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St. Patrick High School Reviews

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My experience at Saint Patrick High school was beyond wonderful, because the environment was excellent it was more like family, the teachers would teach the lessons really well. The school had Security too so we felt a save environment. Saint Patrick had a amazing sports program
St. Patrick High School is a good school. Whatever the student puts into their high school experience is what they will get out of it.
This is an amazing high school. The teachers are committed. The coaches are supportive. The education is phenomenal. The brotherhood is strong. One of the best decisions our family has ever made.
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Saint pats is like a School full or brothers where everyone can be trusted. Our teachers really put in effort to try and prepare us for college. Our soccer team is officially ranked the best in Chicago. This attracts a lot of students from all over Chicago. More then 85% of the population at Saints Pats is involved in a sport or after school activity. Us students like to support our fellow piers by attending their respective events. I love saint pats and I could not have pictured myself going anywhere else.
Chicago's oldest Christian male only school. Tuition isn't too bad considering it is a private high school and you pay a fixed amount every year. Students get along pretty well, so it won't be too for students to find a few friends. Food is pretty good, but students have to pay for it or bring their own meals. Although some more healthier options should be added. Safety isn't an issue since there is an armed security guard at the front of the school, who is a police officer and a parent of one of the students.
In today's world knowing you have a safe place to learn is key. St Pat's has parents and security staff there at all times. Knowing we have off duty police working there in their off hours is great. The school allows you to find your passion and grow, athletics, academics, art,music, drama, science, or even fishing. You have so many choices to find something you like and excel. No wonder this is the oldest catholic HS in Chicago. Its has an amazing tradition of excellence. I'm so proud to have been a shamrock.
Best soccer program in Chicago! Proud to be a part of the Shamrock soccer family. It’s good to be a Shamrock!
I greatly enjoyed my time at Saint Patrick High School. I believe that it was the right choice for me and love the sense of brotherhood that permeates throughout the halls. You come in everyday, sit in classes with your favorite friends, and are taught a very useful Lasallian curriculum.
They prepare you for the real world. I also made life long friends from this school as well that I am still friends with today. The teachers care about how well you do, and want to make sure you succeed in life. Overall, I can honestly say that it is one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life and I will continue the tradition of representing Saint Pats and being a true shamrock.
St. Pat's is a very strange school. It is a place where young men are free to be themselves, which more than often means being a clown. That being said, I love this school. The Shamrock brotherhood is a very real, very tangible thing for us seniors. We've all grown together a lot over the past 4 years, and it's great knowing that I will always have friends in my fellow Shamrocks. My experience at St. Pat's has left me ready for college, and for the world. I feel as though this school offers the opportunity for a lot of personal growth for a young man, but it is up to us to take advantage of that. This school is a second home to me, and to the many Shamrocks that have passed through over the years.
Saint Patrick Highschool has been a place where I have learned of mature into a man. Saint Pats is an all boy catholic highschool that has a strong culture of brotherhood. Saint pats is a medium size school of around 700 kids where everyone knows and looks out for one another. Some of my favorite aspects of Saint Pats is how everyone goes out and supports each other in extracurricular activities such as sports and plays and cheers loudly for their classmates. Saint Pats has been a great place for me to spend the last four years and I can’t imagine spending my time anywhere else.
I like the fact that my son had MULTIPLE opportunities to do many different things throughout his 4 years. He excelled in band, bowling and did very well in his academics. I like the fact that St. Pat's knows how young men act and learn and are experts in dealing with them.
Love the school one of the best enjoyment of my life the time with all the boys and everyone is close you meet everyone the teachers know your name and teach you personally with any problems you haven't it's just a great school to send your sons
I’ve had a great four years at Saint Patrick High School. Everyone here is so friendly and willing to help. There is a huge emphasis on brotherhood, and it’s very apparent as soon as you walk through the doors. The main disadvantage of this school is the high cost, but the amazing experience that you will receive here is worth every dime.
It's the oldest all boys school in the state of Illinois. It's sports are very good. We are very well known on the north west side of Chicago. The rivalry we have with ND is the best in the state.
Great experience. The teachers are helpful and care for every student. You get to come to school and focus on your school work without having to worry about other distractions.
Wonderful atmosphere! My son is becoming a man before my eyes. He has met some great friends and is very active and responsible. He loves his teachers and is very excited about his classes.
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Tight knit school. One of the best experiences of my life. Helped get me ready for college and prepare for what may come. I was also a part of various clubs and teams so there is something for everyone. They will be able to find something of interest that fits them well.
Saint Patrick is a high school not quite like many others. It is mired by tradition and dedication to the idea of making young boys into men. Now whether or not it succeeds on this point I can't say, but what I can say is that Saint Patrick High School was one of the most defining experiences of my life. I met some of my closest friends from this school, I gained perspective where otherwise there was none, I learned discipline and structure. Not only all of this, but as soon as you graduate, you are entered into a structure of one of Chicago's most expansive networks. Saint Patrick alumni are widespread and often well-known, making it almost worth going here just for credibility in jobs/careers.
I enjoyed my four years at St. Pats. The St. Patrick brotherhood turns boys into young men and teaches them the value of tradition.
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