class sizes than most schools, St. Teresa's can offer personalized and individual help for students struggling, but also allow for students to receive an advanced curriculum.
St Teresa's is all about empowering women and emphasizes that the students find their voice and use it to their advantage to speak up for themselves and others. The teachers truly care and want to see us succeed. There is a warm sense of sisterhood and community that cannot be bought or found in any other school. However, I would like to see more diversity and culture within the school as well.
I’m now a junior at STA and since day one of freshman year I have found love, acceptance, and loyalty. I have established relationships that I believe will last a lifetime. Not only do we focus on our education but also the connections we can make with others around us. STA is a very diverse community where it’s easy to discover the unique qualities and talents people share. I think during these four, short years it’s necessary to make connections and step out of your comfort zone in order to be truly happy in the future. I wouldn’t change a thing because I wouldn’t be where I am today.
St. Teresa’s is an amazing academic institution. I am not religious so I was originally skeptical about attending, but the extensive list of classes and their emphasis on women in STEM really sold me. The teachers really care about their students and there are counselors - both college counselors and mental health professionals - on site every day. I am also very impressed with their technology. Most prominently, they give each student a 2-in-1 Dell computer that can function both as a traditional laptop and a tablet you can write on, which has been very beneficial for taking notes in class. I have loved my last four years here and would strongly recommend STA to any other student in the KC area.
St. Teresa's allowed me to explore optional future career paths through diverse classes and talented teachers. The atmosphere is accepting and energetic!
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I loved STA! It was my home for four great years! Every aspect of the school was great, the only thing that could change would be diversity. Other than that the environment and people there help to foster an amazing place where young women can learn and figure out who they are.
I loved my time at St. Teresa's. I not only learned more through academics about I've also learned more about myself.
I have absolutely loved my time at St. Teresa's Academy. I have had amazing teachers and know I will be ready for college. I have been supported and empowered with every decision I have made. I am so fortunate to go to a high school where I am surrounded by faculty and staff who help me achieve my goals.
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