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St. Pius X. Catholic High School Reviews

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I had an excellent time at this school. All my teachers were kind, and I had opportunities to take classes that interested me. I have very little to complain about. My only issues are that they allocate too much money to the football program. Additionally they refuse to start a Gay Students Association.
I like school so much. If you are Catholic it's a great environment and if you are not, it is still a great environment. The only thing that I wish to change is the sports tryouts. The coaches are more focused on the kids that played middle school league for the high school.
St. Pius is a family that strives for excellence in every aspect, offering rigorous courses for intellectual development and facilities for other aspects that contribute to a well-rounded character for each student. Both teachers and students are focused on helping their neighbor to foster a community that works within itself to succeed. They instill a sense of responsibility, but also guide each student toward goals. Students are a part of a healthy, competitive community that motivates and challenges each individual toward a higher level of achievement. Extracurriculars are also emphasized, with pre-professional sports and fine-arts programs. Tieing back to the family, the teachers are the coaches, further fostering a close-knit relationship between students and teachers that allows success in all areas. Diversity, in both student body and opportunities, provides a chance for collective mingling that works toward preparation for the future and morality in character.
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I really loved the teachers I had all years of St. Pius. But, there were a few things I would change. St. Pius was a secure as it could be, but there were many times where random people would wonder onto campus. The school was also not very diverse.
The thing I love most about St. Pius X was meeting all of my best friends. The student population at St. Pius is one of the very best, in my opinion. Everyone is friends with each other, and there is very little drama that goes on. The quality of education is also very impressive. I have learned so much with this private education that a public education probably would not have provided me with.
pius is not an easy school but you will get a great education that will prepare you for the future with teachers who truly care about you.
I had a good experience but think teachers could be better. I found myself learning on my own time a lot.
A great place to not only receive an education, but grow as an individual. The school highly values encouraging the students to be well-rounded individuals striving to display the best version of themselves.
I love this school so much! It is such a great and supportive environment that promotes excellence in all areas!
I loved the environment and the Catholic education. Everyone made me feel welcomed and the school made sure to ensure each student is performing well. The athletics and arts are fun to attend and watch. All the students were kind and willing to help others.
I liked the atmosphere at St. Pius X. The teachers were very willing to help me with whatever I needed. This school helped me figure out who I am as a person and learn more about my faith in the process.
My experience at Pius was pretty good. There was nothing extremely terrible about it at the time and I think it was okay for the most part. I would have liked to see a little bit more diversity.
St. Pius X prepared me for college in multiple ways and I loved the close knit environment that it had.
I love the academics and staff as they prepare the students for the future. My son loves sports and they have an excellent sports team. My son has grown in so many ways. I am so proud of him.
I really enjoy the environment that is created by the students and staff at the school. They always make everyone feel welcome no matter who they are.
St. Pius X Catholic High School feels like you are going to school with your best friends that you grew up knowing in your neighborhood. The teachers, coaches, and staff always make time for you and are very approachable.
Overall, I believe that St. Pius X Catholic High School provided me with a well-rounded education. The people I met there are unforgettable. These last four years have prepared me for college and the life afterward.
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It is one of the most inclusive private schools in the Atlanta area, so all students are different. The location is not the safest, but the campus itself is.
There is definitely a strong sense of family. However, sometimes some members of that family act in a way that does not support the Catholic morals our school upholds.
St. Pius is an excellent school. It definitely has prepared my son for college. The yearly career fair is truly a
God send. The counseling department offers several classes for parent and students. The St. Pius community is definitely FAMILY. The sports program is top notch. The students are
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