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St. Peter's Junior High/High School Reviews

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I’ve been in this school since first grade, it’s amazing, probably the best school I’ve been to. I would recommend going here, the staff is very friendly and the teachers are very helpful.
I absolutely loved the teachers, they were kind and ready to help me sight whatever I needed. I feel that the administration could use a little bit of work, but overall, I enjoyed my experience at St. Peter’s and I am glad I got the chance to go there.
I came from a public school in the area and I can admit that St. Peter's is a much better option than that school. The school does have its flaws, just like any other schools do. Some negatives about the school are the sometimes too strict of rules. Some of our rules make the faculty seem like they have no trust in us, like how we put our phones in to pockets on the walls or how we aren't allowed to have water bottles. We do strive with our education though. St. Peter's takes students education very seriously. Overall the school is a great school for students to learn while it has its flaws.
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This school is great at pushing you to be the best you by utilizing their ability to adapt the grading scale. I feel that the school really wants you to succeed.
I have gone to St. Peter's since kindergarten, and it has been one of the best experiences of my life. The class sizes are small in high school, and I've developed close relationships with my teachers. They are able to give me and other students plenty of help with academics and do so many other services to their students. Challenging classes like AP Government, Physics, Honors English and Spanish 4 are offered every year. The office and administration run the school smoothly, and technology like Apple TV and Google Drive make it so much easier to do presentations and submit assignments electronically. Overall, St. Peter's is a wonderful small Catholic school, and I would not have wanted to learn anywhere else.
St. Peter's offers challenging courses and teachers who are willing to help you succeed. Class sizes are small which really allows for teachers to get to know students on a personal basis and work with them one on one. The community at St. Peter's is friendly and seems to want the best for everyone. The food here is decent, however the meals are not worth the price. It is a Catholic School so church and theology classes are mandatory for graduation. The school offers a variety of athletic programs and activities as well as a wide variety of extracurricular programs. Overall St. Peter's provides a great gateway for furthering your college education.
Great education and really helped prepare for college! Small school atmosphere made it sometimes hard with gossip, cliques, and drama but the great education made it worth it.
The groups themselves might not be in perfect form, but the availability of being in one is vast. It's easy to feel included and special.
In a city that has been devastated by economic issues, the school has seemed unapologetic in tuition for kids trying to avoid poor public schooling.
They are extremely capable in their fields, but implement their knowledge poorly
I never realized the poor quality of security in our school until I filled out this questionnaire. Most of these options are nonexistent. With all of our drug related issues, I would think that they would have random searches and dog sweeps. But they do not. as well as a lot of other possible options.
The extracurricular opportunities at this school are mainly sports and theater. We have clubs but none are serious and we only seem to have meetings at lunchtime (during the school day). However because so little energy is used for these our sports and theater programs are amazing.
Every school has something that makes it unique. It may be the staff, the students, or even the building itself. I think that this school has all three. Faculty who care, students who are civil, and a vintage (one of a kind) building.
The teachers at St. Peter's High School want to be there. However, they quickly pick favorites and allow great leniency towards those select few. For those of us who complete tasks on time, neglecting the 'fun things', the teachers seem to not appreciate our timely work. I say this because when those who the the teacher likes does not have their homework, because they were busy or simply 'forgot' due to the 'fun things', they then extend the due date or give them a break.
This school has not hired the right people to make it great. The way it is now is unorganized and chaotic. St. Peter's Junior High and High School just make things up as they go. With the right people and plan this school could thrive instead of barely survive.

What makes this school unique is that we hold many fundraisers for local charities. For example, we have an iditarod. This is when every student in the school gives ten dollars. Students volunteer to go to grocery store and buy food with the money we raised. That grocery store loans us grocery carts and we race them around our school with a musher pushing the cart and some "dogs" pulling it. We race the carts like it is our own real iditarod.

I would choose this school again because it is one of the best schools in the area. It is known to be helpful with college preparation.
The faculty goes to extreme measures to make sure all students feel welcome. They are very helpful and involved with the students. They strictly enforce the rules of the school to ensure the safety of all students and also prevent bullying whenever possible.
Overall the safety of the school is really good. The administration does a great job of protecting its students and making sure everyone is safe at all school sponsored events.
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There are many different clubs and organizations to join. It's also easy to be a member of one of the sports teams. It's a great way to make friends with other students.
We just built a whole new soccer complex.
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