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Since Saint Scholastica is an all girls school, the experience ingrains a deep sense of feminism and gender equality into its students. In my experience, I have noticed that girls from Saint Scholastica are generally more confident in leadership roles and are more capable of voicing their opinions in male dominated situations. The resources this school provides allows for its student to flourish in their knowledge and become truly well rounded women.
Kinda lame. Can’t participate in Junior/Senior rivalry as most schools have. Focus too much on the reputation and less about the well being and mental health of the students
St. Scholastica allowed me to develop into a young women. It gave me the opportunity to fight for what I believed, be active in what I love, and thrive in academics. Though there were moments where SSA lacked in spirit and support, I hold firm in the thought that every place has their own flaws. I found the school continued to make a turn around. I can say with confidence, SSA never lacked in love and faith. The teachers care for the students and strive to better their education each day and everyday. Teachers help students balance prayer, work, study, and community. That is what SSA is all about and what it will continue to be.
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SSA has provided me with some unforgettable memories; however, it has also presented some tough challenges along the way. It is a college prep school which means the classes can be difficult at times, but the teachers are always willing to lend a helping hand. SSA also offers many enjoyable experiences each year which strengthens the bond between my classmates.
SSA has been a great place for me to grow! Their pillars of prayer, work, study, and community are implemented so very well. I have learned so much from my peers and teachers that I will take with me to college and on. SSA truly is a place of sisterhood.
Dr. Laforge has improved the school leaps and bounds. Campus is beautiful. Brand new stem building just opened! Excellent Math and Science Teachers.
There needs to be a lot of change among the way this school is run. This school makes me very uncomfortable and not cared for.
I am a freshman at ssa right now and I believe this is the best all girl catholic high school to go to. Even tho I just started my second year I am very happy about my time there. We don’t just learn we enjoy learning. Being at ssa is the best thing ever
SSA is an amazing all girls high school that allows adolescent girls to grow in prayer, work, study, and community. The school also brings friends and classmates closer through the five years they are together. I have enjoyed SSA from the day I started and through all the changes it has gone through. These changes were made for the better and I feel as though I am ready to take on college from the prep SSA has provided for me.
Saint Scholastica is an all girls Catholic high school in which students learn the requirements for a high school diploma. There are arts classes, math and science classes and civics and history classes.
I loved the all girls experience and all the teachers were very helpful and caring! They really know how to run a school! I feel like I am very prepared for college thanks to SSA.
Saint Scholastica is a place where girls go to learn the requirements for a high school diploma. You stay at the school for four years until you graduate, or five if you start in the eighth grade.
SSA was my home away from home where I met all my dearest friends and made memories to last a lifetime. SSA helped me grow into a stronger, more independent woman. It provided me life long lessons that I will use for the rest of my life.
My five years at SSA have been the best of my life. I have made so many friendships here that will last forever, and I've especially loved going to an all girls school. I think this leads to more open character development and confidence found in the students. Also the academics and athletics here have impacted my life tremendously, I have always been on A honor roll and have played varsity soccer here for 5 years. During this time, I won 3 state championships for my school. Overall, I wouldn't change a thing about my high school experience and I would recommend it to any girl.
I like the school since it has an amazing admission. They helped me with some different problems, for example, they provided me with help with my transcripts. I am a foreign student and for me, it was hard to have some things done. They helped me by talking to the president and getting some advice on what to do with transcripts from international students that had to transfers. I enjoyed the campus as well since it is really secure to stay at. they have cameras and people they are very nice to everyone.
My daughter is having an excellent experience at St. Scholastica. She came in knowing no one and has thrived making many friends, her faith is growing, and has become a leader in various clubs. The campus is charming and the faculty and administration have been easy to work with and very accessible.
St. Scholastica Academy made me who I am today. I walked right in to high school with an already outgoing personality, but I was immature back then, so being the center of attention was what I strived for. As I got older and started to mature, I realized that I need to change my ways because some people who get zero attention, whether it's from their friends at school, or their families back home, might need it A LOT more than me. By senior year, I've learned to step back and let the light shine on others.
From a faith standpoint, my faith has grown tremendously, from the amazing religion teachers I've had over the years to all the fun and eye-opening class retreats. SSA has really shown me what sisterhood is all about, and I am so grateful for that. I have been so blessed to have gone through high school with the most lit and loyal class ever. I hope that one day, my daughter can experience the same things as me and more.
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The education overall at Saint Scholastica Academy has truly prepared me for college. However, I wish more dual enrollment classes and career based classes were offered as electives so students could get a better idea of their academic and career interests before going to college.
very fun but hard working environment. If you actually try with your work and push yourself to stay on top of things and get work done it will be beneficial.
St. Scholastica Academy is an outstanding college-prep school with absolutely phenomenal teachers and staff who provide their students with phenomenal educations.
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