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St. Paul Lutheran High School Reviews

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Saint Paul has given me a great high school experience. The staff is extremely helpful and nice, as well as the student body. Our school is a small school of roughly 200 students, so we all get close to each other, not to mention it's a boarding school with students from all over the world. The diversity makes SPLHS a great school, in the sense that students get to learn about other cultures and make lots of exciting friends. The school also offers a chance to learn about Christianity and experience what it is like to walk with Jesus, inserting values that will last a life time. The school is just overall great and I highly recommend students attend this school.
School has lost its focus. Trying desperately to become a mission school for unbelievers rather than a Christian school supporting, encouraging, and preparing believers to go out in the world. Faithful students are expected to tolerate unbelieving students' actions and words for the sake of this "mission". It's sad to see the direction this school has taken in the last 10 years. Not worth the money.
What I like about SPLHS is all of the different opportunities to do and try different things. Since Saint Paul is such a small school, students are involved in so much and it’s a great way for them to grow as people and get out of their comfort zone. Since there are so many different opportunities,
it’s very easy to make new friends.
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this school is okay. I wish the food was more yummy. teachers teach good grammer here, i wish the had more club. i like the teachers they are nice. i like the classes her. i hope to join swim team next year.
Saint Paul does not offer any clubs. when I attended I enjoyed swimming but after I returned the swimming pool was completely filled in since they were too lazy to clean and take care of it.
It was fairly normal, teachers were very friendly but sometime it seemed a teacher should be a teacher instead of friend. The boarding was very awful though.
Saint Paul is a special place with students from around the world, a residential high school with excellent academics and dual credit college courses, and teenagers and staff who become a family.
This school has their priorities mixed up. There are a few in administration that are self-righteous. I think they've been living in an extremely small town for so long they can't look past themselves anymore. Not a good practice having relatives and buddies being the only people employed there.
I loved that I got to go to school with students from all over America and the entire world. I was also prepared really well for college. However, I think that the school has room to grow with their relationship to international students and extra-curricular programs.
This is a very special place where your student will have an incredible Christian education, surrounded by wonderful teachers who really care. Plus the incredible benefit of a culture that has elements from around the world with well over 15 different countries being represented every year. On top of all that, you have the safety of a small town environment and a community that cares.
I like school at St.Paul. The campus is good. The teachers are all good. It has a good purpose of focusing on God. The sports and food are both good.In my little over a year here, I've enjoyed the experience.
I love the school so much. I am a dorm student, and the family that I have gained here is incredible.
This sounds cliché, but I love everything about Saint Paul's. The faculty and staff are great, the students are amazing, athletics are competitive, and the academics exceed high standards. We have over 12 countries represented at our school and that is only this academic year. This year I will be graduating College Prep and will have my entire freshman year and part of sophomore year in college completed. Another bonus, the college classes offered here are cheaper than taking them in college. Over the past four years, I have made many friends from many different countries. I have formed bonds with my teachers and staff, and come to serve the Lord better. Saint Paul's has given me many opportunities -traveling to Korea, New York, D.C. (twice), etc. Without Saint Paul's I would still be a somewhat sheltered kid who did not realize what lied ahead of them in the world.
Our school is great. We have a lot international students and so we get to be around many cultures/ideas. The teachers are good, wonderful academics. It's like a big family here, the teachers really care and want you to be successful.
Saint Paul is a great place for anyone who wants to build their faith. It is a great school for all with great students and staff and I love it soo much here.
This is an excellent school with great instructors and a diverse student body including many international students.
I had two children graduate from this wonderful school. They are excelling in college and were given and terrific academic background.
The academics are outstanding and they my children felt included and part of a family.
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It provided me with a strong faith and high education.
Many students are involved in multiple extracurricular activities. We have Drama, Math Team, Academic Team, Yearbook, S.T.A.Y., Spanish Club, NHS, Student Government, and many sports.
This school has challenged me to do better than I ever thought I could. The teachers and students are like family and really care about a quality education.
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